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My inspirational collage....Had it laminated and now hangs on my wall by my bed :) WOOHOO (25 comments) Be DONE with bad habits!! Put on your big girl panties and DEAL with it!! :) (7 comments) This will be my "goal gift" to myself -a Phoenix tattoo... I WILL rise from the ashes! Victorious! (31 comments) July 1, 2010... Officially a DONE GIRL for 5 days!! (6 comments) My Egyptian tattoo - middle of my back (8 comments) Girly tattoo - swirlies, butterfly, ladybug, bee, flowers, and stars... on my arm :) (1 comments) 4 Generations of my family...son, me, my mom, and my gramma :) (6 comments) My son and I ready for sledding!! (14 comments) See? I'm an angel.... kinda... sorta... :) (4 comments) March 2011 DONE Girl!! :) (8 comments) Cool points increased today when I met Coach Nicole!! 3.26.11 YAY! She's awesome! :) (5 comments) (7 comments) May 2011 Done Girl piccie :) Mothers Day :) (7 comments) June 2011 :) DONE Girl on vacation!! :) (5 comments) June 11th, felt like I needed a new piccie... hehe YAY 2 b DONE! :p (3 comments) Rockin' my ONE YEAR of DONE-ness! Wooooot! (9 comments) July DONE Pic for 2011! WOOOOOOOT! Done with 68 pounds! (6 comments) July 12th, 2011. Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom tattoo. See blog for details and more pics! :) YAY! (5 comments) Me... July 27th, 2011... this is my "chillin" face... hehe (3 comments) Still shiny after Zumba! Snugglin' my buddy Leo :) 7/28/11 August 2011 :) Me! XO (11 comments) Sept. 25, 2011 (5 comments) Happy Halloween 2011 DONE Girl! (6 comments) My new tattoo!! It's a calligraphy lotus with the kanji for "warrior" :) I LOVE it! 11.11.11 (3 comments) On 11.11.11 I got 2 new tattoos.. :) LOL This is the gull just below my collarbone. LOVE it!! (6 comments) Done Piccie December 2011 (5 comments) Happy 2012 :) (4 comments) Jan 2012 DONE (2 comments) I got my hair cut today (2.17.12)! 17 inches donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I feel sassy!! :) (4 comments) Get it DONE.. The time is NOW, not LATER!!! (6 comments) June 1, 2012.. Rockin' my DONE-ness! (2 comments) Never Give Up!!! XO (7 comments) Done Girl Icon July 2012 :) 80 pounds DONE! Woot! (11 comments) August DG Piccie :) 2012 Thanks MYLIFE4LIFE (Dana) for the awesome "headgear" :)) hehe XO (8 comments) What a difference a little effort makes.. :) (54 comments) DONE with 100 Pounds! Blog here to see more: http://tinyurl.com/100DONE (7 comments) One of my friends crowned me for losing 100 pounds! Princess Nixie! hehe YAY! 11/12 DONE! (11 comments) New tattoo. New attitude :) (7 comments) I've come a long way... and feel pretty these days :) (2 comments) Sweat is SEXY! New sassy haircut and color to match my inside fire ;) RAWR! Before and after (4 comments) How you see yourself is important... but see the TRUE you... the beautifully flawed version. (22 comments) How many stomachs do I need? Yes, get your butt off the couch!! NOW! 349lbs (9 comments) A little smile happens when I know you cant see the rest of me... :) (4 comments)

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