I think I need to be stopped

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Okay, okay yesterday I had a birthday party for my oldest who turned 8 on the 20th. We had a blast!!!! emoticon But the problem is there is some "junk" left over from the party. Now I am not really big on candy anymore or even the cake, but there are some darn brownies that are to die for that I just can't keep my hand off of. Now I don't want to throw my babydoll's stuff away because I can't control my temptations so I am looking for you all to give me some suggestions. I had that talk with myself this morning to say well eat just a bit and then that is more. Um Um, it didn't happen that way. I saw them again and I cut off another little piece and then I saw them again and I cut of another piece. I am sabatoging my walk,jog that I did outside this morn and I don't like it. I mean what the HELL?!?!?!

Okay, I'm cool now. It's over, I'm back. I'm going to put the dang on things up somewhere, grab me another bottle of water and......................I can't even think. But darnit I am pissed because I gave in. I ate a piece-which was cool, but then I went back for more. They are only 120 cals for the amount I ate and that still wasn't good enough for me. I mean I even told myself that was enough and my mind and body did too. So what made me go back. I am shamed, I need to be stopped! I have to be stopped! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Don't beat yourself up first of all. Give yourself permission to have a piece or even two if you love it. Your are designing a lifestyle for yourself based on healthy choices. Don't cut out what you love from your life. Just make up for it the next day and never have leftovers. If there are some left over, make sure everyone gets a piece to take to school or whatever and give the rest to your neighbors or throw them away. Or like someone below suggested keep them in another room. It's good you know the calories so the next day just burn 'em off. Don't get mad at yourself or wrap your psyche all up in guilt. Smile, treat yourself gently and acknowledge that you can have a goodie now and then because you are in control and focused on what you want and how you want to look and feel. Can I hear an AMEN Mrs. Done girl? Woot woot!!!

    Keep on keepin' on and you'll get it DONE!

    emoticon emoticon
    3973 days ago
    Hi from one of your Class of October 14 teammates. Cookies are my drug of choice. I CANNOT have just one. Therefore, after much inner turmoil and wasted calories, I have decided not to bake or buy them anymore. The fact is that kids don't NEED cookies (or brownies, for that matter). A party is one thing. Leftovers are another. I'd get rid of them. Better yet, give them away so you'll feel good about it. Then treat your kids to healthy treats. My cookie jar is full. Full of peanuts in the shell. And the cupboards and fridge are full of other fun snacks that don't put me at risk of a binge. They are not complaining about the lack of cookies.

    3974 days ago
    Brownies are my weakness also!! Send them to school or to work with someone so they are not in the house!!!

    Good luck and remember...YOU ARE BETTER THAN BROWNIES.
    3975 days ago
    We all have those moments!
    Keep them in your son's room! Then you won't be tempted to take one!
    3975 days ago
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