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Real Age vs. Biological age ... What YOU can do about it!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So here's the thing: I'm always up for knocking a year or two off of my "biological age" --- the age that I really am -- which I 'fessed to long ago when I set up my SPark Page under the auspices that my birthday was available for public consumption. Yes, y'all already know I'll be 54 in May so what the heck -- it is way too late to put that genie back into the proverbial bottle (even tho she'll fit now!!! lol). Well, that hunky Dr. Oz and his adorable sidekick, Dr. Roizen, who show up at Oprah's place with relative frequency, are preachin' to the choir when they tell me to eat boatloads of veggies -- cruciform specifically (broccoli - my personal fave); engage in a daily walking program of 30 mins. and strength training/stretching 20 mins. 2-3 x per week (y'all know my love and joy of the gym and my daily 5 mile run); they recommend including in your diet green tea and grape juice/grapes for the phenols (1/2 glass of Newman's every night - check); Lycopene (I'm Italian -- duh!! -- check); oh yeah - and the obvious -- lose weight (162 lbs. and counting ... check); quit smoking (kicked a 2 1/2 pack/ 20 year smoking habit 19 years ago cold turkey -- check); Stress management (daily Mediation -- check); Have your heart checked (annual o/v for MVP & two murmurs -- check); have blood pressure monitored (Zestril -- check); do thyroid work up (Synthroid -- check); cholesterol work up (Lipitor-- check). Doctors Oz and Roizen have five "YOU" series books available -- and the one of which I speak is "YOU Staying Young" because, all kidding aside, it (and all of the You series books) contain powerful info for everyone of ALL ages. While our biological age is a given, it is a choice to stay overweight. Recent medical reports indicate that you can knock 10 years off of your real age just by losing weight and making a few lifestyle changes. So the Good Docs Oz and Roisen are onto something here!! btw -- for those who are interested, there is a free test you can take to learn your real age because, as the Hunky Doc Oz says: "if you make the changes, you see the rewards!!" To check out your real age, go to: www.

Oh ... since y'all know my biological age of 54, my "real age" is 44.5 years!!

..... AND NOW!!! a cute story I'd like to share!

After an unusually intense, albeit productive physical therapy session and doc's appointment with the foot surgeon, Brother Dave and I decide to pick up staple items at Trader Joe's, a natural grocery store, in preparation of a late winter snow storm scheduled to bring gifts of snow fall --- 4" to be exact!! After an impromptu discussion about protein powders with a congenial and obvious, fellow shopper and runner, I heard a voice behind me say as I was walking away: ".... hey -- why aren't you running through store!!!" An adorable store employee who was stocking shelves right where I had just been, must've overheard my conversation about protein powder, running, etc. As I pivoted around to see who was speaking to me -- I attempted an unwieldy maneuver of the grocery cart to affect a "u" turn mid-aisle -- somehow forgetting that ALL carts have wheels that spin in opposite directions rendering them uncooperative but necessary instruments of torture and perpetual nuisance -- whether old or new!!! In my now undainty, post-surgically altered lumbering way, with the cumbersome knee high boot cast that resembles some sort of fandangled modern weaponry than an orthopaedic device, I pivoted around to see her laughing at the scene that just had played before her --- which, in turn, gave me a good laugh. This adorable young lady began telling me all about her numerous knee and ACL injuries and surgeries and associated problems therewith. She had clearly endured her share of injury to her legs/knees. In an effort to share delicate information with me -- out of earshot of the middle aged folks who were roaming around the store, my new friend leaned in with lowered voice so her comment would be between just us girls: "You know, I'm 22 -- but, man, with these knees, I feel like I'm 55!!" An audible laugh erupted out of me quite spontaneously and with my warped sense of humor -- and knowing what I had to say was going to shock the hell out of her, I laughingly replied: "... easy cowgirl -- I'm 54!!!" The look on her face was priceless -- and her change in numerics was now from the mouth of a learned young woman whose mind had been expanded and enlightened when she said: "... oh .... then ... I feel like I'm 85!!"

Good Girl, I said!!

