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Things Don't Always Go As Planned

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a beautiful sun shiny day here-i have the coffee ready and i am ready to face the day...of course...i was ready to face it yesterday i can't say it was a "bad" day...just one where all plans went out the maybe i should keep them shut?! lol... i did all my daily posting, well, as i remembered last night, all except the daily challenge-sorry about that to all my teams-anyways...daughter 1 is at work-her first day on the job..wohooo!!! son went to his dads and daughter 2 and i decide to get some cleaning done... i'm working in the kitchen while she cleans out refrigerator...i go to throw a load of laundry in, to find someone had clothes in there and did not throw them in dryer...uhg..and they were obviously done a couple days i start the washer up again to rewash them and move on with other things... i then come to my room to do some cleaning as daughter 2 gets on computer... i am moving...i am grooving... and the hungers hit... ok... lunch time... daughter wants cheeseburgers and broccoli... so i tell her she in charge of cheeseburgers and i will make the broccoli... she heats up the george forman grill and i throw one of those steam bags of broccoli in the microwave... i see at that point the washer is i clean the lint from the dryer which someone had forgotten to do last time... at that point...all sounds from the kitchen stop...i electric in the kitchen..i still hear the tv which daughter had left on..i still hear the fan which son had left on..and i still hear my computer...just the kitchen was out... ok... press the reset button on the electric outlets...nothing...hhhmmm... try it again...nothing.... call answer...leave message...we sit down and wait... for an hour... we are then starving by that point... run to mcdonalds for lunch... make bad decisions...uhg... now i feel body is not use to that stuff anymore... plus we had been working time for a nap... just doze off... and the phone rings... daughter 1's b/f can't pick her up at 5 and needs me to do it... ok... maybe by then the electric in kitchen will be back on and i can go grocery shopping... can't do this however if we don't have electric yet... so wake daughter 2 up to see if she wants to go with me.. yea..she we wait..still no call from landlord...hhhmm... time to go get daughter 1... so go get her...she is one tired little girl... first day on job, and it's on a saturday to boot, and she was blessed with some cranky customers who had no understanding of first day on the job... i want to go in and kick some butt...but i am told "no mom, i have to learn to take care of this myself" but..but... HEY...when did you grow up??? i wanna cry... i don't...but i wanna...she tells me she ran into my dad's brother-he told her those words every girl hates to hear...especially this girl... "you look just like your mother" dare he this point..i'm now in giggles... so we go home...still nothing in the i sit down to call phone's him... he had a sewer emergency...eeeewwwww... and he'll be over in a couple hours... ok...i'm going to mom's to see my new niece and nephew..daughter 1 will be home off to mom's house we go... i meet the new niece and nephew...beautiful blond the other chocolate...picture above...they are really good watch dogs...they watch you come in, they watch you pet them...they watch you leave...roflmao...what kind of dogs are these??? i ask my brother if they realize they are dogs and that they are suppose to bark when someone enters the house... he rolls his eyes and shrugs..they wag their tales...ok..maybe they don't...have good visit with Shadow & Millie (the human and my mom... daughter 1 calls...we now have electric in kitchen..wohoo!!! too late to go grocery shopping though... both mine and daughter 2's allergies are now properly acting up with the new puppy furs and we are ready to go back to we go home, she gets on computer and i finish the kitchen... and to bed we go...tomorrow, which is today, is another day.... and in the life of this playfullkitty...who knows what that day will bring :)
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    Did the landlord ever figure out what the problem was with the electricity? Did you lose any food in the refrigerator and freezer due to spoilage? I'm just glad that you didn't already go to the grocery store when you lost electricity. Sorry about your allergies. I'm very allergic to cats. I always have to take allergy pills before visiting my brother because he has two of them. I wish you a wonderful new week, maybe a less eventful one. LOL
    3671 days ago
    LOL Kitty!!! Fun never ends at your neck of the woods, does it? The Labs are sooo cute and adorable! Nita
    3671 days ago
    Never a dull moment for you is there? I hope today went a little more smoothly for you.
    3671 days ago
    you certainly have a very interesting life and adventurous
    3672 days ago
    I must be a playfullkitty too..cause ya never know whats gonna happen at my house ..good intentions and all...too!! Life throws us curve balls and sometime we hit it and sometimes we don''s just a cherrabowlies (bowl of cherries??) thats what my best friend and I say...gotta love it!! Gotta love playfullkitty too...hugs .. Kylie :)
    3672 days ago
    At least you got a nap in!!!!!! Naps seem to never happen for me.
    3672 days ago
    Sounds like you had an interesting day as always! Seems like there is always some kind of drama going on! Hope you don't get sidetracked today and get everything done that you want to do! Have a great day!
    3672 days ago
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