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The most critical phase for Hannah will finish this afternoon and then she will be moved to a single room in the stroke unit - tonight should be more comfortable for her. She can now bend her knee. (3 comments) Hannah's range of movement is improving well with PT - so glad she is young and fierce. (3 comments) The garden in late summer Hannah had a little set-back today, but she is determined to have a better day tomorrow! (3 comments) So thankful for my garden , the flowers and peace this morning. Hannah is back on track step by step. (3 comments) Hannah got home from the hospital today! (3 comments) Hannah is chilling out at home and the lads are fine too! (Mugs by Hannah, Butterflies by Sebastian) (4 comments) is off to the farm to look after Marle and Jonna while their parents help with the apple harvest! (3 comments) I had a lovely time with these little sweethearts! (3 comments) I love this smile! (4 comments) pure Marle! (5 comments) Pumpkin time! (2 comments) A special young lady is well on the mend! Lots of Tammo therapy helps, of course! (5 comments) Look at things from a different perspective for a change... Tomorrow I am off to the Emerald Isle (Ireland) for a few days! (3 comments) We were invited to tea at the house we grew up in near Dublin - happy memories! (3 comments) Killiney Beach (2 comments) Walking around Dublin. (1 comments) Saying goodbye to Ireland (1 comments) For Mum and for Perrin, a tiny little angel! (2 comments) Tammo, 4 weeks old (5 comments) I thought this sign was fun at the entrance to a lovely vegetarian restaurant in Dublin! (1 comments) Autumn is in the air here! (1 comments) Needed a spot of colour at the office today! (1 comments) Leaves in the pond near work. (2 comments) Happy autumn, everyone! Happy Halloween Off to visit Tammo tomorrow - yipee! (3 comments) So grateful! (4 comments) snow this morning! (1 comments) Iced rose! (3 comments) We went for a snowy walk pushing Jonna and Marle in their chariot as they both had a flu bug! (4 comments) Chilled apples (1 comments) A new visitor to the park.... Late afternoon walk down by the river. Hope everyone is having a good day! (4 comments) Jonna (2 comments) Marle (2 comments) Tammo Caught the last of the sunset. (2 comments) Red berry season (2 comments) One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen! Salzhemmendorf, near Hamelin, Germany. (1 comments) Pigeons landing on the roof of the Craftsmen's Guild in Bremen this morning. (1 comments) Happy frosty morning, everyone! (2 comments) Love a little wander.... (1 comments) Marle having a good cuddle with Tammo - Hannah keeping an eye on them! (3 comments) Frosty spider's web this morning. (2 comments) Golden mares on a horse trough in Bremen Going for a toddle with Jonna! (3 comments) Love these figures on a well in Bremen. (2 comments) Oh, no - Marle has pneumonia and Jonna has a strep throat! Poor little darlings... (6 comments) Marle is a bit better today! (1 comments) And Jonna has discovered candles! (2 comments) is counting my blessings today! (3 comments) Tammo! (3 comments) Marle and Jonna are back on their feet and raring to go! (3 comments) Happy New Year to all my dear Spark friends - make 2017 the best year possible! (2 comments) We went for a walk in town yesterday - Bremen, Böttcher Strasse. (2 comments) It is a bright and frosty morning in my corner of the world! Tammo came for tea! (4 comments) Bright blue sky and lovely fresh air yesterday! (2 comments) (2 comments) It's a wet-snow day in Bremen! (4 comments) The girls this morning before breakfast! Bless their little hearts... (3 comments) Bird prints in the dusting of snow this morning.... (1 comments) Still kind of fluey, but determined to have a good weekend! (4 comments) Grateful for every single winter sun-beam! We went for a walk in the misty half-light - beautifully silent! (1 comments) (2 comments) Swinging in the sunshine! (2 comments) We walked around the half-frozen lake near the university - thankful for fresh air! (2 comments) An apple a day... (2 comments) Happy people! (3 comments) So