Sore??? :D AWESOME!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

YEAH!!!! I'm actually a little sore today -- this RULES!! I haven't felt that awesome sore muscle feeling in a while -- and the fact that it feels new to me again is kinda sad, but it really helps emphasize to me that I need to keep up my plan of ST.

My shoulders, armpits, and triceps are sore. Biceps not so much. So at least I know maybe where I can add some emphasis in ST if I can next time. And tomorrow is NORMAL DAY! YAY!!!!

I took my little "snack break" just a few minutes ago so that's going well so far. I did start getting hungry at right about that time, so I think I've got the timing figured out. I eat in the morning before I leave for work at roughly 8-8:30AM. Then I'm at work at 9AM. Food at 12PM, LUNCH at 3PM, food at 7PM, then dinner when I get to make it, usually between 10:30-11PM depending on how long it takes me to really get home and what we're going to eat. So that puts me eating something at least every 3-4 hours. I think this will really help me not to feel so drained, and be a better distribution for my calories. (I HOPE!) hahhaha.

Today I'm having a Dannon Light 'N' Fit and Baby Carrots w/ some Laughing Cow Light cheese at each little snack break.

ALSO... I'm wearing a dress today. ;) OOH LA LA! I took some pictures of it when I wore it on Sunday which I might get around to posting someday......
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