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Hiking at Bear Mountain with my babe Looking at the Hudson! 128 lbs More hiking pictures! Yay! hehe, we look goofy, but look at the view! First time at the new Yankee stadium, and first time the Yanks won at home this season! May 2009. Abs look a bit better, and biceps and triceps are still a work in progress. 128.5 (5 comments) Hahaha tried to photograph the back of my arm and got this picture. I'll leave it cuz it's funny (2 comments) Out for another hike! Trying to look cool :) (2 comments) George Washington Bridge. Chillin. (1 comments) I met Tara!! (5 comments) About to cross the finish line. Second place female! (5 comments) this is about as dolled up as I get. Jan 2010 (4 comments) Me and my love. Summer 2009 (2 comments) Delilah and my baby boy Hendrix (RIP) (1 comments) Me and my Mama (DJWEAV)! My sweaty bod after a workout -- Jan 2010 -- 131 lbs (1 comments) bent over shot--that's the flab that needs to go! -- Jan 2010 -- 131 lbs Me at the Great Wall in March 2008 -- short hair! (1 comments) new haircut -- Feb 2010. 129 lbs. Can someone get that girl a tan? Hehe a gun shot is in order, hehe. Feb 2010 -- 129 lbs (1 comments) ready for my first bike ride of the spring! respect my authoritay! (1 comments) Hue, Vietnam. Love to travel! my spoon is too big! 5 weeks into my half marathon training. Aug 2010. Bathroom is an eyesore! kissy kissy (1 comments) Halloween 2010 (2 comments) Dragonfly Pose (Parsva Bhuja Dandasana) (7 comments) Dragonfly...other side! (1 comments) Me on New Years Eve 2006 -- approx 140 lbs Me and my nephew Luke (1 comments) Me at 136 pounds...ignore my face, i look like a doofus :) side view...136 lbs haha, ignore my messy room, check out my abs...getting better! 126 lbs frontal view....definitely still needs toning...126 lbs -- May 2007 wow, two pounds really make a difference! 124! -- May 2007 (2 comments) me in vegas last month cinco de mayo me with my wonderful brothers at the wedding -- summer '07 (1 comments) 120.5 lbs -- June 2007. Trying to get back there (2 comments) side view -- 120.5 lbs June 2007 first 10k -- 1st place for women ages 20-25!! (5 comments) Me in fall 2008 (2 comments) Me and my boyfriend Pat. Best guy in the world :) (3 comments)

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