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Added Sugar:A Real Eye-opener For Me

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi There My beautiful Spark Family.This is my first blog.I am reading and using a book called "You Are What You Eat" by Dr. Gillian McKeith,to guide me on my lifestyle change.In her book "Slim For Life", she lists the 14 different names to identify added sugars in foods.I thought I might share this list with you because after learning these,I was so surprised to see them actually on some of the food's ingredients lists I buy that I didn't realize sugar was in .On some foods you may find two or three of them in the list.

Here they are:
1) brown sugar,2) cane juice,3) corn syrup,4) dextrose,5) glucose,6) High fructose(anything),7) invert sugar,8) lactose,9) maltose,10) raw cane sugar,11) raw sugar,12) sucrose syrup13) corn sweetener,14)fructose.

You would be surprised at how many foods have at least one of these names in their ingredients list.I have not found a cold cereal that does not have at least one of these.Almost everything "diet" or low calorie has some form of sugar in it.Sugar is what causes most cravings for other high carb foods like breads and pastas.I have cut out sugar completely from my foods and have not had one craving in two months and one week.I use alternative sweeteners like honey,pure maple syrup,stevia,and unsulpherated molasses,and only in moderation.The only sugars I take in are the sugars that are found in fruits and other foods naturally.One of the methods that I use to tell if they are natural sugars is that first I check the sugar content in grams by looking at the nutrition label.If that is high(over 4 grams),I look at the ingredients list.If I see one of the names above on it,back on the shelf it goes.If there is not one of the names in the ingredients list,I know that the total sugars on the nutrition label are natural sugars.This has really worked for me.I was a big sugar addict,and I mean ADDICT.I worked in a bakery and was a cake decorator.Sugar was always around and I was eating it.I was also eating everything else.I no longer have that problem.I eat what I portion out for myself(sometimes less) and am totally satisfied.

I thought this might help some of you to become more educated about this subject and it may just help you to KICK the cravings in the butt ! !

Live well,you all desrve it,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't know what stevia is, but I'm going to check it out. I also believe, from experience as well as what I 've read, that sugar gives birth to more sugar cravings.

    Thanks for the info, and the reminder.

    And congrats on the first blog--it's kinda addictive too--in a good way!!
    3987 days ago
  • RAVON27
    emoticon Your first blog. I'm so excited for you! This is an awesome first blog just like Gecko140 said. I wish my DH would stop all the sugar. He had diabetes awhile back when he was heavy. Now he thinks it's okay to eat all the sugar he wants. He use to eat tubs of store frosting (not even homemade)! Today he finally said he has to stop! Hopefully he means it. Keep on Blogging, I can always use something new to read!
    3993 days ago
    Just stopping by and got some great info!

    Thanks for sharing...and you have done a GREAT job!!! I'm so impressed and will check in again just to watch your journey.

    3994 days ago
  • GECKO140
    .... and a heck of an interesting first blog it was. Thanks for sharing. I am fine w/o candy and sweet things and can stay off them for a very long time, but....... as soon as I taste them I want more, more. I did cake decorating too, but I will say I got pretty sick of frosting after awhile. Good that you've found info that works for you. Best of luck as you move along the Spark trail. It is a GREAT place to be.
    3995 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Hi Sherry, not all these things you noted are bad, but it is the way they are used that counts.

    I have been doing this life style change since 2004. I would love to eat porridge and apple every morning as it keeps me satisified actually until I sit down and eat my lunch... but I accept i have to eat a variety of foods.

    The thing I found out about this duo is porridge and apple are they have soluble fiber in them that releases glucoses ( the finished product our bodies make all sugars into) slower and more even through out the day.

    I have been a huge 176lbs heavier, but my body now craves returning to things that keep me satisified and don't disturb my weight maintance. Sometimes, this is a good thing in a healthy way. I fell over the reason i return to this again and again in sparks nutrition 1o1 article...
    cheers Rena

    3995 days ago
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