.... If my new little friend only knew just how much she had made my day!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    you allways make my day! that was funny, don't you just love when there trying to get there foot out of there mouth !! and yes you can't help but love them!! but you look so great, you blend right in with those 20s , i am in my 40s i wish i could look as great as you, (i eat ton of brocc. i can't run yet still to overweight, i have never smoked, or drank, so i am dissapointed ,my age isnt changing (LOL) just kiding what can i do to turn my clock back some years!!! i love reading the things you write, i wish you whould get out a book i would love to buy one!!!
    4162 days ago
    Girlfriend, you are a riot, I love your writing! I'm glad you stumbled upon 2 of my favorite Dr's: Oz & Roizen. There's actually a couple of Spark groups devoted to their theories of healthy eating and "waist management" philosophy as spelled out on their website and also in their book "You on a Diet" (check out Waist Management Team and You On A Diet groups). I find their recipes to be delicious, following a Mediterranean influence. And with each recipe they tell you how many days you'll decrease off your realage with this kind of healthy eating. Pretty cool, thanks for spreading this message and for your unending enthusiasm and compassion!
    4186 days ago
    You made me smile like you always do. I had also watched dr. oz on oprah the other day. It was very interesting. I'll have to check my real age out. Gave a good one.
    4186 days ago
  • no profile photo LAUREN419
    My real age has been updated ( just updated it, haven't in 1 yr.). It was 28.6 and now its 24.8~! I am getting there, now when I quit smoking I know it will go down!
    4187 days ago
  • no profile photo LAUREN419
    I love your post as always! xx
    4187 days ago
  • ACACIA21
    Today, March 5, 2008, your RealAge is 42.5! But you could be younger --
    Cardiovascular level Correct fruit servings Good sleep levels Safe driving speeds Limited or no secondhand smoke exposure Parents relationship Medication use Happy marriage Good vegetable intake Low red meat intake Vehicle size Potassium level Good omega-3 intake Folicacid intake Breast cancer history Cell phone use Ideal BMI
    Good genes Good oral hygiene Safety belt or airbag usage Alcohol Daily breakfast
    Flexibility routine Diverse diet No ovarian cancer in family Vitamin C intake Daily vitamin Social network and stress
    Low unsaturated fatCalcium intake
    schedule Have cholesterol level measured
    Low grain intake Strength level
    Unsafe driving practicesVitamin E intakeFlossing habits
    42! now thats more like it :)

    4189 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2008 7:55:40 AM
    Love your writting, I'm waiting for the book. Both you and your brother have such a way with words. I envy your ability, then I think, seed, time, harvest. We can't be everything and I am a painter and that is where I need to be. I love you!!!! You give me so much, I thank you. I have been a fan of Dr. Oz and his friend Dr. Roizen for quite some time. Their plan has changed my life. Before I started their program, I had already lost weight and started exercising, My age was 6rs younger than my real age at that time. I'll have to go see how young I have become , I'm sure I am getting younger by the minute. The greatest thing for me has been the green drinks he recommends. Love them. Such a shot of energy. Loved your story, we are only as young as we feel!! I can run circles around most of my younger friends, I have to wrap my knees and ankles to do it , but can do it non the less. hee hee. Thanks for sharing I look forward to coming and what you are up to, you are such an inspiration to me!!!! You sweet young thing! Kimmy
    4190 days ago
    Awwwwwwwwwwww too funny! : ) Well, time to find out my real age : ) ~ Sounds like you are doin' great!!! When you gonna write your autobiography, it would be a best seller you know!!!!
    4190 days ago
    I can see you my Lovely One...spinning ever so gracefully! wee !! You tickle me and always make my spirit soar...Now I went to the real age website and well like everyone here I have made my age known...49...recommendations for vitamins were included in my results and my real age is i am looking at it this way...took you how long to get where you are now?...hmm 5 years...and if I have half the results that you have had in 5 years I can be back at 49...not too disheartening considering my first reaction in question to taking a test to determine my real age was along the lines of snix66's response...I've been dead for 3 years!...was a great post my Lovely One...always delighted to read your blog...ILAAY
    4190 days ago
    Great post! You did the cold turkey quit too huh? My 2 month anniversary without a smoke was yesterday. I was a pack a day smoker for 17 years.

