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Friday, February 29, 2008

Is there an unwritten law that once you reach a certain age.. your parents are the ones that become children and you the adult? If so, did you go through it or is it written in the restricted section of the library, because I am about to rip ALL of my hair out dealing with these people whom now, only resemble the people whom where my parents. Now, they are quarreling, name calling, tattling children whom come to me when they don't get their way.

I want to know when I signed up for this job. When did I put in MY application? I love them, don't get me wrong, but I am at my wits end.
My father has to have surgery on Monday which means that he is getting admitted on Sunday.. his 60th birthday. My mother has already taken the responsibility to drive him to the hospital and stay with him while he is there. As of this morning, he was fully aware and was ok with it. It was like pulling teeth to get her to do it.... I almost had to BRIBE her to take HER HUSBAND to the hospital to have surgery..

NOW.. he doesn't want anyone to take him to the hospital..especially "HER". I told him that someone had to take him and he told me no.. that he was going to drive himself. So I let him know that there was no way on GODs green earth that I would ever let him do that. Firstly because I love him and think he needs someone there with him. and secondly because when he sits up for too long.. HIS LEGS START TO GO NUMB!!! I might have been born at night but not LAST night... I am sorry, there is no way he is getting behind the wheel of a car and drive himself the 3 hours to the hospital... NOT TO MENTION... he has to drive over the friggin Sky Way Bridge.... it is GINORMOUS!!! I don't like to drive over it and I am not afraid of heights... That's how big it is.
He starts whining, she starts her name calling, then he yells names and curses back. She tells him to go to hockey sticks.. he says he has been there since the day they got married, she says she didn't really want to marry him, she only did because his mother guilted her into it, he says that was the same reason he asked her to marry him.... the list goes on.

I am 1 of 5 kids, and I am the only one they come to about all of this. I don't see them calling my sister or any of my brothers about any of this...


I just don't know how to juggle all their issues along with my own issues.
The only good thing I can say about it is that they started up about the same time that BF headed back into the ARMY so I really haven't had that much time to be upset about that..Lol..

Always look for a silver lining.

Thanks to all of you whom are sitting there reading this. I hope that at some point in my little/long rant you laughed at how petty they are being. If I didn't laugh.. I would be crying.

Things are going to start looking up for me... I know they will.. they have to..Lol...
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    I can hear what you're saying about your Mom and Dad...Unfortunately my Mom and Dad died years ago and never got to know my daughter. Their grand daughter....
    But I am in the same age group as your parents... I wonder if it could have been going on for yrs. and you just began to notice the stress between them. OR maybe once the kids grew up and left they "forgot who they were." That happened with me and my husband when my daughter grew up and left. I had invested so much in bringing her up and he invested so much in keeping his job and the financial boat floating...When she left we were lost....I didn't know my role in life because my job parenting was finished and we fought alot.
    I went for help and now yrs later we are together. Perhaps you could convince your Mom to see a counselor or join a support group. It only takes one persons to get things started. GOOD LUCK...My prayers are with you.
    4096 days ago
    Okay first I will appologize for laughing my A%%% off. Sorry I am so glad you were not telling me this to my face because I was laughing so hard I tears running down my face.
    NOW I am NOT laughing AT you. I am laughing because I HAVE SOOOOOOO been there Done that. I know you wrote this on Friday and it is now Sunday. So I am thinking of you and wondering how you made out. Good luck! We are thinking of you!
    4097 days ago
    Oh honey I have been in your shoes with my Grandma and my It's so hard when you become the "parent" to your parents. Hang in there and just know that you're doing your best. You've got a lot to juggle hon...hang in there ans make sure you take some time for yourself!! *hugs*
    4099 days ago
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