chilly today - hot tea, please! (1 comments) It is a lovely sunny day! (3 comments) Blue skies and the Bremen town hall this afternoon.... (2 comments) Dancers on stilts at the Bremer Carneval yesterday - we had great fun watching! (2 comments) Flowers and friends - a perfect combination... (2 comments) Enjoy the good days! (4 comments) I got to look after Jonna this morning - lucky me! (4 comments) Hellebores from Mum's plants we brought here from her garden - happy! (4 comments) Hope you all have a great week ahead! (1 comments) Sunshine and crocus (2 comments) is clearing out the shed and sorting the pots and planters for the imminent Springtime! (2 comments) Spring! Pansies galore this year... (2 comments) (3 comments) is excited because Hannah and Tammo are coming tomorrow for a few days! (3 comments) Tammo this morning.... (3 comments) Blessed with this little lad! (3 comments) Jonna and Marle are coming today to join in the cousin fun! (2 comments) Oh, that was such a great visit! (4 comments) Happy Easter, all you brave Sparkies! (1 comments) Sunny garden this morning! (3 comments) 4 years at the Maintainance Game today! (7 comments) Happy Weekend, everyone! (1 comments) Salads to go with our wild salmon last night - mmmh! (3 comments) is looking forward to going to Lüneburg next week! Saw this lovely rock garden yesterday! (2 comments) Happy New Month - let's go for it! (2 comments) Jonna and I had a ball! (3 comments) Hawthorn blossom on our walk this afternoon. (1 comments) Today would have been Mum's 88th birthday! (4 comments) (4 comments) Lovely walk down by the riverside! (2 comments) Watched the boats being scrubbed on the Weser... Look who came to visit! Tammo in fine fettle... (2 comments) Tammo wondering whether he should eat the log tongs! (2 comments) Tammo using the elliptical to haul himself upright! (3 comments) Love this colour! (4 comments) The first roses are out - Louise Odier! (3 comments) Garden "Bling"! (3 comments) Sweet and simple (3 comments) Poor ol' Marle has chickenpox! (5 comments) The Alchymist (1 comments) A perfect peony! (2 comments) We had a lovely walk in the the fields near Worpswede, where we will be moving to next Spring! (4 comments) Propping up the very tall peonies! (4 comments) Our Bremen grapes are coming on! Clematis entwined with the rose on the back of our house. (1 comments) Been busy with this little rascal! (3 comments) Hope everyone is having a great summer! (2 comments) Greetings from Tuscany - it is beautiful! (1 comments) Dolce vita! (2 comments) Siena this morning - just wonderful! (2 comments) Montereggioni (1 comments) Olives everywhere! (1 comments) The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florenz yesterday The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence yesterday! (2 comments) At the Etruscan museum in Volterra this morning... At the Etruscan museum in Volterra this morning... Thinking of a special little cherub today.... Bye bye, Siena... (1 comments) Beautiful Bergamo... Back home from Bella Italia! Enjoying the last of the clematis! (2 comments) Tammo is going blonde! (2 comments) Picking vine leaves to make some sarma.... (3 comments) Some sarma... (2 comments) Marle and Jonna on holiday in Denmark! (1 comments) HAZEL! (1 comments) We had such a lovely walk near the river today! Off to our choir's garden party - feta, cucumber and watermelon sticks... (2 comments) Playtime early this morning! (1 comments) Kir Royale (3 comments) Down by the riverside... (1 comments) Having fun with Jonna... (2 comments) Marle looking so grown up! (3 comments) I am off to Dublin and Edinburgh for a few days! (4 comments) Love Dublin redbrick... Edinburgh! (1 comments) Flying back to Bremen today! Edinburgh was lovely... (1 comments) Hannah got honours in her finals! Strong girl.... (3 comments) Jonna had a great 2nd birthday! