charlie horse in the abdominal muscles? weird...

Monday, March 24, 2008

i had a very productive weekend & stayed within cal ranges, exercised a bunch, tried out my new pilates studio/teacher AND LOVE HER, stocked up on TONS of healthy groceries, batch cooked healthy meals for the week as my husband will be working most nights so i have lunches & dinners planned & starting off monday rested & feelin' pretty good. my pants are too big, again - [scale clearly didnt change but ahh well] - this pair is pretty new too so not sure whats up with that, but i'll take it! i really hate the look of "too big pants" though so it looks like i may need to go shopping soon & i feel lke i need some new workout clothes & definitely new jeans....also going for a haircut/highlight this week that is needed....ahhh, better check out that bank account!!!!

the strangest thing happened last night ~ 1am, I was woken up with shooting pains in my stomach. Not "stomach pains" like a sickness but more like a charlie horse in my stomach muscles. it is so weird & PAINFUL. it has happened to me once before and I think it is when I really work my core a lot for multiple days in a row (I THINK). I had a couple pilates classes, did some strength training and a new dvd that is called 'ballet conditioning' that clearly hit my core more than i thought. SHOOTING PAINS in my belly was not fun. It seriously felt like a charlie horse in your calf that wakes you up in the middle of night and you cant release the muscle b/c it hurts too much but you have to b/c contracting it just makes it worse. Strange when its your stomach as i wanted to curl in a ball but they'd contract so then i tried to lay flat and it hurt so bad! Very strange. I got up and took some ibuprofin and fought through it for about 45 minutes. NOT FUN. My abs are sore today (they were sore yesterday from being worked but nothing crazy - i was wrong i guess). I wonder if it caused by not stretching them enough ~ I dont think it is lack of potassium as I track that with the nutrition tracker and have been 'in range' ??? but I hope after all that chaos, maybe my abdominal muscles will show more definition! Crazy thinking but trying to find something positive out of this experience.

Drinking TONS of water & eating a bunch of potassium rich food today. Workout is spinning & will let those abs rest today for sure!
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  • SYK9DL
    Are you still a running blog?
    2355 days ago
    I'm almost 56 now and sometimes....if when bending to pick something up from off the floor...I happen to cough at the same! It is a Charlie Horse right in my stomach muscle and it's hard. I can't move and have to breathe thru it as it slowly relaxes. I can feel where it was for most of the rest of the day....a soreness. I am physically fit and work hard with wildlife I imagine it could be related to water intake on some days. I've never freaked out over it....but I've been wondering what the heck was causing it. I take extra potassium and magnesium to help with cramping in my calves and feet. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for many years so maybe that's a factor as well. This has been happening for many years. It's more of an aggravation than anything else and now that I read many others have this as well with no true diagnosis...I figure it's just something some health conscious people have in common? Big question mark?-Rhonda emoticon
    3261 days ago
  • 06KIDS
    I HAD to comment seeing your entry. I have had upper abdominal charlie horse cramps on and off for about four years. The first one I had I was terrified. Mine happen RANDOMLY during the day, every few months.

    Now I know I just have to relax and breath through them. I usually count.

    The problem is this situation has made me scared to do core strengthening exercises which I desperately need. Exercising DEFINITELY exacerbates the situation.

    I asked my doctor about this and he just looked at me with a puzzled expression. I have been trolling the internet looking for info for quite some time and your entry is the first I have found with someone describing the same symptoms.

    I guess I'm looking for someone to say to exercise anyway, but it's certainly very scary.
    3713 days ago
    Yeah for new pants!! You are doing awesome!

    I'm with David on the water intake. I used to think cramping was related to workouts and intensity etc. But an increase in water helped a lot. My orthopedic surgeon told me the same thing. The abdominal area is new though.. I hadn't heard of that one before. Good luck.
    3738 days ago
    Hey Fergusonsar,

    I read your blog, and have had similar cramping, but mostly in my calves. How was your water intake that day? Muscle cramping can come from not enough. Also, rather than just check potasium, check your magnesium levels. If you're taking a multi-vitamin, or a calcium supplement, check to see that the magnesium and calcium are an equal ratio (most supplements are not); this can cause major cramping. If you can't find any natural supplement, try natural celtic sea salt--it's probably the best mineral supplement you can find, with everything in perfect balance. Might help, it did for me:)
    3738 days ago
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