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Monday, March 03, 2008

okay here i am sitting at the computer and i swear to you i can hear that cake calling my name from the other side of the house. i have had a piece of that cake everyday since it was bought, twice the one day! even though i know i shouldn't.... but it was bought for me and no one else is helping me eat it to make it so its not staring me in the face whenever i go to grab a bottled water.... i am about to run out there and gobble it down and i'm trying very hard not to but no one is online to side-track me from the mutual yells from both my stomach and the cake to eat chocolate yumminess!!!

i'm on my second bottle of water, and i've already ate a banana. i can't even tell if i'm actually hungry or just seriously craving it. the last time i kept myself from eating i felt sick because i didnt and i dont want to do that again but i dont want to eat something i know i shouldn't no matter how much i want it. how is it i can easily pass up other foods but not chocolate cake? and i can't throw it away because not only my parents would call it a waste of money but so would i... and i dont think i could make myself do it even if i were rich and money didn't matter. its chocolate!

MUCH LATER: okay, i have been wanting that piece of cake since dinner, which was seven and a half hours ago. i cant sleep for thinking about it... can i go eat it now? y'know, i think if i had just had a piece after supper it wouldn't have seemed so massively important; i probably wouldn't not have been sitting here craving it at 2:30am. and i probably wouldn't have eaten a whole sixth of the cake either... which is worse for me, to eat the rest of that cake in the next couple days or slowly torture myself and eat one piece a day for a week?

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    That chocolate cake is torturing you. You struggled over it for 7 1/2 hours! Why have something in your home that makes you so miserable. The amount of pain it has caused has out-weighed (pun) the pleasure of each piece you have already eaten. Throw the bum out!
    4540 days ago
    I'm gonna have to chime in here, too. For me it's really important to surround myself with all healthy foods. If I buy bad foods I will eat them, so I just don't anymore. For me, it's chips. Chips are a problem if I buy a big bag. Even if they're Sunchips and all whole grain-y, I'll just eat and eat them!! So ya, I would give that cake away or something. Pronto!
    4540 days ago
    I am with the camp who think you should throw it out. Don't feel that you are wasting it. You are saving yourself from extra minutes on the treadmill (or whatever you use). If you look at it this way you are saving and not wasting.
    4541 days ago
    I feel so much sympathy for you and other women when it comes to chocolate. I have read and understand that the feeling some women get is closely related to the same feelings they get when they are in love or, well,......lets just say....deeper feelings and leave it at that. I have watched my wife eat a piece of chocolate cake and her eyes ROLL back in her head!!

    I completely agree with the other comments. You did not buy it, throw it out!! if they ask, "yes I enjoyed the cake." (not a lie) you just did not enjoy the whole thing.

    It takes time but your taste will change it WILL get easier!! Make chocolate your reward, your cheat food you want after two weeks of hard good life changing eating.

    imagine how GREAT it will be when it is a REWARD and not a guilt ridden block!!!
    4541 days ago
  • ALICHS2002
    I agree that throwing the cake away is a waste of money, but eating everyday is not good for u. Can you cut it up and bring it to work to share or something, if nobody in ur house is going to eat it, than let others enjoy it. You can not keep giving into temptation and eating it. You wont like the outcome....I wish u luck!
    4541 days ago
    If it were me I would throw it out.
    I read your message about sad and will respond in longer form when I have more time, but that could have some affect on your craving for sugar and carbs. Depression does make you fatigued.
    How do you feel after your workout?? That seemed like a killer workout to me.
    4541 days ago
    Chocolate sends out subliminal signals, ya know. Honest. :)

    Could you, I don't know, throw it away? I know that sounds extreme--just a thought anyway. Hope you succeeded in cake avoidance!
    4541 days ago
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