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Tammo, 11 months (3 comments) Fern on wall - a determined little plant.... (1 comments) Physalis husk (1 comments) Drove past the house we will be moving to in Spring - yeah! (2 comments) let's go fly a kite..... (4 comments) Jonna busy in the outdoor sink! (2 comments) Perrin, a little angel.... (1 comments) The grapes are nearly ripe... (1 comments) Jonna and Marle busy making things... (3 comments) is making my own sunshine today! (2 comments) My geraniums are still going strong... (2 comments) (3 comments) Tammo having fun in the barn! (2 comments) (1 comments) I can smell autumn in the air today..... (3 comments) Saw this hornet's nest yesterday... (2 comments) Down on the farm... a perfect Sunday! (3 comments) Have a happy day! (2 comments) Autumn! (1 comments) Peek a boo! (2 comments) is going into hospital tomorrow to get my toe fixed up..... See you all in a couple of days.... (3 comments) All went well - relieved! (5 comments) Off back home in the morning - looking forward to my bed and dim lights! Onwards and upwards.... (2 comments) Happy to be home - fluid retention not pretty, but it will subside.... (6 comments) Thank you for all the lovely goodies - I am getting around well on crutches and the pain is bearable - yes! (5 comments) Autumn jewels! (4 comments) Marle made me a little paper kite! (4 comments) With love from my girls! My foot is coming along nicely... (4 comments) The first grapes of the season from our garden! (3 comments) Compassion rose still blooming! (2 comments) after months of tests and referrals to a rheumatologist, I was given the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic collagenosis today - yikes... (5 comments) Enjoying this autumn weather... (1 comments) It's a meh kind of day.... (2 comments) Thinking of Mum especially today! (3 comments) Great to have visitors Tammo and Hannah! (4 comments) Tammo! (4 comments) Yippee - I am off the crutches! (4 comments) Sparkling! (1 comments) I went for a sort slow walk to the Windmill Cafe! (3 comments) found this little piece of an old brooch when I pulled up some weeds in the garden! (5 comments) My lovely Laura - amazed at genetics - her thick hair comes from Mum, but her natural Scandinavian blonde must be a DNA secret! (3 comments) I found this peacock butterfly in a spinder's web in our shed and managed to untangle her - she was so patient.... (2 comments) Tammo (3 comments) Marle is nearly 6! (3 comments) Jonna! (1 comments) I started to bring in the geraniums etc for the winter! (1 comments) I have to stay under 2,000 steps a day for the next 12 weeks - I had better learn how to fly... (5 comments) (5 comments) Practising snail's pace til I can go swimming on Fri/Sat.! (2 comments) wishing all my American Spark Friends a Happy Thanksgiviing! It is a wild and windy feet-up-on-the-sofa type of night! (2 comments) Jonna getting ready for Marle's circus birthday party tomorrow! (2 comments) Marle thought the cardboard flame was fun too! (1 comments) Sweet dreams, everyone! (1 comments) Jonna dissapearing into the lion's mouth! (1 comments) Love this little group! (1 comments) Nature's best! See? (2 comments) Marle and I had a lovely afternoon at the circus! (2 comments) Jonna and Marle cuddling with their Keko! (4 comments) lots of snow here today! (1 comments) the big melt - awww! (1 comments) a blackbird having a chilly feast! vibrant festive red! (1 comments) Tammo came for tea! (4 comments) The first pots Hannah has made in her own new pottery studio! (4 comments) Happy Festive Season, everyone! (1 comments) Happy Christmas, dear Sparkies! (1 comments) two cuties! (3 comments) is having a day at the spa! (5 comments) We picked up the keys to our new house and spent the afternoon looking it over - no nasty surprises! Yeah! (4 comments) The kitchen is looking good! (3 comments) Happy New Year, dear Sparkies! (3 comments) Just finished prepping the sitting room before the painter arrives - yeah! (3 comments) Scraping off ancient carpet glue on our hands and knees - nearly finished! (5 comments) A peak at the front terrace... (3 comments) bye, bye, Bremen! (2 comments) The back terrace waiting for warmer days! (2 comments) Good morning, Worpswede! I love this light... (3 comments) Goodbye, little house! (6 comments) Our new area! (4 comments) Frost and snow this morning! (2 comments) Having