Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So I'm happy and mad all at the same time right now. Let me explain why... I'm currently on Week 9 of Couch to 5k and I can jog for 30 minutes straight (YAY ME!), but I don't go the distance of 3.1 miles in that time b/c I run about a 12 minute mile. That's OK with me. Next week I'm scheduled to start running more than 30 minutes each time so that eventually, I'll hit the 36/37 ish mark and therefore be at the 3.1 mi. mark as well.

Well, today, I get on the treadmill for my 30 minute run. I do my 5 minute warm up walk and about 20 minutes into the running, I realize I'm going to finish my run with about 10 minutes left on the TV show I'm watching. So I decide... why not go the 3.1 mi. today (rather than stopping and sitting down to watch the rest of the show)??!? What a great challenge! So it's decided. I'm going to go 3.1 miles. I even pump up the speed a bit and sprint the last tenth of a mile. I stop the treadmill at 3.3 miles and I slow to do my 5 minute cool down walk and I'm SO happy! I start thinking about how I'll log today's workout on my cross country route website that I use. I think... "OK... so that's .3 miles of walking for the 5 minute warmup... 3.1 miles of running...then another... WAIT A SECOND! I stopped running at 3.3 miles. #*&@!)#!!! STUPID MATH!! 3.1 (run) + .3 (warmup) = 3.4!!! I stopped .1 miles too early b/c I can't add!!!??!!?!

So, I'm happy b/c I ran 3 miles straight. I'm mad because my poor math skills made me fall short of my actual goal of 3.1 miles and I could've done it!!!
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    Ok, I remember being on week 2 or something for the C25K and I would sit there and try to calculate when I had to stop walking and start running and vice versa. I would mess it up all the time. Finally I started to write down the times that I would have to start walking and running...because I just can't think mathmatically AND run. It happens to us worries. Just remember that you could of done did great and I have a feeling that next time you will do exactly what you set out to do.
    Congrats! 3 miles is great!!
    4064 days ago
    Congrats on the 3 miles! I admire your hard work. I injured my knees long ago so running is out for me. :-( Your hard work is paying off. Your math skill reminds me of my own! One of my favorite songs by Jimmy Buffett is called Math Sux! It's sort of my theme song! Feel proud that you accomplished something great. Don't worry about the math. That's why they make calculators! :-)
    4065 days ago
    First of all a BIG Congrats on running 3 miles!!! *Applause* You did great!! 3 miles is a great accomplishment! I am sure that you will hit the 3.1 mile mark on your next run which will be cause for another celebration.
    4065 days ago
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