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Where Kitty Is & Her Sleepless Night

Monday, February 11, 2008

Well..last night was interesting to say the least... i have been fighting a cold all week...i also have asthma, and they always go right into bronchitis... so i have to be extra careful...cause if i play around too long, it goes into this weekend, is when it really started to hit... so being the good girl that i am...oh stop laughing...i am i decided last night i would go to bed early... get some well needed rest.... get a whole 8 hours worth of there anything wrong with that?? one would think not... so...i had a nice hot bubble bath..... warm jammies on.... lotioned my feet and put warm socks on... and in bed about 8...fell asleep around 8:30.... at 9:30 my daughter wakes me up doing a happy dance... they called off school for the next day...whooping wohoo!!!! i still have to get up at 4:15 and go to work...shut up child... she giggles and goes to call all her friends and family.... back to sleep i go.... to get woke up by some guy looking for this wouldn't of been too bad..except when i said there was no such person, he called me Cindy...uh...i'm not Cindy..and this should of been enough.... but noooo...he wanted to argue with me that i was Cindy... and how would my number come be on his phone...i don't know buddy, but i'm not Cindy and i don't know you...he then wants to argue more i am Cindy... i hang up... it takes me a little while longer this time to get back to sleep... have a coughing fit...and go down once be woke up at 11:30 to the school broadcast system to let me know that there is no school 3 different people could time it exactly an hour apart, is beyond me.... but now i am sick...i am tired...and i'm going through an identity crisis....

my life as a soap to the part of where i am... sick... so i won't be around much the next couple days :( i go to the doctors at 11am on wednesday... and hopefully will be feeling better soon :)
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    I hate bronchitis. Supposedly chronic bronchitits has caused me to have asthma. You feel awful with no energy and if you can sleep through all the dare anyone wake you!!!! You are in my prayers for good health!! I hired a personal trainer for you, maybe he can guard the bedroom door!
    3753 days ago
    This blog entry reminds me of the one I wrote a few weeks ago. I was sick and trying to get some rest, and my family kept calling and coming in and out of my house. Why was the school broadcast system coming on so late anyway? (Grrrr...) I hope your doctor's appointment will go well and that you will recover very soon. *hugs*
    3754 days ago
    No self pity lives here....what an amusing tale to tell of day to day goings on. Keep writing cos you've gotten a fan club going and I've joined.
    3754 days ago
    That was an interesting evening. I hate those kinds of calls. I've gotten them too, I've gotten a lot where people will call and just start talking. So, I let them finish what they have to say and then tell them they have the wrong number. LOL They are mostly calls on my cell phone. When I first moved into this house, my number was very similar to the hospital emergency room .. do I need to say more?

    You get better soon. I know what bronchitis can do to you. I don't know where you live but if it's in the north, be careful with all that cold and snow and wind. Bundle up very well.

    Blessings, YIM
    3754 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon Kitty!!
    3755 days ago
    Whew..that was one long nasty night lady! Sorry, feel better!
    3755 days ago
    Glad that you are going to see your Dr.
    Try to take care of your self, you have a very hectic life sometimes you have to rest.
    3755 days ago
    Well Kitty, you are a popular woman. Hope you'll soon be feeling better. Glad you'll be seeing the doctor on Wednesday. In the meantime, try and get rest. ....maybe not go to work? Is that possible? I won't be around much tomorrow as I'll be sleeping I'm sure after my heart cath at 9 am.
    Take care of yourself. Love Ya...Elayne
    3755 days ago
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