    Ok, I am developing better habits that will make me "younger", what about tanning? That's a vice I still have - I need my light!
    4191 days ago
    Joanne, You never fail to impress me. I am not sure i want to know my real age yet. Biologically I am 41. And Like you, my age is not a secret here. I am working toward a "real age" of two. Those were the best years, no worries, someone to take care of my every whim. (yes, I was spoiled, and would like to be again!) Let me see if I can check all of those things off... Eat loads of veggies (um lets see do potato chips count... Check!) Daily exercise(I get out of bed daily...Check) Drink Diet green tea and Grape Juice (Does Starbucks coffee count?...Check!), Lose weight (well, I did recently get a hair cut does that count?...Check!) Stress management (sometimes I eat brownies when I am stressed, that calms me down...Check!), Have my heart checked annually ( my new doctor looks like Kianu Reeves.. so no problem there... Check!) Stop Smoking (Well I don't smoke, but the air is really bad in LA so sometimes I hold my breath...Check!) Blood Pressure monitored,(again Kianu Reeves... Check! Check! Check!)

    All kidding aside, This was great advice.

    4192 days ago
    Ha ha! That's a really funny story! But it's so true! You honestly don't look your age and I bet you don't act it either! lol! you are young in spirit and young at heart! It's the best way to be, sweetie! As for the real age ... I'm going to have to check it out. I might be younger than you but in real age we might just be the same. lol! My son's birthday is in May too! Yippee! have an awesome day, my special friend, Hugs, Helen xxx
    4192 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/2/2008 2:10:03 AM
  • ANGIEEM0505
    Joanne, I love Dr. Oz, he is very interesting to listen too. Very informative and I love his style!! Great job on doing all the right things!! That is awesome you can check off everything he has suggested too do!! That is awesome your real age turned out to be 44!! It seems fitting because you don't look like your about to turn 54! If you hadn't of said that I would never guessed you to even be anywhere close to fifty! You look young, vibrant and beautiful!!! I say this with my heart that you are truly an incredible inspiration and such a wonderful lady. I can see your inner beauty shine through these pages!! I was wondering today when you were going to post a new blog, its funny that you did. I really enjoy reading what you write because you have such a God given gift for writing, I am wondering when you are going to write a book about your journey? I know with your talent and with your inspirational story you would have a best seller!! OMIGOSH the buggy incident at the store was TO funny!!! LOL It makes sense to me that the lady wouldn't think you were in your fifties berceuse you really look so young!!! Doesn't it feel so good to hear though!!!!! You are so sweet and so precious, you are a real blessing to everyone you know!!!! Thank you Joanne for being here with all of us and sharing yourself so freely!!!! God bless ya sister have a wonderful weekend. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!

    "It's never too late to be what you might have been."
    George Eliot
    4192 days ago
    omg what a cute story. i am going to check out my age. i will post it later on. have a wonderful night. did you get your snow. we did not get much and i am soooo glad. i am ready for spring.
    4192 days ago
    You crack me up girlie!!! I love it :) 10 years off??? That's amazing! I'm proud of you. Thanks for sharing that story, too!
    4192 days ago
    Your last story was hilarious! I can totally relate to the girl who PUT HER FOOT in HER MOUTH. I do it all the time. I get too bubbly and I forget to think sometimes! arggg.........
    I love the lab in your photo. My younger brother always has the cutest puppies and it is so sad to see them go to their new home. :-(

    SNOW.... yes... we got a few new inches on friday and the kids have been out all weekend snow mobilin' and tubin'!
    I had to stop by and tell you that on Friday I weight myself... I wasn't going to until this coming week. I am down 12 pounds! SOOOO HAPPY!!!
    I still have a ways to go but this is a great start. I am loving eating clean.

    4192 days ago
  • SNIX66
    I'm happy for you...

    My REAL AGE is: I've been dead for 3 years!

    4192 days ago
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