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A difference of 40 lbs. (2 comments) 2003 versus 2012 (1 comments) (2 comments) Perception versus Reality (1 comments) (2 comments) Size 4/6. Size 6 fits me on hips and waist altered to size ~4. (2 comments) These were my size 8 pair of work pants. (1 comments) Wedding day! (7 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Bike ride through an ancient Mayan city! Indiana Jonesette versus Coba I knew the Stairmaster was going to pay off one day! (3 comments) Visiting "Hogwarts" (3 comments) A day out horseback riding! (1 comments) Ahh yeah! I'm ready to do this thing! (Just a day hike!) (1 comments) Bike ride on the beach - the most awesome activity in the Southeast! -Before- -Current- -Goal!- (2 comments) The gals all snugged up for a chick flick! (4 comments) One of my favorite photos. I'm in the park near the Space Needle here. (3 comments) Road trip down the Oregon Coast! This is near Canon Beach. Absolutely gorgeous! In the Jamaican Blue Mountains in 2007. (1 comments) Mountain biking in Jamaica. (1 comments) Having a coconut daiquiri in a coconut! Snorkeling is one of my favorite activities! (1 comments) Toasting a friend's wedding! (2 comments) Having a lovely spot of tea in Bath, UK! Donning me shield, helmet and err...brollie...at Warwick Castle! (1 comments) Relaxing on the pool in Jamaica --- ahhh! so nice! (1 comments) My fiance and I diving near a DC3 wreck. (1 comments) Diving in the Bahamas (9 comments) Action photo of jumping off the dive boat! Scuba diving in Jamaica (3 comments) Kayaking in Kehei, Maui Dressed up for the wedding. Still some work left to do, but feeling great about my shape! (3 comments) Indiana Jonesette! (2 comments) The natives are irresistable! (2 comments) Snoeshowing at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC (1 comments) Snoqualmie Summit, Snoqualmie, Washington Sliding down the mountain! (2 comments) First skiing of 2009 season at Snoqualmie Summit West! (2 comments) The before photo. In July 2003, I was 160lbs. Before in 2000. Size 14, 160 pounds. This was the 'revelation' photo. (2 comments)

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