I'm kind of sad.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well, so far today I have done ok on what I have eaten. It has all been healthy, however I am really wanting some chips or chocolate from my kids' Valentine's candy that they got at school. I'm not hungry so I know I shouldn't eat it. I am also starting my period so I am sure that some of these things are from that. I always have cravings of some kind when it's that time of the month. I have changed my background to fruit & veggies to help me to see that & hope that it will motivate me to eat more of those throughout the day. I haven't been getting all of my servings per day in. I also changed my pictured of my kids to me closer to my weight now & me when I was in high school. I am hoping that those will also be better motivators for me than just looking at my kids. I can see them everyday & I don't see me in pictures everyday. I do see myself in the mirror but for some reason it isn't the same as me in pictures. I don't seem to look at fat in the mirror as in pictures. It's the strangest thing. I guess it is just my perception of myself the same as it would be if you have an eating disorder seeing a fat person in the mirror when you are really skinny & bony. So that's why I made the change. I haven't lost anymore weight over the last 2 weeks & I think that is because I am working out at the gym but haven't really increased my caloric intake & I am not getting my allotment of veggies & fruits for the day. It is really hard to do what I know needs to be done when everyone else in the house is eating whatever they want including the Valentine Candy & chips & dip & junk food all day. Oh well, that's life I suppose & something I am going to have to get use to because they aren't going to change.
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    ME TOO!!! i did indulge in some of my sons vaentines candy. i had eight hersheys kisses truffles. however i guess i am doing good otherwise because i have stopped giving in to those fried chicken and chilli cheese fries cravings. eating tons of veggies. i give you props for your control. you seem to be thinking it through and that is always a great thing. good job. aj
    3743 days ago
    It can be hard to stay on track when there is temptation around. Hang in there. Every time you make a healthy choice, you are making progress. Focus on the things that you do right.
    3746 days ago
  • LUULUU11
    You may check into the bite sized candy bars and only allow yourself one per week to satisfy the craving and reduce the feeling of having to do without. It is that you can't necessarily have any of it; it's just that you should have much less to reach your goal. If you allow yourself to be sad and feel punished you won't be as successful. You are doing a wonderful thing for yourself to get healthy again and that is what you need to focus on. I have just tried the new Orville Redenbacher's Mini Snack Cakes. They are like rice cakes but out of popcorn and are flavored: Cheese, Sour cream and onion, and Caramel. When I need something sweet I eat the Caramel and if I want chips with a sandwich I'll eat the Sour cream and onion. They are only 60 calories per serving. Keep your chin up!!! Try some new snacks and reward yourself once a week with something small and you will feel so much better!!! As far as the fruits and veggies I started having a glass of OJ every morning. 16 Ounces is like 3 servings of fruit. It isn't as hard as you think. Check into what makes a serving and you will be surprised!! Best wishes!!!

    3746 days ago
    Just stay away from that candy and chips! You're doing so great rigth now, so keep up the great work. And you're prolly right about not increasing your caloric intake. I had that trouble when I used to play soccer. I wouldn't eat anything beforehand then check my weight and I'd barely be down a half of a pound. So frustrating. Just remember tomorrow is another day and you can totally do even better on your tracker.
    3748 days ago
  • SANTEE57
    Hang in there! {{{{{Hugs}}}}
    3748 days ago
    hi there

    when i am craving something, i allow myself to have one half a popsicle. i love the banana ones and they are 30 calories for a half. and for me that is a little price to pay for the joy it brings.
    3749 days ago
  • LANA-00
    Hi Cindy, Sorry to hear you're feeling down. It is frustrating when everyone else just does what they want when you're trying to reach some goals. You know what worked for me? I started buying the Dreyer's Slow Churned Low Fat Ice Cream. DH actually really liked it and I had a treat available for when I had the cravings. The trick was actually taking the time to measure the 1/2 cup portion instead of eating out of the container like I used to do, (LOL!) It takes more work but I tell myself it this were easy, everyone would do it, right? Maybe you can go for a walk or something? That always helps me when I am feeling blue. Hope you're feeling better soon!
    3749 days ago
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