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Saturday, March 29, 2008

so i went on a roadtrip from 3-19 until 3-26 with a stop home on saturday and sunday for easter.

1st the good news...all the days on and off the road and i only missed one day of strength training/weight lifting b.c friday 3/21 i went straight from philly to maryland but the days i was home in the morning i made it a point not to miss...i'm proud of myself for that big time.

i didn't do as much cardio as i should have done when home b/c of being really tired/not home for many hours...but the road trip was for concerts every night so jumping up and down dancing for sure burnt some calories right?

let me get easter out of the way 1st: cadbury mini eggs: i hate you tiny little devils...and my mom's homemade chocolate...and the stupid chocolate bunny- been a victim to these temptations the whole week but it's all gone now (thank God)..luckily, it was a small bunny- but still...on actual easter sunday the only bad things besides the chocolates i ate was slow churn ice cream- i was never one for big huge indulgent dinners, but desserts kill me.

okay now on to the roadtrip eats...i kind of wish somebody would take a big bat and beat down the weak willpowered devil in me...i swore to myself i'd eat good. i was on the road weds 3/19 in virginia, 3/20 in philly and 3/21 in maryland. after saturday and sunday was back on the road for 3/24 in nyc, 3/25 in conneticut (but slept home the night before) and 3/26 in new jersey....

i started out good..i did pack grapefruits and ate them, as well as kiwis...i also packed apples but forgot my slicer and can't bite into them b/c it hurts my jaw so i couldn't have the apples...even at mcdonalds the 1st day i got a grilled chicken sandwich- threw out the bun and soaked up the excess grease with a napkin...but as the days went on i derailed worse...the combo pretzel addiction came back. my 2 friends and i must of went through at least 5 medium size bags of the suckers (good thing it wasn't 5 bags by myself) and thinking how many of these little crappers i consumed is making me gag..but there were days when the combos would be my lunch and such...

aside from those, bless my Father, i have sinned and here is my confession over the course of the trip.....vodka-cranberries- i comsumed alcohol 2 nights- in virginia i had 2 of these and in NYC i had 3..alcohol!! bad!! what was i thinking?!?! grrr...2 cookies and creams pop tarts (i haven't had a pop tart in 2 years and my friend had a box in the hotel and i was starving at 1am, gross i know- but i thoroughly enjoyed them at the time even though i shouldn't have touched them with a 10 foot pole), a wendy's small frosty instead of a salad i could have gotten for lunch one day, a big cheese filled pretzel from a WAWA which was an 11pm dinner one day, dunkin donuts small hot chocolate, half a reese's brownie, chocolate chip pancakes, applebee's fiesta lime chicken (aka chicken SMOTHERED in cheese), a mocha smoothie (but i get bonus points for adding a scoop of protein powder to it right)....

i really don't get why i let myself off so bad every time i go on road trips/vacations..i start off really good and then i just get worse and worse..i have to become stronger with willpower and make the healthy decisions I know I should be making...i should pay a friend to police me on trips or something,,,,the fact the trip coincided with easter also didn't help much....my body was in shock from the gross things i poisoned it with this week- trust me it let me know (sorry if TMI) but i'm back on routine and slim and 6 and eating better (now that the easter candy is gone) so i'll be back to where i want to be in no time...

hopefully my next road trip I eat like a healthy human and not a pig...i hate letting myself down...i feel like a failure at life again

thoughts/comments already appritiated.
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