a lovely day off with Tammo! (4 comments) Happy weekend, everyone! (5 comments) enjoyed the sun coming up this morning! (3 comments) is glad that we will only have to wait another fortnight for a land-line and internet connection! YES! (3 comments) 6 days to go til be get our telephone and internet connected! Hope you are all well! (3 comments) On Teufelsmoor, Worpswede this morning! (1 comments) Back on grid at long last! Happy Sunday, Sparkies! (2 comments) 2 cuties! (4 comments) Cuddles! (4 comments) Freezing winds, but wonderful sunshine! Happy Weekend, Sparkies! Out on the moor (1 comments) Lower Saxon farmhouse in Worpswede (3 comments) Just tucking into this side salad! (4 comments) Happy Easter, everyone! Tammo sorting the coloured hard-boiled eggs! (2 comments) Sunny day here! (2 comments) I had a lovely day with Tammo yesterday! (3 comments) A new batch of Hannah's pots... (2 comments) the willows are in full bloom - Spring is here for sure! (2 comments) is celebrating my 5th year of maintenance! (3 comments) Love all the blossom! (1 comments) 2 Stripies came to visit! (3 comments) Tammo, 6 days old. (2 comments) Little Tammo is beautiful. My dear daughter Hannah is seriously ill with a blood clot in her brain in the HDU in Rostock university hospital. We are devestated and very worried. Sebastian is strong. (6 comments) Hannah is able to move her left foot and open and close her left hand. Tammo has a cot in her room now. Thank you all, dear friends for your prayers and best wishes. (1 comments) Some dear friends sent me a strelitzia to celebrate Tammo's arrival! (1 comments) What a lovely time we had - feeling blessed! (2 comments) What a lovely time we had - feeling blessed! What a lovely time we had - feeling blessed! The calm before the storm - Lena and the girls are coming to stay tomorrow, so a fun weekend is on the cards! (4 comments) A hollyhock bloom floating on water... (1 comments) Visited an old windmill yesterday - so interesting! (1 comments) the midwife expects Hannah's baby to arrive within the next 10 days - I am on tenter-hooks as of now! (2 comments) I found Mum's silver thimble hidden in the lining of her old sewing bag.... (5 comments) is enjoying some early evening sunshine (2 comments) Enjoy something beautiful today... a large dragonfly rested just long enough for me to get one shot! (3 comments) a lovely pink hydrangea (3 comments) Marle on the swing.... (2 comments) It is fun to be one! (4 comments) is going to Jonna's first birthday tea-party tomorrow! (5 comments) Practicing wearing pink... (3 comments) pretty flowers are a great mood-booster! (3 comments) is enjoying the garden today! (1 comments) Saw the first ripe sloes of the season this morning (1 comments) Had a lovely visit at Hannah and Sebastian's place! (1 comments) All is well! (1 comments) off to check out the bump tomorrow - 4 weeks to go! (2 comments) pumpkin flowers (1 comments) Daisies always remind me of Mum.... (2 comments) Cute little sisters... (4 comments) Having a happy-Nana weekend with my favourite little people! (3 comments) Having a happy-Nana weekend with my favourite little people! Having a happy-Nana weekend with my favourite little people! the fuchia heel I brought back from Ireland last year is blooming away now! (1 comments) a jay feather on a rock.... Sunshine! This little lady was waiting om my window sill - balancing on one leg! Thanks, Sebastian... (1 comments) Home, sweet home... (4 comments) Flying home tomorrow at the crack of dawn Our breakfast picnic view this morning in Bubion, Andalusia (2 comments) Large insect on the honeysuckle this morning. (3 comments) Large insect on the honeysuckle this morning. So much to see... So much to see... So much to see... The Alhambra, Granada was perfect yesterday. (1 comments) Lovely hike today.. (2 comments) Lovely hike today.. Walked off some stress this morning... Walked off some stress this morning... Walked off some stress this morning... (2 comments) Having a happy holiday... (1 comments) Having a happy holiday... Having a happy holiday... Wrnt for a great little hike this morning. (1 comments) Wrnt