The Wait is Over! HbA1c Test Shows Hard Work Paid Off!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I cannot express how excited and happy I am over my progress right now!

A brief background, last year this time, my HbA1c test (the blood test that shows diabetics how well their day-in-day-out control of high blood sugar over a period of about 6 to 8 weeks is) was at 9.1. Non-diabetics have an HbA1c of around 5-6. Anything over 8 is bad control, anything over 9 is in the danger zone.

By August of last year I had managed to lower it to an iffy 8.9.

In September I had lowered it to 8.5, even though I had started very rigid control measures and was having good morning fasting blood glucose (sugar) readings.

Today my doctor called me (not 5 minutes ago) to inform me that my current HbA1c was 7.5!

What a glorious number!!! Diabetics strive for a goal of 7.0 for good control!

He (my doctor) was very proud of me and is confident by next reading (in about 3 months) I could well be at or under 7.0 at the rate I'm going!

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