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Use it or lose it! (1 comments) 65# GONE forever! November 15, 2012 (3 comments) Let Loose:::....enjoy Life! (4 comments) Dance like no one is watching. . . (4 comments) bahahaha!! (2 comments) ...::::Love my hot orange running shoes!:::.... (9 comments) (11 comments) (2 comments) Soaring in 2015! (1 comments) (1 comments) I can do all things...:::through Christ! (1 comments) ...just a lil' pep in my step is all I need. (1 comments) (1 comments) ...:::a smile is the best thing you can wear today. (4 comments) ...::surfing positive WaVeS, Sparkers! (1 comments) ...:::thankful for Spark Friends today! (3 comments) ...:::one day at a time with HOPE in my heart. (3 comments) A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. — Phyllis Diller (2 comments) ...:::embracing where I am at in my journey today. 3 Cheers for Friday! (4 comments) ...:::so thankful for so many blessings today! ...::children's allergies are under control, my foot is better, and the weather is a cool65 degrees! God is Good! (2 comments) .....:::Lol! Yep, "desserts" have been deleted from my daily living & the rewards far outweigh the temporary satisfaction of beginning with that single cookie. I can do it! (2 comments) is making my fitness routine a priority every day.....:::Time To Own It! (2 comments) ....::giving it 100% - no matter what I look like! Bahaha! (1 comments) ....:::the most flattering curve on your body is a smile! (3 comments) ...::::embracing ALL possibilities! (2 comments) My children are my treasure... (2 comments) is on track with monthly fitness minutes and enjoying a beautiful weekend celebrating my daughter's 13th! (3 comments) ...planning on a Healthy Weekend! (2 comments) "There's something about engaging not settling that brings us ALIVE in Christ" - J. Seibert (1 comments) is baking all weekend, but will taste test mindfully - also time to increase gym time a bit...1 step at a time. (3 comments) is back on the wagon after a sweet neighbor brought by freshly baked pound cake to my door yesterday...but today is a new day! No dessert for this gal...Lol! (3 comments) ...:::no evening snacking for me - I'm on a roll! Also, increasing fitness minutes too this week - Happy as a clam! (2 comments) is resting...think I might be getting a cold. I did clock 1.5 miles this morning...::felt great! (2 comments) Hello weekend! ....still on track - Woo-hoo! I'm owning it! ...each choice, Intentional. Through Christ, I am unstoppable! (2 comments) is on a roll! ...::Staying in my cal range, no evening snacking, and increased fitness minutes! Daily Progress! (2 comments) has been consistent with all of my goals for 3 weeks now. Even though there is little to zero scale progress, I am hopeful! Lost an inch in my waist! Oh Yeah! (3 comments) ....Happy April Fool's Day! ...:::LOL! dodging pranks left & right today! (2 comments) He's surely Alive ....He's living on the inside roaring like a Lion!! (4 comments) "There's something about engaging not settling that brings us ALIVE in Christ" - J. Seibert ...I hear a drumroll - Mr. Scales finally moved! ....down a pound, and here on the 9th Day of the Challenge! (1 comments) ...::starting off this last week of school with fitness and healthy choices! Feeling strong....staying strong. (1 comments) is turning 40 this weekend!! But I was born young; so young I shall stay as I make intentional healthy choices each day! Here's to the FIT Forties!!! (2 comments) is keeping it REAL! every choice is made with intention...:::hoping to successfully up my daily FM! (1 comments) is sweating off those toxins in full Texas sun using a spade and shovel to create another garden - Whew! (2.5 hours) way to detox! Lol! (3 comments) is on day 24 of no sweets...if I'm honest, I MISS running even though I am glad I have a spin bike. Running is just So Amazing! ....given doc's clearance, I might try my running shoes on. =) (1 comments) taking a weekend vacation with family! still planning to stay on track! Here's to progress while on vacation! (2 comments) is running with my eldest daughter tonight.....1st run in ever so long - I am hopeful! (2 comments) ....heavy rain has kept me from running on schedule, but I see a silver lining ahead....hopefully will get to run! (1 comments) ....:::SO enjoyed a 2.5 mile run with my new running group! ....even thru great care and taking it slow - my foot is still sensitive...nursing it today with hope for tomorrow! (1 comments) enjoyed training with my run group...covered 2.65 miles all by the river with elevated trails too! Really nice...will repeat on Friday! (3 comments) is back from an evening walk/run...reserved 1/2 mile for each of my children...that way I spent quality time with each one. =) (3 comments) enjoyed an extra early spooky woodland trail run with my running group! the autumn mist. (4 comments) is maintaining goals thru the Game Face is On! (2 comments) BELIEVE ...another fitness morning! ....making progress! (2 comments) a SHOUT OUT what with all of this PROGRESS!'s another fitness day for me. Booyah! (1 comments) is beginning Monday with 3 - 4 sections of effective fitness...:::also, tracking all nutrition no matter what. My calorie count has decreased since being faithful all last week! Booyah! (4 comments) ...God is good....all the time! (3 