for a great little hike this morning. (1 comments) What a great place for a swim... (2 comments) What a great place for a swim... Walking near Pietes, Andalusia this morning (1 comments) Walking beside some olive groves in Orgiva Walking beside some olive groves in Orgiva Lucky us on holidays in Andalusia... (2 comments) Remembering my dad's birthday - he would have been 83. (5 comments) We had such a great time on the Isle of Man! (3 comments) Green bracken in the woods Looking for things that catch the corner of your eye 10 weeks to go! (2 comments) Happy days visiting Hannah, Sebastian and the baby bump! (1 comments) dark purple clematis in our garden in Bremen (2 comments) I love timber and red brick buildings (1 comments) Been busy knitting for Hannah and Sebastian's baby - due in September! (3 comments) Home sweet home... Homemade rose water on the terrace .. (2 comments) Homemade rose water on the terrace .. Homemade rose water on the terrace .. It's a watermelon kind of day! (2 comments) Saw the sunrise this morning (2 comments) Oleander bush (2 comments) Thistles among rocks (1 comments) Early morning light... (1 comments) Pomegranates in the making.... (2 comments) Hammock hang-out.... (3 comments) The bees adore our thistles Bee head over heels in our thistles (2 comments) In our garden in Kurdistan (3 comments) Pomegranate blossom (2 comments) Arrived safely! (1 comments) is packing my stuff to fly to Kurdistan on Saturday! (1 comments) is enjoying the garden in Bremen (4 comments) Raindrops on rose (2 comments) Went to a fantastic Gregory Porter concert in Hamburg last night - what a voice! (1 comments) is busy..... Trying out my new barefoot shoes by Wildling - love them! (1 comments) (3 comments) the Happy Bird my granddaughter Marle made for me! (2 comments) Rape seed fields in Lower Saxony this morning... (3 comments) (1 comments) Looking down the river Weser this morning in Bremen. Life is good.... It would have been Mum's 87th birthday yesterday - so glad we have so many happy memories! (2 comments) Hannah in her element... (2 comments) I am off to help Hannah with her pottery stand at an arts and crafts fair for 4 days, so see you all again on Sunday evening! Bleeding heart - one of my favourite Spring plants! (3 comments) The first little rose bud - getting excited! (1 comments) Crab apple blossom on my walk this morning - my head is clearing too... (3 comments) is having a chicken soup and tissues day - boring little head cold.... (3 comments) just found this old pic of myself on Iona in 1978.... (4 comments) Jonna, my early morning visitor.... (6 comments) is happy! My daughter Laura is 30 years old today! (4 comments) very busy day at work but seeing all the girls tomorrow - yeah! (4 comments) Jonna trying out Mum's memorial bench on Iona (6 comments) love them.... (1 comments) Wednesday at Marle and Jonna's house was great, but only Jonna stayed still long enough for me to snap a pic! (2 comments) six hours of non-stop gardening at friends - we had a blast! (2 comments) is off to visit Marle and Jonna and Lena tomorrow! (2 comments) Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! (1 comments) isn't he lovely? Mum's memorial bench on Iona (7 comments) we spread our mother's ashes from the highest point on Iona. (6 comments) Taking Mum's ashes to her final resting place on Iona on Friday.... (5 comments) Some more of Hannah´s Daisy Pots .... (3 comments) Happy Easter, everyone ! (4 comments) Dismayed and saddened by the attacks in Brussels. (2 comments) Dutch houses in Amsterdam on Saturday what a charming city..... (2 comments) is off to Amsterdam for a mini-break tomorrow! (3 comments) watched the sun going down this evening.... (3 comments) I got in more than 20,000 steps yesterday! (2 comments) I saw this fish on a wall today..... (1 comments) feeling good in March 2016! (4 comments) Just had to share this lovely bouquet with you all.... The latest Nana News - Hannah and Sebastian are expecting a baby in September - yipee! (2 comments) Little sweeties! (3 comments) Mum's memorial 'Wave' bench in progress... Hannah and Sebastian have been