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See this image largerI did it! 100 lbs! 01/22/2013(3 comments)See this image largerMaking out with coffee...the love of my life! 01/2013 169-ish?(2 comments)See this image larger172.2/size 10 Gap jeans, no muffin top! 01/06/2013(6 comments)See this image largerTaken 12/21 at 174.5 lbs. 93.5 lbs down! (Not many more to go!)(2 comments)See this image larger174.5 lbs taken 12/20. I finally got new uniforms that fit (smaller ones). It is a HUGE difference!(4 comments)See this image largerAs promised for my 185 lb goal, here is a new pic. 183.8 - I think that's abt 85 lbs down!(3 comments)See this image larger188 lbs 10/27/2012 Before the Blue Moon Wicked 10k (1h:09m:41s finish time!)See this image larger10/23/12 -189 lbs - 79 lbs down - Not the greatest photo, but I'm the only one around to take them! (3 comments)See this image larger12/2010 - 192 lbs - (76 lbs lost)(4 comments)See this image largerThe goofiest pic of me in uniform - but my friends won't come off any good graduation photos!!(1 comments)See this image largerI'm in the back row on the right between baldy and mud cheeks...I'm smiling :)See this image larger10/31/09 190-194 lbs - Red hair for Halloween and size 12 jeans!(10 comments)See this image largerHere's the side by side. The thing I notice is that I have a waist now!(4 comments)See this image largerNot a milestone...but a re-commitment! 199 lbs 01/2010(1 comments)See this image larger200 lbs - (down 68lbs)(6 comments)See this image larger@ 203 lbs ~ size 14 jeans and those bad boys are TIGHT!(2 comments)See this image largerA picture of me huffing and puffing at the end of the 5k :) (at 209 lbs)(3 comments)See this image largerA milestone photo :) Weighing 203 lbs (-65 lbs) wearing the next smaller size shirt!(2 comments)See this image larger9/2008 58lbs down @ 210 lbs.See this image largerAug 20, 2008. 216 lbs, down 52 lbs.See this image largerJuly 2008 - 222 lbs - down 46 lbs - after a workout YUCK!See this image larger234 lbs (down 34 lbs) 05/31/08 (Size 18 pants)See this image largerMarch 2008. About 253lbs.See this image largerMarch 2008 = About 250- something(1 comments)See this image largerThis is me at 260-something. Good angle, big guitar to hide the real fat. January 2008(1 comments)See this image larger2006 - 270 lbs approximately...getting my 10 yr certificate for being with my job that long(1 comments)See this image larger9-2006 Tropical Storm Ernesto Weight: 260 +See this image largerI was so depressed after I saw this - but even this wasn't enough to motivate me. January 2006(1 comments)See this image larger2005 @ 25 years old - 260-270-something.See this image largerA photo I found from 1998. I was 270-285. Probably the higher end.See this image largerAs a teen, before my weight spiraled out of control ... @ 140-145 lbs.(1 comments)See this image largerAchieved March 2008!!! (258 lbs)See this image largerAchieved April 13, 2008!!! (248 lbs)See this image largerAchieved May 27, 2008!!! (237.5 lbs)See this image largerAchieved July 1, 2008 (228 lbs)See this image largerAchieved August 9, 2008 (218 lbs)See this image largerAchieved November 1, 2008!!! (208 lbs)See this image largerAchieved September 6, 2009!! (198)(1 comments)See this image largerAchieved May 4, 2012!!! YAY! *sigh* (Again on Oct 28, 2012!!)(1 comments)See this image largerAchieved December 14, 2012!!! (177.4)

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