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Saturday, March 01, 2008

wow i haven't blogged in over a month! truth is, i've been meaning to but kept putting it off and have been ashamed at some poor eating choices i made...

so i know i discussed the trauma over what i ate on vacation and getting sick and then trying to get back into good habit after all that wasn't easy- i went most of january with the least amount of formal exercise i did in a year and my arm muscles certainly suffered for it =( and then-

the last weekend in january was my 22nd birthday along with an unwelcomed trip from Aunt Flo (sorry TMI) and well alcohol (which is RARE with me) pizza, ice cream, cake, and a weird craving for combos (those cheese filled pretzel snack things) which i had way more of then i care to even think....but my birthday is once a year i figured i'm allowed to cheat andeven though i was still blah over vacation and getting sick i figured i can get back to where i was quickly and once the weekend was over i went right back into my good exercising and good eating habits and was good for a few weeks =)...

then around valentines day i went on a road trip with friends for 4 days from nyc to poughkeepsie, ny to philly to maryland which involved more pizza, pancakes (i've never been to a denny's before), more alcohol (but not much), and some taco bell...what killed me about the roadtrip was deep down i knew i could have been making healthier choices but for some stupid reason when we had breakfast out my love of pancakes surpassed any rational decisions- but the breaking point was at a McDonalds i got the hotcakes (but not sausage) and saw on the back of the place mat the deluxe breakfast (hotcakes and sausage together) was 780 calories and i literally came close to vomiting and that ended my eat crap trip- luckily this was only a 4 day thing and as soon as i got home i felt so physically sick (really, my stomach felt like a tornado hit it, hmmm i wonder why), i was also really down and embarassed at my choices and knowing i did this to myself that i went back into healthy eating and excercising religiously again with a vengence, which is a good thing...

sooo and here i am now..i've been super consistent with my eating right and exercising without skipping since the roap trip and i've been even working my stomach harder then i ever have before and the results are shining through beautifully...scale wise today i was 117- ugh i gained 2 pounds but after over a month of spurts of eating poison i didn't expect a miracle and i knew my size 0's still fit with room so i was okay- so i'm working a little harder to get these 2 pounds to leave me again (and maybe even more) and also working to still get my body more tone like i've been wanting forever

i'm not overly concerned about january because i know i do have the willpower and determination to stay on track now and life is lived by lessons learned right? i learned on this roap trip that my next road trip i will for sure eat healthier...

on a happier note...the creator behind the starbucks skinny mocha drinks is one of my new favorite people EVER..a grande cafe mocha is usually 230 or so calories- something i would never get because i wouldn't waste calories on a drink..out comes the healthier skinny version- 90 calories for a tall or 130 for a grande or 160 for a venti- guilt free and i get my espresso fix in the morning before school to keep me awake, along with 40% of my daily calcium...i get a grande with the spinach feta egg wrap from starbucks that's only 230 calories (and on a whole wheat tortilla!) so i have a good, healthy breakfast under 400 calories and thanks to the espresso- i don't get hungry for a good 4 hours after =) i love starbucks!

i promise to blog more frequently again, i promise to stick to my usual excellent exercise routine and i promise to eat way healthy always (minus my one daily chocolate allowance a day lol)

thoughts/comments/support always needed and appritiated

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