busy! (6 comments) is drinking plenty of water (1 comments) The first tiny iris in the garden! (2 comments) a broken apple blossom twig that I stuck in a jar a couple of weeks ago! (2 comments) is paddling to the surface again.... (2 comments) still mucking about with this cold, but have a few days off to vegetate or do whatever it takes..... We had a special weekend with Marle, Jonna and Lena, but I came down wkth a horrible cold. (5 comments) walked home from work for a change! (2 comments) Taking pleasure in the little things... (3 comments) My running track this morning... (1 comments) snowy spider's web! (2 comments) frost on the ivy this morning .... (3 comments) I am planning on pressing all the right switches tomorrow! Jonna and Marle having fun! (3 comments) it's blowing a gale over here! (3 comments) my granddaughters, Jonna and Marle! (3 comments) some of our roses (1 comments) Happy Weekend, everyone! Jan 16 (2 comments) is feeling a lot better this morning! Thanks for all thegood wishes! (1 comments) nursing a bad cold with chicken soup and a day in bed - what luxury! (4 comments) ran my first mile this year! (3 comments) Hannah passed her first set of ceramic exams with flying colours! I am a happy mama today! (6 comments) onwards and upwards, everybody! (1 comments) One of my favourite corners in Bremen! (2 comments) Bremen, Jan. 2016 (3 comments) One step at a time.... is as busy as a bee ...... Happy Weekend! (3 comments) little visitor.... (1 comments) Do one thing this weekend that brings you joy! (4 comments) you have got to love baby steps. I am trotting forwards again at last! (2 comments) winter jasmine in the garden this morning. Makes me feel cheerful.... (2 comments) Love, joy and peace to all my friends in 2016! (2 comments) A daisy bowl from Hannah´s new pottery series in memory of Mum. (6 comments) Happy Holidays, Everyone! (2 comments) look who came to visit! (3 comments) is off to Quedlinburg to meet my English SparkFriend Radooga tomorrow! Wow! (5 comments) happy weekend! (3 comments) Marle and Jonna - happy little sisters! (4 comments) one of the last roses of the year, I think! (2 comments) saw the first Christmas tree being put up in town today..... (1 comments) have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving, everyone! Sticking to a healthy snack today! (4 comments) is bumbling about with a cold - boring! (6 comments) I love when delicious smells come wafting out of the kitchen and I am not the cook! (5 comments) Tell someone they are special today! (2 comments) happy days in Iona Oct 15 (2 comments) Mum just 10 days before she died! A wonderful lady. (6 comments) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness you have given me in the last few days. Mums funeral is on Tuesday. (6 comments) Mum stable this afternoon thanks to modern meds and great hospital staff! (7 comments) Mum in her typical Charlie Chaplin pose - love her! (3 comments) I am feeling worried tonight - Mum had to be taken to hospital this afternoon with a nasty chest infection and is on antibiotics and oxygen. What a shame after such a great holiday.... (4 comments) I winged over to Kurdistan via Istanbul from Edinburgh and arrived here safely. (3 comments) bye, bye, Iona! (5 comments) Iona abbey (2 comments) The bonny Isle of Iona! (4 comments) our girls day! I am off on my last jaunt of the year with my mum and brother and sisters to Iona, Scotland tomorrow. (6 comments) Auntie Laura having a cuddle with Marle and Jonna! (3 comments) Family girls only meet-up tomorrow afternoon - Laura, Hannah, Lena, Marle, Jonna and I! (2 comments) such a lovely sky early this morning! (1 comments) bright spot in my office today ..... (1 comments) I am planning on having a colourful weekend - hope you are too! (2 comments) When in doubt, drink water! (1 comments) our Bremen grapes are coming along nicely! (2 comments) I beetled back to Bremen last night and all is well! (1 comments) garlic is good for you...... (2 comments) does anyone need some tomato puree? (1 comments) our four o´clock flowers (mirabilis jalapa) were bang on time this afternoon! (3 comments) corn