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Monday, April 21, 2008

My name is LizzyB and I have a problem...

Here's how it started....

I'm sure most of us here knows what caloric deficit's that magic numbers that fulfills the equation eat less+exercise more = weight loss. I stuck with my SP calorie and lost weight, then I stopped tracking and just maintained for a while.

I decided to run a triathlon about 8 weeks ago, about 3 weeks ago I got serious about losing weight again and started tracking my food religiously sticking with the lower range of my caloric allowance.

5 pounds just dropped off....I was ecstatic, I was back to losing weight again, I was seeing numbers on the scale I only dreamed of...what could go wrong?

Apparently alot...

a little over a week ago I started getting upset stomachs at random. I would feel nauseous for large parts of the day. I had to bow out of a judo workout at one point because my whole core tightened up for seemingly no reason. DH started talking about over training.

I explained to him exactly what I was doing in my workouts, yes they were strenuous, but they were supposed to be, I have a triathlon coming up. I gave myself rest days, lighter workouts inbetween the long grueling ones, I was doing everything I knew how to to insure safe workouts. I surely couldn't stop training I have to be prepared for the must be something else.

Maybe it was dairy....nope

Maybe I'm pregnant...nope

Maybe it's the time of day I'm eating....nope

Finally this weekend DH commented on how little I have been eating lately, I said I was staying in my range. And here is the conversation that followed

He asked what's that?...

1210-1560, but usually I stick between 1200-1300.

"WHAT?!?!" That's all you've been eating?

Well yeah, I'm trying to lose weight

No you're not you're trying to train for an endurance event

Well that too

You should have upped the calories when you upped the intensity of your workouts!

Oh....good point...

That's when I decided to do some number crunching....

1806 x 5 = 9030 (Calories burned by existing for five days)
9030+1750(calories burned with exercise over that same five day period)=10,780 (total calories burned)
6,454 calories consumed - 10,780 burned = -4,326
4,326/5=865.2 (average caloric deficit a day)

That means about a pound and a half of weight loss over a five day period! That's ALOT for me....and more importantly that's alot of weight loss while trying to build endurance. On Monday's and Wednesday's my evenings include....a 3ish mile run or a 10 mile stationary bike ride followed by 2-4 hours at Judo....those are my "light" workout days.

Now I know why DH thought I was over training....I was, based on the calories I was consuming.

So to make sure that I'm well fueled and strong for the triathlon this weekend I will probably not be tracking, I definitely won't be weighing in, and this means I may not be on SP's so hard to log on and not track , even just logging on to write this I couldn't help but track my food. And when I track my frame of mind gets right back to "less calories=better."

After the triathlon I will scale my workouts back and develop an appropriate calorie range to lose weight without killing myself....until sparking for me! I promised DH I'd take a break just for this week.
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    Thanks for sharing that VERY important info! I don't think a lot of people realize work more eat more is helpful! I forget sometimes. Thanks again! Kylie emoticon

    Best of luck my dear!
    4602 days ago
  • HUGS2015
    Good luck to you. You have trained and you are ready. I'm glad that the bellyache wasn't serious. Get someone to take pictures.
    Go get em, Girl!! Best Wishes, Deanie emoticon
    4603 days ago
  • no profile photo NOTSOLITTLEDEB
    tracking or no tracking - all that training you're going to lose weight. Take the time - do great in the triathlon - we'll be here when you get back!

    GO GET 'EM!

    4603 days ago
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