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A little disappointed

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ok, so a couple of the stories I've read in the Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul are pretty good. But I was really thrown off by the first one!

In it, the woman is obese at 290 pounds. She is unhappy with herself, but only changes because in going to a store a dirty, drunk, homeless man tells her "girl, you've got too much food in you." And continues to say it loudly so everyone around starts laughing at her.

Apparently that wakes her up and she decides she's determined to lose the weight. Ok, but I'm torn about this. It's good that she decided to become healthier, but later on she refers to this homeless man as her "guardian angel." Saying that he wasn't trying to be mean at all, he was just being honest with her.

She said he was dirty, staggering, and drinking something out of a brown paper bag. And because some drunken man basically calls you fat he's a guardian angel?

To me, the story just makes it seem like it's ok to make fun of fat people. Just call them names and make people laugh at them! Because then you might inspire them to lose the weight!

The whole story basically just bugged me. Even if some people would find it inspiring, it just didn't seem like a good way to start out the book. There was a story later on about a woman who felt self concious doing her favorite thing (swimming) so she avoided getting into a swimsuit. Then her husband told her she was beautiful to him no matter what and she put on her swimsuit and swam with her family.

THAT is inspiring. She trusted her husband saying she was beautiful. I am more likely to do that then to let what I'm going to do in my life depend on what some person I don't even know says to me. I'd rather take the thoughts and opinions of those who love and care for me, than some drunken homeless man.

Maybe I'm just being too sensitive? I don't know, but it's still bugging me! I even thought, you know, even if the person had shouted nice things to me I wouldn't just trust whatever they said. "Nice legs!" would be a compliment, but they don't know what I've done to get these legs. They don't know the road I've traveled. Now when my husband or my best friend says "Your legs look awesome!" That DOES affect my self esteem and make me smile because I know they both know how hard I'm working each day.
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    You know...I understand your reaction. I kind of had the same reaction...or did before last week.

    I have really had the desire to be healthier and losing weight is one of the major things that I need to do make it happen. The problem is all of the emotional/stress stuff was getting in my way...

    Last week I had to participate in a Presentation workshop. I am not nervous about giving presentations...but this was TAPED! I got so nervous and upset that I had to watch myself on tape...can't deny the weight then!

    Well...that seemed to be the very event that set me on my journey. I don't consider myself to be superficial, but having to watch those tapes over and over really put reality in front of me...maybe it was the same for the lady in the book?

    Just a thought...Love your page!

    3669 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I hear what you are saying. I am actually reading the exact same book right now. I totally see your side and perspective.. however, I think everyone has their own ways of being inspired and to some people (not you or I) they care more about what other people think. You and I are logical enough to know it does not matter what a stranger says about us, our loved ones matter more. But there are some very superficial people out there that are motivated by what strangers have to say good and bad... I guess whatever works best for you, works.
    3669 days ago
  • SWATI_
    Thats absolutely terrible... I can understand someone losing weight bec some thoughtless, vile creature said something.. but that has more to do with humiliation and never wanting to experience it again rather than inspiration.
    And no one can base a long term weight loss on such an incident... we need inspiration on a daily basis... we need someone to tell us to keep chipping away one pound at a time...we need ppl to lift us up when we are inevitably feeling low.. those ppl are our gaurdian angels and not those that put us down.. Its almost like as if the authour is justifying abuse.
    3671 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/3/2008 5:20:18 AM
    I agree also. He was no "guardian angel". He purposely said that mean thing to her...AND he got louder so that everyone else could hear. I don't think it was a good one to start with either.

    But I'm definitely going to look for that book! I didn't know they had one for dieters. (Thanks!)

    Happy Losing (& reading),

    Sharanda :o)
    3671 days ago
    I thought the "Chicken Soup" books were supposed to be uplifting? That first story is downright depressing. You need to lose weight for yourself......not others. Hugs, Shirley
    3671 days ago
  • MCCLURE_33
    That does sound terrible. I completely agree that's a horrible way to start the book. And "guardian angel," "not trying to be mean!" Whatever! He was just drunk!
    3671 days ago
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