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Wedding Mac and Cheese in the Trees (1 comments) My wedding at Mount Rainier About 175 and baking my first loaf of bread in AGES. The Rainbow Wedding cake I made. My last treat for awhile as I kick that sugar monkey off my back. (3 comments) Low Gettin Low Gettin Low (1 comments) This Year is My Year! 2010! My Fresh New Start. (1 comments) My friend Whitney and I on New Years Eve. High heels, little black dress, baboom. January in Como Park, MN. Thailand 2013 Poldy needs a good stretch, too! He commandeers the mat about half the time I roll it out. (4 comments) (3 comments) 24 April. Halfway there and trying to get off this plateau! Flattering angle, please :-) (4 comments) WOH! It's new belt time! This is set on the last rung :-) 4 March 2010. (1 comments) New haircut! 4 March 2010 (1 comments) silly pose before my first 5K. The Leprechaun Leap on 14 March, 2010. I ran it in 35.25!!!! (2 comments) My Irish Rover gear. Scrolling through facebook and found some before pics. Spring 2007 in Germany. Probably Fall 2007. Those crossed arms aren't fooling anybody, girl! I'd say about 210 here. Before Pic! 2007 and making a ridiculous face. Probably 210 pounds. Before Pic! Halloween 2007 . Probably around 210. (1 comments) April 1st- about 188 1 April. This dress is a size 10! I didn't buy it--just using Target to see what I can fit into! (4 comments) Now I'm regretting that I passed this little dress up. Oh well, there are many size 10s in the sea! (1 comments) Before 30 Day Shred-- February 22nd or so 30 Day Shred-- 20 or so days in. GUN SHOW! After the shred! Not the kindest angle and SUPER sweaty, but you get the picture :-) I'm putting all my rewards in the bank for this walking trip to Ireland, when I reach my final goal. (2 comments) 197! Please disregard the toothpaste splashes :-) The gap between my thighs-- it's making guest appearances on good days. (2 comments) Here I am with my wonderful cat, Poldy on New Glasses Day! (2 comments) My more masculine side. Our Pub Quiz team decided to go incognito. about 198 lbs.+ 2 moustache oz Here I am with one of my favorite people, Uncle Paul. When I lived with him and my aunt Jane in Honolulu, I lost about 30 pounds simply because of my lifestyle change. Me this Fall at "The Bean" after my Teach for America interview. Me, Sue, and my sister, Steph June 2009. For the last ten years, Steph had always been heavier than me but then became a healthy eating and exercise super-star. She's been a great motivator for me and others-- she even got our Mom into it! Here I am on my 27th birthday-- a month after starting Sparkpeople. (1 comments) Blech. Me and my fellow-bridesmaid buds strutting it for Jamie's wedding. It didn't help that I got stuck in the most hideous dress of the lot (how?! why?!) but I usually never feel as gross or ugly as I felt that day. A good motivator? Not really. But Casey, who is third over on the left, and I had been the same size since we met 9 years ago and she just looked SO GOOD! That is more motivating. (1 comments) Josh and I on New Year's Eve 2010 (3 comments) Do I out myself as a total geek if I admit that Battlestar Galactica made me try to get in shape? (3 comments)

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