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Sunday, February 24, 2008

In July 2006, my Dad had taken the family to Vermont for a 3 day mini vacation. We went to Bromley Mountain so my nephew and my sister's stepson could ride the alpine slide.
I am not fond of heights. I have been on the alpine slide before, but not since my teens. And this day, I had no intention of riding.
Now the slide is not the only activity there to do. And this takes me to the cable ride. As I was holding down a picnic bench "people watching" , I begin scrutinizing this "other" ride. Imagine a pair of bucket seats attached to cables that hoist it from the ground up in the air two stories ..then drag it up the mountain half way. (are you with me?) Once up the hill you have to pull a rip cord which sends your suspended chair flying down the cable at a decent rate of speed, where you finally jerk to a stop.
Now remember, I DO NOT LIKE heights. And amazingly, I was so drawn to this ride. Grown ups screamed like little girls on it. And somehow after watching the ride for about 30 minutes or so, I conned my sister into going on it with me. Grudgingly she was going with me.....she kissed her husband goodbye like we weren't going to survive the experience.
There were 2 young guys manning the ride, who assured us that they wouldn't lower us once they hoisted us. We made them promise, so we wouldn't chicken out.
So up we went, and my goodness, we were way up and it seemed quite a ways away. You had to watch for a signal light to blink green, then you could pull the cord. That's right people, you had to send yourself flying down the mountain! The light turns green and Pam says to me..."pull the cord"...I said to her..."I can't pull the cord, my fingernails are embedded in the harness! "
Well she pull the cord and we went flying and it was so cool! We didn't even scream! And we made them take us up again immediately.
Now it may not seem so eventful, but if you had quizzed anyone close to me prior to the trip they would've never thought I would be the one getting on the ride. I surprised myself! And I plan on keep surprising myself :)
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    This sounds like me. I am so afraid of heights. I try to do something that will cause me to overcome this fear. Yet, with bad knees that can give way, I usually use a support as I travel down stairs.

    Let me tell you about the problem of using something...I went to the isle of Staffa. It is off the coast of Iona, and very small, and a steep walk up the side of the cliff. I was doing well going up. Yet, Linda seems to do well if she does not look down!

    I knew that this adventure involved climbing into a boat, our of the boat, and up the cliffside. So, here I was having paid good money for the stormy boat ride over to Staffa. Now, how was I to get pictures if I did not climb up the cliff?

    I am the ultimate photographer. I take so many hoping for a great picture. One that I can frame. Main motivation was the photographs that I would share.

    So, you see, there I was...I quite willingly went into this venture. My knees were particularly bad that day. And, as we were leaving I went to grab the wire that was my support on the way up the cliff...but it was far too low for a woman of my height...they tell me I am only 5 6 now. I could not use this wire for support. I just had to have faith that I would make it down safely.

    After all, God was with me all along.

    4733 days ago
    That is so cool. You stepped out and did something to face your fears. Love it.
    I rode one of those bungee rides where it drops you and then you swing like a pendulum.
    I thought I was going to die. I loved it. I felt so good after I did that.
    4740 days ago
  • TINAL66
    Good for you for stepping out of your regualr boundaries. The best way to overcome something is to face it head on! I don't however think I will ride a cable up a
    4750 days ago
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