on the cob with a dab of olive oil and salt! (2 comments) Datura metel Belle Blanche - angel`s trumpet (1 comments) I met this little chap warming himself on the steps this morning! (3 comments) the steps it takes to get at the pistachio kernels here! (1 comments) Morning Glory! (3 comments) our mid-morning snack fresh from the tree.... (3 comments) look at this natural eye candy! (3 comments) like this... (1 comments) rd (2 comments) We walked to the market this morning and stocked up on delicious fruit and veg! (4 comments) oops! I forgot to add the photo! (3 comments) is packing my bag again - off to Kurdistan in the morning! (4 comments) Marle laughing, Sept 2015! (3 comments) Marle at the playground this afternoon.... is feeling happy - Marle is looking forward to a little brother or sister in August! (4 comments) I had such a lovely time with Marle! (3 comments) We had a lovely Christmas dinner with Laura. Hannah arrives tonight and then Lena with Marle next weekend - love and joy, everyone! (1 comments) wishing all my SparkFriends a happy and healthy New Year! Let´s all be amazing in 2015! (2 comments) happy that I was able to walk more than 10.000 steps for the first time since my foot op! Yeah! (3 comments) 10,500 steps! RROOAARR! (2 comments) is off to a day at a hot spring fed pool! Lots of fruit and water packed and hubby happy to come along too.... (3 comments) pottered around in the garden for half an hour in the sunshine and then had a rye and chicken sarnie sitting on a cushion on the patio step - grateful for the little things! (3 comments) Had a lovely weekend swimming yesterday at a thermal bath and going for a beautiful walk on a dike in the marsh-lands today! Work-week here I come! (4 comments) ist loving Hannah´s first pots! (1 comments) Crocus in the garden! (3 comments) Spring is in the air! (2 comments) gloomy morning but the daffodils are brightening things up! (2 comments) is off to visit Hannah at the pottery tomorrow. Looking forward to great chats and walks along the shores of the Baltic Sea! (3 comments) I had a great weekend with the "kids" and loved Hannah´s first series of mugs and a teapot! (2 comments) Off to the airport in 15 minutes! Watered the plants and tidied up the kitchen - bye Bremen, hi Siverek! had a great day in Diyarbakir and saw some lovely architecture full of history! (1 comments) Fresh chickpeas for a fun snack! (1 comments) first quince blossom this year .... (3 comments) today is my second maintenance anniversary - thanks for all the lovely goodies and kind messages! (4 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/20/2015 today is my precious daughter Laura´s 29th birthday - how time flies! And yes, I am going to have a (small) slice of her amazing walnut and carrot cake! (2 comments) Hope the weather is nice tomorrow so that I can ride Bella my bike to work! (1 comments) Just for DEARMARY - I made some felt flowers and attached them to Bella ´s front basket! Now she looks really pretty..... (1 comments) Just for FITMARY, I meant!! I made some felt flowers and attached them to Bella ´s basket! Bella `s new seat of roses! Goodbye, Sombre - Hello, Happy! (3 comments) Bella ´s name-plate! (3 comments) oops - forgot to add the pic! (1 comments) this rose in our garden in Kurdistanis called Climbing Mrs. Herbert Stevens! in the garden... (1 comments) in the garden in Kurdistan, May 2015 (2 comments) the roses showing off.... (1 comments) sharon (persimmon) fruit blossom.... (1 comments) is ênjoying the sunshine! (1 comments) had a lovely morning walking around Urfa.... (1 comments) is back in Bremen and getting my gardening gloves on - everything is growing in all directions.... (3 comments) I love getting up on a Saturday morning and knowing that the whole day is waiting to unfold! Have a happy weekend, everyone! (1 comments) went to an art and crafts festival yesterday - Hannah sang at a surprise concert! It was cool! (2 comments) it is cold here, but Marle is determined to wear a summer dress! (3 comments) Marle very busy drawing this morning! (3 comments) Madame Alfred Carriére strutting her stuff..... (2 