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Team Goals Tips

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SparkTeam Team Goals Overview:

What are Team Goals:
Team Goals are designed to help SparkTeam members work together to accomplish common goals. Therefore, it is very important to select goals that will engage the majority of your Team. In order to keep your members focused, you can set a maximum of five Team Goals. As your Team works toward their Goals, the progress will be displayed on your SparkTeam page.

Where are Team Goals:
Go to any SparkTeam page and you about halfway down the page, you’ll see a section called “Team Goals.” This section is just below the forums, and just above the Team Blog Posts and Recipes.

How to create Team Goals:
Only Team Leaders can create Team Goals. To create a Team Goal, click the “Add/Edit Team Goals” button located in the Team Goals section of your SparkTeam page.

During the process to create a goal - you will have the option to create your own custom goal, or you can select one of the suggested SparkPeople Special Goals. It doesn’t matter which type you create, only that your goal is clear and specific, and applies to your team members. If you are creating a custom goal, be sure to pay special attention to the Goal Preview as you enter your goal. This will help you verify your goal will be clear and easy to understand.

You will have the ability to delete Team Goals after they have been created. If you delete a Team Goal, team members who already added the goal will keep a copy of it on their Other Goals page (in case they wish to continue tracking it), but the goal will no longer be tracked on your SparkTeam page. If a member wants to leave a Team Goal (since participation is optional), they can delete it from their Other Goals page.

After you have created a Team Goal, you will not be able to edit it. Once a member decides to participate, that goal will show up on their Other Goals page (and it could be confusing if it changed.) So make sure you are satisfied with the goal text before you submit your goal. You will be able to edit the overall Team Target Goal (see Entering the Target Goal, below), and the Team Goal Comments (see Entering Comments About the Goal, below).

After you create Goals:
Once you create a goal, the next step is getting people to join. You can send an email to you team encouraging them to join the goal, or simply allow them to find it on their own. Members will join the goal by clicking the Join Goal link located to the right of the individual Team Goals. You, as the Team Leader will be automatically added to the goal as you create it (don’t worry, you can always delete it on your Other Goals page).

It is good to keep track of how your team is doing from month to month. You will want to make sure the overall team goal is appropriately challenging your team each month. It will probably take a month or two of adjusting the total team goal to get it right.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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