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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So, I had a good long cry yesterday! Totally frustrated with all of this. I just don't know exactly how many calories I should be trying to burn each workout day because it seems like SP figures them by the amount of TIME I spend doing it rather than just telling me how many I need to burn. I like to do the fastest workouts possible so it frustrated me that I was basically working out with no exact number goal for how many I needed to be burning. Well, good ole SP isn't the only thing out there! SO I did some research...and found a great site that figured the at rest calories I burn per day (1757). So just by eating 1200 calories a day I'm already a defecit of 557. I want to try to lose 2 lb a week and EVERY site says that I would have to have a defecit of 1000 calories per day. So I decided to brun 200 calories every workout day (5 days a week) and that is about 143 per day if you divide it out to all 7 days. Add that to the 557 and I have a defecit of right at 700! I feel SO much better KNOWING I'm in control of this and not just trusting SP to tell me when I feel like it's not based off of what I really need. (It was telling me to just burn 152 per workout that divided by 7 is just 109 calories). And I know to get to my 2 lb per week goal I need to work out on the weekends or for longer on the workout days :)

rested calories burned: 1757
calories I eat per day: 1200
calories I burn per day: 200 (5x per week)
defecit: 4899 per week OR about 700 per day!

ALSO in my research I found more information on zig-zag calories eating and it makes total sense to me. So I'm going to vary the amount of calories I eat each day. One day I will eat 1104 and the next 1242. I feel the combination of the zig-zag eating and the knowledge of how many calories I need to burn per day will really help me reach my goals!!!

I feel SO MUCH BETTER now!!!! I have a totally new outlook and while I don't use SP for the actual number of calories I should eat or should burn I do still think it will help keep track of everything for me and keep me motivated :)

In addition....I weighed in this morning and it's "that time of the month" so I knew the scale might be off and it said I gained 1/2 lb! I am so happy about this b/c I know duing "that time" we all put on a little weight so I figure I stayed about the same which is wonderful seeing as I had so many bad days and was so totally confused on what I was doing :) yay me!
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    If you enjoy zig zagging your calories, look up the Calorie Cycling Spark Team! The team leader swears by zig zagging, and they've got really great challenges and stuff too.

    Doing the math is much less frustrating for me, too. :) I did a bunch of research on my BMR, etc., and put it into an Excel spreadsheet so I could track calories better. The funny thing is, using the BMR and calorie cycling -- I weighed EXACTLY what I thought I should at the end of the week! Uncanny!
    3595 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better about things! Keep up the good work!
    3685 days ago
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