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living the life at the lake (3 comments) 12 weeks and 15 months air dog, my new favorite (1 comments) one tired pup (1 comments) my 2012 Member of the Polar Bear Club (1 comments) Indy in his neoprene vest (2 comments) GO Hoosiers! Indy chilling in the front yard he will be 2 on April 21, 2012 (1 comments) Indy Chilling NYE at the lake (4 comments) my first pool that is not the lake (2 comments) lazy poolside dog (2 comments) dock jumper! (1 comments) Indy in the March/April 2011 Gun Dog Magazine From when I was in El Salvador Feb 2011 Look daddy I am making mulch (3 comments) Indy at 6 months, he is getting darker and a more intense look (4 comments) Indy's new Lazy Boy at the lake. No Daddy did not get a new one, Indy just took mine. (4 comments) My longtime Amigo Charlie and I in El Salvador (1 comments) Our last day, the home will be done in two weeks, which is two week ahead of schedule (2 comments) (1 comments) The best dog in the world Justice! I miss him so much everyday. (5 comments) One of these is our new pup Independence (Indy) (1 comments) One of these is our new pup Independence (Indy) (3 comments) Indy at five weeks (6 comments) Justice, one of my favorite pictures of him. I miss my buddy (1 comments) Justice swimming , He was an awesome swimmer. Indy Day one on the way home (2 comments) Yep he is a retriever (2 comments) (1 comments) Not Sparking tonight (2 comments) look at that face and those eyes (3 comments) mommy is happy (3 comments) (2 comments) Now he is telling me how to drive (3 comments) One tired puppy sleeping on my leg in the truck (6 comments) first swim, he did good for his first time (2 comments) Sitting on the puppy dock daddy built for him (3 comments) Second swim carrying his tail high like a pro (3 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) my boy Indy first time in the creek (2 comments) Indy's first boat ride (4 comments) my view from the captains seeat during his first boat ride (4 comments) Indy at the city pool for Dog Days (2 comments) Indy looking down the water slide (1 comments) What goes in must come out and without fear (3 comments)

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