Chocolate = Dinner?

Friday, February 15, 2008

So... I definitely did not have any actual FOOD last night. Just chocolate. My dear sweet husband got me a little mini heartshaped cake from a local bakery. It was about .... maybe 4 inches long from hump of heart to pointy heart butt. And it said _____ (hearts) Dana on it. ;) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
! And 6 chocolate covered strawberries... and some rich dark chocolate truffles made by the Target Chocolate brand CHOXIE! :) (I love their style...)

So I definitely ate 3-4 of the strawberries (I gave at least 2 to DH, maybe 3)... and most of the little cake (gave DH a couple of bites).... and 3 of the truffles. 3 of those things are 230cal, 14g of fat, of course a bunch of sugar!!! WOW!

I had ONE this morning. And everything else is healthy food today! But at least a dinner of chocolate doesn't seem to make you bloat cause this morning was 187.2 again, and at work fully clothed I weighed in for Scale Back Alabama (minus shoes only) at 188.2! WOOHOO!!! I initially weighed in at 198.6 on 1/11, so I've lost 10.4 lbs in about a month!!!! THAT'S ACTUALYL really GREAT progress for me at this stage in the game.

It's SO EASY (as I was saying to somone else recently...) to get stuck on your small recent failures and lose sight of the big picture and the overarcing curve of success. YES, I could be doing better right now -- but I'm still trying MOST of the time to be good, and I'm not COMPLETELY not working out even though I missed one workout this week...

I wonder if I'm not getting complacent with where I am right now and losing the driven-ness I used to have now that I've surpassed my 100lb goal. I know I want more, but maybe I secretly want to just CHILL for a while?

I think it's a little bit of that and also the factor of the extra work hours I've been having recently. Yesterday and today are regular 8hr days, but I also have to come in tomorrow for 6.5hrs. So if we count MON-SAT, I'll have worked a total of 58.5hrs this week at LEAST. Probably a little more since I really was here at about quarter till 9 on Mon-Wed, and my lunches haven't been full hours every time... and I get stuck a bit late sometimes at night, only a few minutes here and there, but it can add up.

I printed out some information from ISSA (was reading on Gina Wood's blog lately about how she got a job at Curves as a Fitness Instructor and was feeling slightly jealous, she got certified through them) about Certified Fitness Trainer Courses and Nutrition Performance (Performance Nutrition? I don't remember, but you get the drift...) Certifications. It's expensive -- like between $500-$600 for most of the courses like that I looked up, through various different companies last night. But if you think about the costs of like... college tuition and whatnot, it's not really that bad. There's just part of me that's really curious about what it would be like to make health/fitness my living. I'm not sure I would have what it takes, but it kind of sounds awesome.

Then there's the part of me that is like -- Dana! You can't do EVERYTHING GOOD. Yes, it would be cool to do that, but what about your other dreams? What about going back to your trombone playing? What about getting that degree in Music Education? Just the other day you were talking with that co-worker who's a teacher and kind of fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to have your own High School Band program.

And then when will you have time for any of this while being a stay at home mom, which is REALLY REALLY what you want to do???

But I do want to complete some type of degree before going into full time mom mode. I feel like that's something I need to have to prepare me for the what-ifs in this world. Maybe go back to school full time doing the Music Ed degree and complete the CFT course in At Home Study?? BOTH?!??!? Or maybe not.


I have time. I can't really move on to anything like this until my DH is finished with his schooling. Right now I'm in a supporting role for him completing his education.

LONG POST. Anyone read it all??? ;)
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  • DEB0413
    A chocolate dinner - divine!!

    And I read the whole thing!

    Be good - and yes, you can relax a bit!
    4313 days ago
    Mmmmm a sweet chocolate dinner of love :) Glad that you enjoyed it!! Good luck with figuring everything out.
    4314 days ago
    Wait...what did you write?? I didn't get past the chocolate...LOL J/K my love!

    The chocolate dinner sounds divine!! What a great guy...and chocolate covered strawberries...is there any better food on this earth??

    I think it sounds like you're tired, as you have every right to be. Just sit back a little and maybe define your priorities, although if you're like me, it's ALL important dammit! lol But some stuff will be less important... ;)

    Sometimes ya gotta just take a step back and re-evaluate everything...and you may not change anything...but you have to have fluid goals because life is always changing!!

    Hang in there and keep us updated! Like that's a problem huh?? :P

    4314 days ago
    Nah - I didn't bother reading it all... I just read the first and last paragraphs. ;-) (Kidding, KIDDING!!!) :) ----- What a wonderful dinner of chocolate. You are a woman after my own heart! ----- I think it's wise of you to think through what you're thinking through. We can't do EVERYTHING, so it's good of you to do the thing you will love best, even if the oher things you let slide are 'good' - you want GREAT! :) -Lisa
    4315 days ago
    You are a band geek? Yay! ;) I was in the colorguard and did marching band in HS and College. You'd make a great band teacher! Those chocolates sound soooo yummy! And I think it's ok to chill for a while. You have done an amazing job. (I wish comments would do paragraphs for different thoughts!)
    4315 days ago
    I think you were focused on your goals for a long time. Now you've reached the century mark, and you're re-evaluating things -- your weight program, you career direction, your long term goals, and all that. It's normal, it's good, and you should slow down for a minute or two and make sure you want to stay on this road.

    You're doing it all right - -including enjoying fun foods once in a while!

    4315 days ago
    Excellent advice my friend! It's way too easy to focus on the things we're doing wrong rather than the things we're doing right. In most cases, the right things far outweigh the wrong things! Thanks for the reminder-I need those often!
    4315 days ago
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