comments) is doing the Happy Dance! ....down 3 pounds! ....staying on track! (5 comments) is DOWN another pound....and, I found a power walking buddy(15 min/mile pace)....enJOYed a 45 min. walk 1st thing this morning...will repeat every day! (2 comments) ....early morning walks are an amazing way to get fit...glowing Texas sunrise, songbirds and esp. my good friend to laugh with! thankful! (2 comments) is grateful for good news! My walking buddy is cancer free and we are praising the Lord for such good news! (6 comments) ...logged 4 miles refreshing to be up with the early bird...and the Texas sunrise! (5 comments) is maintaining healthy habits...logged 4 more miles this morning plus LOTS of gardening...:::love my gardens! (2 comments) is thrilled that I made my 2,000 monthly FM goal as well as my 20 mile weekly goal! ....feels great - Progress! (4 comments) is choosing to look for the good in others today. Prayers please as there are so many people today that woke up on the wrong side of the bed. (3 comments) is celebrating another pound bites the 4 miles this morning, and I am so on track. Feels empowering! (3 comments) covered 26 miles this week...:::feeling stronger! Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day weekend! (4 comments) is thankful for the morning rain...::even was able to safely at a slower pace walk with my walking buddy. To walk is the goal. (2 comments) is packing for a weekend trip with my daughters - both made it to our state music competition! ...:::also, my cello students will be competing too. So much fun! (3 comments) ...::::"God loves a cheerful giver..." (2 comments) ...:::sailing into summer on positive waves! (1 comments) is teaching a cello choir class this morning:::...summer fun! Love it when students are inspired! (3 comments) ..::to celebrate my b-day today, I went for an early morning RUN with my daughter! ....::3 miles too! ((happy dance!)) (8 comments) is celebrating with my dad early...:::so thankful for a loving father who thru his example led me to the love of Jesus early on in my life. (2 comments) is Sparking, enjoying blogs, staying in my cal range and keeping my sneakers on for spurts of fitness throughout the day! (4 comments) time to get out there and RUN....::see what happens! ...:::so thankful for so much inspiration here in Sparkland! is meeting small goals one day at a time. (2 comments) ...:::thank you for the fun posts on my featured blog, SP friends! ...:::I'm working on my small goals this morning! It's a great day for a WIN! (4 comments) is enJOYing the weekend! ....staying on track thru small goals. (3 comments) is thankful for Spark friends... (4 comments) is staying on track and truckin' those fitness minutes! Woo-hoo! (4 comments) small goals = BIG Changes! (1 comments) is doing the ((Happy Dance)) ....busted thru a plateau finally ....down a pound! (5 comments) is beginning September with fitness and gratitude for good health! (4 comments) ....:::prayers for all those affected by Harvey: so grateful for our National Day of Prayer! (5 comments) making "taking time to listen" a part of my lifestyle... (2 comments) ...with small daily goals! (1 comments) A Work in Progress - that's ME! ....thankful for the process. (2 comments) choice at a time (2 comments) is enjoying a restful day of reading and spending time with family. (2 comments) is on track this week: eat less - move more! (2 comments) ....after painting my entire kitchen orange, I decided it just doesn't jive - now to repaint! LOL! Never a dull moment, right? =) (2 comments) ....:::it's Fitness Friday! ..back from a great gym workout! ....feeling Fantastic! (1 comments) is taking a short vacation...::be back recharged on Wednesday! (3 comments) thankful for Grace, God's gracious gift to us. Wow! His unconditional Love is amazing! (4 comments) Autumn winds begin to blow; Colored leaves fall fast and slow. Twirling, whirling all around... (1 comments) my sweetheart & I are celebrating our 17th anniversary today! Such a beautiful autumn day too! (9 comments) is working with cello students today...:::cello ensemble rocks! (2 comments) ...time to make Progress with my BFF - Self Discipline (4 comments) (1 comments) is planning to succeed today with every small goal...:::plan to start strong today and keep the momentum buzzing the rest of the week. ...:::made it to the gym by 5:45 a.m. - so stoked! my NEW & improved mantra is TGIM ( Thank God It's Monday!) (5 comments) is enjoying the cold front here in central Texas - I find my fitness minutes increase when the weather is cooler - Yay! (2 comments) is on a gym streak - early and longer time too...feeling powerful! ....think I'm getting my addiction bug once again....finally. =) (9 comments) is enjoying a day off with family - early gym workout, home to play games in the living room by a roaring fire in our fireplace.....sipping wassail....and a little "turkey humor". self discipline & consistent exercise feels GREAT!! Also, increased my weights today...felt awesome & strong! is so glad here in early December to be making progress....each small healthy choice counts - and it is beginning to really show! - muscle definition, increased energy, & bicep cuts! (3 comments) glad it's Friday, and a weekend full of Christmas fun! (5 comments) is on track with gym streak - time to finish 