comments) is so pleased that the HDP passed the 10% threshhold to get into the Turkish parlament - democracy is possible! is clearing the decks so that I can fly to Kurdistan tomorrow.... (1 comments) we had a smooth journey yesterday - blackberries growing up out pomegranate tree in Kurdistan.... (2 comments) 40 degrees today - bring on the watermelon! (1 comments) Had a great break in Midyat! (1 comments) packing my bags again and just about ready to fly home - getting good at this! (2 comments) really busy at work this week, but determined to look on the bright side of life. (1 comments) is meeting a dear friend for late breakfast in the park! Happy Weekend, everyone! (1 comments) our team were all geared up for a big inspection this week, and now the appointment has been indefinately postponed - I really wanted to get it over with ... I am not amused! (2 comments) Making the best of some lovely sunny weather by going for a little walk in the evenings! (2 comments) is feeling ready for a day off soon! (2 comments) Marle in best form, the little darling! (2 comments) I loved finding one of these when I was a kid! (2 comments) I am so looking forward to a free weekend looking after Marle while her parents go to their last-minute birthing course. Due date for nr. 2 is the 12th of August, so it is countdown time! (3 comments) had a fab time with this little tiger, dozens of chickens, a lame goose, 3 cats and a bunch of ponies! (1 comments) has survived - now we are waiting for the report, due in Sept. Feeling drained but glad it is over.... (3 comments) Thanks everyone for all your kind comments - this afternoon I drove to Hamburg after work and spent a lovely late afternoon with Laura beside the river Elbe - lots of chat and good coffee! Bliss.... (1 comments) this is my motto for this weekend! (1 comments) enjoying the garden! (3 comments) Finished painting and cleaning the kitchen. Feeling good! (2 comments) Jonna, the little darling! (5 comments) is counting my blessings! Laura and I picked flowers at a gardener´s field.... (4 comments) Jonna and Marle napping at the hospital, wearing the twin-look tops I sent them! (6 comments) is feeling chirpy this morning - this last inspection went so well - ha, now I am off to clear a nice space for all those files down in the depths of the archives - bye, bye! (3 comments) Lena and Jonna got out of hospital at long last - I will visit them on my day off on Tuesday! Now, who is a happy Nana? (6 comments) had a happy day with the little ones yesterday! (4 comments) was feeling a bit chilly this afternoon, so looked through my summer 2014 pics - my garden! (3 comments) my favourite hat! Oct. 2014 (4 comments) August 2014 (1 comments) in Midyat Oct. 2014 (2 comments) I love the guy... (1 comments) bell peppers drying in 110 degrees heat in North Kurdistan (1 comments) figs from our garden in North Kurdistan (1 comments) my granddaughter Marle and I (1 comments) a wave breaker on the Baltic Marle and I, March 2014 (1 comments) my favourites! (1 comments) nearest and dearest! sitting in the garden in Kurdistan (April 2014) (2 comments) the first rose of 2014 (1 comments) Kurdistan roses (1 comments) Marle and I in May 14 (3 comments) playing in the park June14 (61 kg) (1 comments) Marle in the hammock, July 14 (1 comments) me at 58 kg Summer 2013 in Mesopotamia you are the new day! my garden in 2013 dried veggies in Diyarbakir, North Kurdistan (1 comments) me at 68 kilos (5 feet 2 inches) in June 2009 summer 2010: me at my heaviest (68 kilos at 5 foot 2 inches) - officially 10 kilos overweight! Sept 2012 - 66 kilos - officially 8 kilos overweight - 3 weeks into my Spark odessey! Aug. 2013 - nearly 50 weeks later wearing the same wrap and weighing 58kg (1 comments) Dec. 2012 - 4 months into my SparkPeople journey! Pittenweem in the evening sunshine (1 comments) looking leaner in Jan. 2013 24 th Feb. 2013 - looking much more healthy having unloaded 8 kilos of excess weight! 4 generations! (2 comments) Marle loves olives! (1 comments) our staple diet in Kurdistan - yum! (1 comments)

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