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ARGH. Stupid car

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well. My week is going okay. I guess. I havent stumbled, but didnt eexercise wed. Feels like an ear infection and I made an appt to see the dr today. So I leave work and jump in my car (in the rain no less) only to have it die. Crank.. idle.. die, crank.. idle.. die. (repeat ad nausium) So I drove with two feet, all the way home and straight to the car repair folks. Luckily they werent busy and fixed the "idler arm" --- a $188. idler arm. Notorious for Fords. Greaaaaat! So I called to tell the dr office what happen. Thats fine. No sense them waiting on me, right? The next appt is for Monday. So I've waiting 3 days w/ a ear infection and now I get to wait 4 more days. Surely my head will explode before then.

Walking on a treadmill with an ear infection - is a sure fire way to step wrong and have it make that LOUD squealing noise - that makes everyone jump, look and stare. Greaaat. Not to mention the motion of walking (and jiggling) is enuff to make you really sick to your stomach. Greaaaaat.

Now let me tell you - coming home, instead of working out... and being bummed out AND not feeling good... is a sure fire cause for the "pacing of the kitchen" - yano when you go in and stare in the frig... stare in the freezer... stare in the pantry. And think.. what the heck am I wanting to eat. Yeah. Battle Ongoing! I will be victorious - dern it!

Mark the calendar. There was NO donuts at work today! (gasp)
There is however a meeting upcoming and the boss says "I'll buy breakfast tacos for everyone" - OH GREAT. Eggs sausage and potatoes wrapped in a tortilla. I could probably eat four of them (and promptly be in a diabetic sugar coma and wanna fall asleep all day. So I asked, "how bought some fruit instead"

I'll bring my own then. Fine. Im not going to get side tracked. NOT NOT NOT. I'm not WILLING to give up my success for a morning potato coma!

If I have learned one thing - that is to plan my meals and snacks.
Lately its been oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast. Later a banana.
Later either lunch, or my snack fruit. Then Healthy choice or leftover dinner for my lunch. My numbers are great. Watch me do this.

... and then watch ---- as I wear my new gray pants (button zipper kind)... and went I went to the bathroom. I pulled them down like they were elastic. I went to get up and realized what I did.
And pulled them right back up. I didnt even un-button them!!!

I tried on some shirts this morning to go with the pants.

WOW.. now that doesnt happen much... but look. They are like all hangy on me.

For those reasons right now... Im not surcoming to work pressure. Im not willing to give up the rush of not having to unbutton my pants to pull them down... for one lousy taco. And for those of you that know my secret war-fare against the office donuts...
I dont want no roach and mouse slobber on my food. ewwww.

Okay.. so. I've rambled enuff for the moment. So there ya go. There's my week of mindless thoughts and rambling ...

Love you all!
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    funny you should make the comments about the mice. we have some in school, we have found some little droppings, and we caught one in one of those little sticky traps. The kids and I heard the little things screaming, struggling for it's life. That so made me loose my appitite for anything that is not kept in the fridge! WE cook in the classroom every day. I work with Special needs at a jr high. This morning they made bisuits and gravy. ( o.k, I'm a southern girl too, how could they?) I had Kashi cereal, and one bite of the bad stuff. I celebrate with you that you don't have to unfasten your pants! that is awesome, I love having my clothes hang on me, don't you?
    stick with it, and you will soon meet your goal.
    and CARS....can't live without em, can't afford em, what are we to do?
    tina1 aka skinnynanny
    3740 days ago
    Wonderful wonderful post my little wild thing from texas...:)
    3740 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    Ouch!! So sorry to hear about the ear infection AND the car going on you. Make sure you don't wait till the appt if it gets too bad. Any fever with it? Start insisting on an appt tomorrow if it gets worse! Well, your weekly ramblings are full of conviction and planning and keeping yourself on track. Hang in there! And bring your own delicious fruit salad to the breakfast meeting. I'm finding that with all this new healthy eating we're doing, if I eat something that is more processed, even if it's within my plan, I feel yucky later.
    Motivates to keep up the good work!!
    3740 days ago
    YAY! I love your pants story. I bet that you are sooo excited. I know I would be. Great job. You are doing sooo good. You sound like a DARE commercial...say no to peer pressure!!! Right on. Congrats and hope you feel better. They always tell me to give my kids ibuprofen for ear infections...maybe some kind of pain killers till your appointment? Great job staying on track...I'm so proud! You go girl!!!
    3741 days ago
    I think you are FABULOUS. Just so you are blatantly aware. And .... I have *never* heard of a breakfast taco... and here at the state fair in North Carolina they deep fat fry such objects as Snickers and Twinkies. Yes. And I'm totally sober. All the best, sweetheart.... Eleanor
    3741 days ago
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