2017 strong! (3 comments) ....wishing Sparkers a Blessed and Healthy New Year! (5 comments) Starting 2018 STRONG with small goals which = BIG rewards! (1 comments) month 24 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 1000 minutes per month" earned 1/1/2018 (1 comments) day 45 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/1/2018 is enjoying early morning fitness & when life happens - glad for a gym that is open 24 hours/day!. (1 comments) is back in the saddle of teaching here on our 1st day of school! ...::the future looks bright and hopeful! (3 comments) is staying positive - keeping energizing thoughts afloat this week. (3 comments) is on track in spite of the icy weather keeping me home bound this week - I WILL make it to my gym today. ((Cannot Wait!)) (5 comments) ...made it to the gym at 5 a.m. ..::::and my daughter joined me! WOOT! ....feeling inspired and strong! (3 comments) glad it's Friday ....I'm tracking and maintaining my fitness streaks! ...ha-ha...that sounds funny. :) Have a brilliant weekend, Sparkers! (2 comments) is glad to begin this week with a fitness streak! those community challenges! ....I'm staying on track. Have a super week! (2 comments) is so glad it's Friday! ....and super stoked that I've got my fitness streak on! (2 comments) is starting my 30 day "No Sugar" challenge today! done with flirting with desserts AND trying to lose weight. (5 comments) is strong here on Day 3 of my No Sugar challenge - made it thru the super bowl successfully (Lol) - looking forward to staying the course this week with consistent fitness and tracked nutrition. (2 comments) is on my 7th day of the No Sugar Challenge, and just blogged, "Looking for Opportunities". What a strong week it has been! (1 comments) is looking for opportunities - missed my usual gym time to meet the need of another. Will stay on track and dive into this day with my best foot forward! (3 comments) (3 comments) is starting this week off on track with fitness! ...feeling strong - love these SP Community Challenges! (1 comments) is enjoying MORE fitness today - LOVE the elliptical - totally sweaty - feeling stronger! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) is still under the weather - looking for opportunities to get more rest - not easy to do being this is the last week of school - the energy in our home is Crazy! LOL! (5 comments) is so glad to see some SUNshine! ....feeling better too - I was warmed by your kindness and freindship - thank you for reaching out! (2 comments) is so proud of my cello students who all made superior ratings at our local music festival competition today! I LOVE the cello! :) (3 comments) is on Spring Break & enjoying every minute! ....::::Yipee! (4 comments) is so GLAD to report that I AM a Fitness Streaker! tee-hee... but seriously, my fitness mojo has been consistent this week! (3 comments) started the week off with fitness - early - only way to Get Er' Done! ...for me. Lol! Hopefully this week will be streaked with fitness minutes. (1 comments) is reporting in with a streak of consistent fitness - on a roll here & feeling stronger! Slowly but surely I am finding my mojo. (1 comments) is still on track here in the month of March - consistent is my motto! (1 comments) I hope today has been a blessed one for you, SP friends. (3 comments) is Celebrating that JESUS is Risen! Happy Easter, SP friends (2 comments) is on another fitness weekly STREAK - gotta love how SP inspires streaks! Lol! ...but it works. (1 comments) is rejoicing in Christ because God is good - ALL the time! thankful for Him. (1 comments) is looking for opportunities to stay consistent as well as enjoy myself - Balance. (1 comments) is back in the swing of things today with fitness! Monday Motivation:Boston Marathoners - Congrats to ALL participants!! (3 comments) is making progress - slow & steady wins! (2 comments) is on a clean eating roll - this time I WILL make it permanent. My body is thanking me for making healthy choices. (2 comments) ...making progress here - DOWN another pound! Woo-hoo! - Wishing all of my dear friends a Happy Mother's Day! (2 comments) is on a losing streak - down 5# since I set out on my journey! Also, ran last night with my daughter! (1 comments) is thrilled comiing back from our state music competition - cello students won Gold! They were on cloud 9 and so was I! (6 comments) is maintaining good daily habits that fully embrace healthy living! Glad to feel good and ready for summer vacation. is so very thankful for all of our men and women in uniform! Happy Memorial Day! It's going to be a great week! ...summertime, fitness routine in progress, and healthy eating habits cemented. (2 comments) is happy it's June! Half a year is gone, here's to the best half yet to come... (1 comments) is celebrating my birthday today - 42 years young. LOL! (10 comments) is ready for a week of vacation! ...promise to stay on track enjoying & maintaining healthy habits! (3 comments) welcomes summer! ...just joined a spinning class at my gym - LOVED my 1st day! (2 comments) It's all about YOU, Jesus! (3 comments) I LOVE this hat!! (10 comments) {{ I MADE IT!! }} In 15 months, I made my Goal!! =) (7 comments) (3 comments) Majesty ...Your Grace has found me just as I am..... (5 comments)

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