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Mean Mother!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

so...yesterday... i was late for work... but i didn't have to pick daughter up from school, so at least i would only need to take a half hour lunch... sounds good...right?? well it would of been...had my son not called at 2:45 to say he had cut his hand open and he thought he might need stitches... now mind you..there is noone to cover me if i have to take a night this going through my mind, i tell them i am leaving and will let them know what is going on... so i drive as fast as i can home... when i get home, my son meets me at the door with a bag of meatballs on his hand...meatballs?? of all the things to pick out of the freezer...meatballs?? but i laugh about this is time to see the damage...the first thing i notice is that he is standing... he doesn't look pale...both good signs... the bathroom on the other hand looks like a war zone with all the blood...luckily i seen him before the bathroom... so i check out his hand... he had already cleaned it out, but double check it to see if he got any glass in it... how he didn't hit a vein is a miracle... he is so thin anyways... he takes after his father...NOT but luckily didn' the bleeding to stop and butterflied it.... waited around to make sure it wasn't going to start gushing again... and then got the story... he was cleaning up some glass off the back porch... i told him i thought this was a little extreme just to see his mom... he laughed...i told him next time, to do it when i actually had to come home, not on the 1 day a week i don't... consideration... luckily he is ok... and though he really thought this should be a day off for him to "rest" i sent him off to school anyways... i cruel can a mother
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    Wow! you are still a super mom, and as I was reading your blog, first thing hit my mind, is it april's joke, I hope not, glad it was not. and real happy to hear that he is fine, and you did fine by sending him back to school, since the cut was just not as bad as it could of been.------Roxy
    3668 days ago
    I'm glad that you were able to go home to check out your son and that he wasn't hurt too badly. I used to think that my mom was the meanest one in the world. Now I am so thankful to her for always having my best interest in mind. I can tell that your children already know that about you at a much younger age. You're doing such a great job with your children, my friend!
    3669 days ago
    Meatballs? Perhaps you were out of peas! Better check the freezer. At least he knew enough to get something cold on it. Good for him.

    As far as the meanest Mom sister has claimed this title along with meanest gramma and her kids/grandkids will back her up on that one!
    3670 days ago
    You didn't get mad? I am so proud of YOU. Him suffering trauma, what about his poor mother. I mean really. These accidents should happen at a more convienient time. Say after he's grown up and has a wife to watch over him.

    3672 days ago
    I'm sorry your son had to suffer this trauma, but, your storytelling gave me some great entertainment. That's kinda warped isn't it? But, even though I've never actually "heard" your voice, I could HEAR this entire conversation and picture it in my head.

    I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt. I'm glad that your bosses are understanding enough to let you leave when there's no one to cover you....that's it...I'm moving out there and they can hire ME!
    3672 days ago
    Since when is any crisis convenient?! LOL! My kids were always getting some kind of disaster going at the most inconvenient times. I have survived all of that now as they are all grown. A sense of humor was the only way to get through it. And as for being a 'mean mom' they do actually appreciate it when they grow up and even more when they have their own kids. I promise!
    3672 days ago
    You're a hoot girl! I love kid stories.. LOL.. Kylie :)
    3672 days ago
    LOL Kitty luv you're a riot! I love your sense of humor and it sounds like you have a really good rapport with your son. I wasn't blessed with children so it is always a delight to read some mom stories. I have a great video that will surely delight you that I will find the link for it's called Momsense or the Mom Song and a comedienne in tune with the William Tell Overture sings all the things a mom says in a 24 hour period in 2:55. It's amazing! Anyway, here's a poem for you and with that I will leave you wishing you a bright soul sweet day of serenity and joy! Love Pami

    Soul Sweet Serenity

    The sun peeked out for an hour today
    As if to say, "Hey, don't forget me!"
    I sat and soaked in it's golden rays
    and tasted a bit of soul sweet serenity.

    Then the clouds cloaked him from sight
    Overcast once again and not so warm
    Still it could not take from me the delight
    Of golden moments from all the storms.

    Now I sit and type away with thoughts of
    Oatmeal breakfast dancing in my head.
    I listen to the snoring of my hearts love
    My stomach joins in, in its quest to be fed.

    This brand new day that has come my way
    Is full of potential and promise for me
    In spite of all that would hold me in sway
    From those chains I've finally pulled free!

    With sunfire in my soul and golden dreams
    Of all that one day could be, will indeed be
    with polished goals that glitter and gleam
    And lovely moments of soul sweet serenity

    3672 days ago
    yes, I too am a mean mom! We walk a tenth of a mile up to the bus stop, and this morning, I was walking a little faster then my daughter, and she had a fit, even said that she was going to go home instead of walking to the bus stop. I told her if she missed the bus, then she owes me a dollar to drive her to school, and she would be grounded for the rest of the month. And as today is the 2nd, it would be a long time.
    3672 days ago
    Glad to know your son is okay, but your story did put a smile on my face.
    Our gotta luv 'em!
    We are all mean moms! ......... just ask our kids.
    Mine was little poop yesterday morning so I made him WALK! to school.
    And not only that, but then I made him get off the PlayStation at 10:00 last night to go to bed. What Was I Thinking!! Bed at 10:00! You would have thought it was a new rule/concept in the house.
    Again, kids .... you gotta luv 'em!!
    3672 days ago
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