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Friday, March 28, 2008

i weighed in at 107.8 pounds this morning. i ate too little yesterday and i don't doubt that some of the loss was water weight... see?? this is so illogical and frustrating. i'm scared of eating too much and scared of how much i'll weight, so i eat too little and then the next day i hate myself for doing so beause i feel like the scale is lying. vicious circle.

anyway today, i'm doing ok. at the moment it's 478 calories, 87 carbs, 9 fat, 15 protein and 8 (!!) fibre. i still have dinner to go, and i've been eating little today so i can enjoy my dinner out with my boyfriend without freaking out. it's a japanese grillhouse so it should be healthy, if there is anything fried (set menus mostly) i'll give it to him. i want to be able to enjoy the dinner ad not worry about how many calories i'm consuming, but at the same time be very aware of my stomach and stop when i'm no longer hungry. having only had less than 500 calories so far, even if i eat 800 more at dinner the total is not a disaster! and i've done my usual exercise today too.

on the weekend i suspect my calories will be higher, as i'll be eating meals with my dad, as well as my best friend coming to stay tomorrow. one of the things i really want to achieve is, even when dieting, it doesn't affect my social life or how i feel in those situations, involving food. so what if a friend is over for dinner? doesn't mean your day or weekend is screwed, exercise good portion control and enjoy the food. you can even stick with your exercise, take your stepper into another room so she can stay in bed in the morning while you go and work out, you can still do your strength training no problem. it's adapting to situations like these that makes it a lifestyle, not a short term dieting phase.

what is a bit difficult is, as andie says, it's so hard to take the reactions from people when they know you're dieting - "why are you dieting??? you don't need to lose weight!" blabla, and i feel like a shallow nobody. even my best friend, i suspect she'll roll her eyes and say, "not again" because i was her roommate at boarding school for 4 years and we've stayed close ever since and she knows how much i obsess about my weight,. but not really to the extent that she really wants to support me to get a figure i want so i don't go crazy anymore, i think she just thinks it's a teenagery thing i haven't grown out of. in any case, i WILL NOT give up my exercise/food restrictions just because she will be here.

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    Maybe you need to ditch the scale because I can see it is causing you some anxiety. Or, if you HAVE to weigh everyday can you take a weekly average? That way you will see a trend. Weight fluctuates, and sometimes it isnt even based on what or how much you ate.

    Social eating is hard, especially when people who love us are worried about us and know we shouldnt really be dieting. All we can do is be mindful and realize we get those "looks" because people care
    4045 days ago
  • CEKKI28
    Social eating is a constant HUGE obstacle! I sometimes just eat dinner before, then order a "dry salad" at the restaurant. It is SO HARD!

    I actually like how you just restricted your calories earlier in the day to allow for the meal.
    4045 days ago
    Hi sweetie! People stick to their diets in all sorts of situations such as holidays abroad, parties around friend's houses. You don't have to give up anything. Keep eating healthy and well. Limit the amount of time you weigh yourself. Once is enough for me. Sometimes twice if I've having a good week. Hee hee. Love and hugs Helen xxx
    4045 days ago
    Yeah I know exactly what you mean!

    In the future, I don't want to be obsessively thinking about my weight and letting it affect my social life.

    I think that's the great think about SP. It lets you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, and after a while of keeping track of everything and writing every calorie down, I think we won't need to. Hopefully, once we get the hang of this all, it'll just be second nature and we won't have to think about it anymore- just DO it!

    Good Luck and keep it up.

    P.S. Another thing that may help your worries is to NOT weigh in everyday. Like you said it can be water weight or other random things. Sometimes its better to weigh in like every other day or even once a week like me. Then I think there is less flip-flopping between weights.
    4046 days ago
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