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Wes and Irma --good friends are the BEST! My mom and me with my two nieces in Florida My family at Belhaven College in Jackson, MS My parents at Keifer's Restaurant in Jackson, MS My datughter, Carol, with her dad and me after she was crowned HOMECOMING QUEEN! Sept. '07 My daugther Carol, Homecoming Queen 2007! me in my silly hat -- October 2007 Lord Botetourt Marching Cavaliers -- Class of 2008 - seniors Four really great band girls at Marshall University -- WE ARE MARSHALL! Russell and me in the Downtown Roanoke Marketplace, summer 2008 Carol and Caleb -- senior prom 2008! My kids In "the Soo" for Alisha's wedding David and me in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario for Alisha Johnston and Dan Krutzweizer's wedding Cousin Renee and me at GG's 90th birthday party! My grandmother with her 7 living children (my dad is the oldest on left) David and me -- 1985 or 1986? David and me in Las Vegas, Nevada -- 2006 My sister's visit to Roanoke -- we're on top of Mill Mountain -- beautiful view! Russell and me (cool us) at Lee's Ice Cream in Old Towne, Fredericksburg, VA My brother Brad, my sister Jenny and me in Atlanta, GA -- February 28, 2009 Westleyan (me) with little Sadie, my youngest niece -- Christmastime 2008 Carol and Wes being super silly -- Visalia, CA trip for grandma's funeral 12-2008 David and me after his mom's memorial service, near the rose garden. December 2008 David and me on our 22nd anniversary, June 7, 2008 Fall 2008 in Fredericksburg, VA, next to the Rappohanock River ME with my mom and dad on the beach near Savannah, Georgia....1965? Me (center) with my mom and dad on Easter Sunday

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