The First Day

Monday, February 25, 2008

This is the first day of my Turbo Slim program. If you have never heard of Turbo Jam, it's this super program put on 5 dvd's and lead by this cute, energetic little blonde lady name Chalene Johnson. If you are interested I suggest going to Google and typing it in. I had seen the infomercial for it on several occasions. I was always curious but, never made the call. Well, a few weeks ago, I couldn't sleep and was flipping channels and stopped when I saw Chalene. The program is so upbeat and infectious. I decided to call and order it. Well, then I had to wait forever to get it. I am not always the most patient person in the world. But I was excited. I couldn't wait to get started. So I went to the website and started to check out the message boards. I saw lots of pictures of people who had lots of weight to lose. I also saw the results from just 3 or 4 days of doing the work out.

The thing is that I have never been that athletic. I never participated in sports in school. It wasn't that I had a weight problem, I guess it was the condition of my spine. Although I didn't know what was medically wrong with me for many years, I knew there was something about me. Just a few years ago I met a Chiropractor who did an x-ray on my spine and told me that my 3 lowest vertebra were fused together when I was being formed in my mom's womb. I am getting a second opinion, but what ever the outcome, I know that I have had difficulty most of my adult life. I can walk normal, but my knees are knocked. My hamstrings are very tight and my hips are tight also.

So, here I am about to begin something that will be very difficult for me. But I just have to know that if I don't do something about my physical condition I will just get worse. I know it is going to take alot of stretching to regain my flexability and it will be a bit more challenging than the average person, but in looking around here at SP, there are lots of people who are facing the same kinds of challenges.

I know I can do this. It's gonna take alot of pain and determination, but I cannot accept the alternative.
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  • BONNIE627
    good luck with the new program.. I also agree that you need to see your dr. first... and like you said the stretches are very important...hugs, Bonnie
    4714 days ago
    Hi Lori, love your honesty and the way that you share. Do like Elyane said, check with your doctor before starting, we don't want you layed up and hurting.

    Love to you
    4714 days ago
    Good for you for having the will power to start on something so challenging. you are determined and I have no doubt that you will succeed. Good luck with the second opinion. Just be careful nd get medical clarence before you start anything too strenuous .
    4714 days ago
  • GI..GI..GINA!
    Congrats on getting started! Don't you just love Chalene? She cracks me up with her corny humor. :) Turbo Jam has helped so much with my athleticism, balance, coordination and dance skills! You'll be hooked. :) I never followed the Slim program though...but I know a lot of people have had great success with it. Not one who likes to follow a program, unless I create it. LoL. As far as your medical conditions..I highly recommend stretching. I would do even more then Chalene does at the end of the videos. And be sure to do it AFTER your workout. Your muscles are MUCH more flexibile when your temperature is raised. :) Then you'll be less likely to get muscle soreness too, because it will help remove lactic acid (the crap that causes muscle fatigue and pain). Keep your head up! I know you can do this too! Rock it girlie!
    4714 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2277985
    Good luck with the Turbo Slim program. I've been doing TJ for a few weeks now and I notice a difference. Now that I have all the moves down I think I'm going to start the Slim program tomorrow and see how I do. Good luck and keep up the good work!
    4714 days ago
    Good for you Lori! I am Proud of you for starting this!! I think I will check it out. keep me updated on how it goes. Let me know if it is too painful to do or not. I think with your positive attitude, you CAN DO IT!!! Just make sure, to take it slow!

    4714 days ago
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