Someone downed my spirit

Friday, February 22, 2008

I tried to put up posts to get ppl to join my group, accentuate those sexy curves, i put posts in teams i joined in hopes of good feedback we were a team that inspires eachother to love ourselves and our curves to feel sexy in our lowest of times, were a small team but great, this one lady out of all posts posted she for one didn't appreciate the spam, now normal ppl wouldn't even bother with spam let alone reply to it, it was the way she said it that hurt me and made me regret my decision and second guess myself,I don't know why i let it bother me so much, i suppose it's bcuz this is a place were supposed to help eachother andmake each other welcome and she shut me down she doesn't even know me or my team but she felt it best to ruin my day, I apologized to her but still feel down, Was i wrong for putting up the post?
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    I think that letting people know you have a new team out there that might be interesting to them and helpful in their goals is a great idea. Just because someone said something mean does not make what you did wrong. I think it was a great idea and I wish I would have thought of it. :o) If you are chatting on your boards and mention a new team I think that is great. That is how you get the word out, ya know? Not everyone spends time just searching for new teams so letting people know there is a new one is a great idea. Remember that you are a beautiful and strong person and you don't need to worry about what crabby people are thinking because in the whole scheme of things it doesn't really matter. You know that you rock and that you are reaching your goals and trying to help others do the same. So remember to be proud of yourself and keep up the good work. You have a people to motivate now so don't let anyone get in the way of that. :o) I hope you have a Wonderful Day!!!
    4752 days ago
    I'm so sorry that someone responded to you about your team announcement that way. I don't why this happens .. I've seen it in another website forum I visit often. There just always seem to be someone (thankfully they are rare) that makes it their mission to find something or someone to crab about.

    You are proud of who you are or would like to become and you didn't do anything wrong in wanting to let others know they could join your team and make the journey with you. You are beautiful -- inside and out!
    4753 days ago
    sorry i didnt see this faster, although we talked about this i want to say girl dont feel bad, i agree if you were advertising for AVON or somethign like that, then that would be spam but not when your advertising to help people and let them be aware theirs a new team out there, that is what were here for and its not like you were disrespectful! your an awesome person and i think the world of you girl, dont let anyone get u down! ~danielle
    4753 days ago
    People who would hurt your feelings & put you down are usually doing it because they are down themselves & want company . Then they feel good about having brought someone down with them. Don't give her that pleasure. Show her that you are strong & can handle whatever life throws @ you. People like that are NOT your friends & are not worth your time. There's one bad apple in every barrel.

    Your Friend,
    4753 days ago
    I'm sorry that someone made you second guess yourself and feel down. I think your team sounds great, and telling people about it on other teams is NOT spam and you have nothing to apologize or feel bad for. There will always be people who have to make themselves feel better by putting others down. But those are the people who will never be able to rise above and become all that they could be because they weigh themselves down with negativity! You soar, girl!
    4753 days ago
    It would be wrong to "advertise" your own business or some other website here on SparkPeople by posting to your various teams - but most people welcome posts that let them know about other teams and challenges, especially if they're done in a nice way. The people that don't want to join can just ignore them. I wouldn't worry about that one person too much - who knows what kind of bad day she had that she felt she had to dump on you. Congrats on your new team and have fun with it. :-)
    4753 days ago
    i send out lots of invites to my team...and there is always that one that will have me wondering what the heck!?!? for the most part...even the turn downs are ok...but there is that one... i know it's not easy to just let it go... but that is what you need to do... don't let it affect you... spend more time building your team... and love those that want helps get your mind off that one that doesn't.
    4753 days ago
    I wouldn't worry about it too much! People can be rude but it is usually because they are just miserable themselves!!! I wouldn't let her get to you! Good luck with your team. There is a place where you can go and post that you want more members. Have you tried posting in the leaders team? Also if you go to the message boards under get help here, there is a place where you can get your team featured. It is under" What's up at Sparkpeople". Here is the link. Good luck to you and keep your positive attitude!!!!! Don't let people get you down!
    4753 days ago
    Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
    Matthew 5:11-12

    4758 days ago
  • J0ETTE
    Ashley, I have seen your post looking for people to visit your sexy curves team...It's how I found you. I do think some get offended by the "advertising" but, you did not post it disrespectfully. This person may be someone who doesn't have the confidence in the curves. ;) I think as long as you continue to be respectful you will be fine. I also know how difficult it is to get a team motivated and moving . I am the leader of a faltering team...and there are a couple hundred in the team. I took it on hoping to bring life to it, and it's not worked yet. I'm not giving up and it has only been a short time.

    Just remember, you can't make everyone happy.
    4758 days ago
    you are truly to beautiful of a person to let anybody bring you down
    4760 days ago
    you are truly to beautiful of a person to let anybody bring you down
    4760 days ago
  • TANYA210
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I haven't logged on since friday afternoon. Don't let it get you down what she said. This website is about getting the support we need to lose weight. It is proven that people lose more with support. Maybe she didn't understand your post. Look at it this way maybe she is not the kind of person you want as a friend. I have found it hard to break into one of my teams. I post but none responds so I am going to leave that team. I am getting plenty of support else where. I thank you for all your support and I am glad we have become friends.

    4760 days ago
  • SHI_POOH26
    Hey babygirl. Don't let it get to you. She might have took it the wrong way. But if not don't worry about it. She herself might have been haven a bad day and wonted to ruin yours or who ever. But you let that spirit back up and keep hope high. It will be okay babygirl.
    4761 days ago
    Spam? How in the heck is asking someone to join a team spam? I honestly think maybe she just didn't get the jist of your email and took it the wrong way. If anything, hopefully she will read your blog and apologize to YOU. You were in no way wrong at all for posting to get someone to join your team. It happens every day on Sparkpeople and you were doing what is normal for this site. Maybe she was having a bad day or something and unfortunately, your post was the thing that set her off. You were totally the bigger person by apologizing and you are to be commended for doing so. Since you apologized, there is nothing more you need to do as far as this situation is concerned. Like SDRIVERA said, there is always going to be someone to try and knock you (remember your Fatso blog) but you have to take the knocks and keep it moving. I saw a saying on a billboard the other day that said "If you let other people dictate how you feel, you will always be miserable". So hang in there and keep doing what you are doing girl.

    Okay, off the soapbox now! :)
    4761 days ago
    Hey, i would not let it bother you. I don't feel like you did anything wrong. I feel like you should do whatever you have to to love yourself. You have to love yourself before you can do anything to change yourself. Don't let what one person said bother you, maybe she just did not understand. But let me tell you something i love my curves and so does my husband. He would not have me any other way, no matter how big i got. In my opinion curves make a women. (That what my husband always says) So don't worry about her, you do what you need to do to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. I hope this gave you some encouragement, there's always going to be someone who lets you down or hurts you. Sometimes its on purpose and other times its by accident. Just brush it off and keep doing what your doing.
    4762 days ago
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