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I bought myself a spank brand new car (with eyelashes)---Happy 55th birthday to moi! (11/6/13) Getting back on track (AGAIN)! 12/2013 Hubby and I 30th anniversary----talk about a Kool-aid smile LOL! GREEN ALL THE WAY -- GO TEAM EMERALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ending week #18 out of 24 of my own BL challenge! (3-2014) Back in these darn jeans (again)! April 2014 Gotta KEEP SPARKIN! And think healthy not thin. Aug 2013 Hubby and I on vac in Martha's Vineyard 8/13 My eldest in green and son-in-law! 2/2013 Hubby and I off to church March 2013 (3 comments) I never want to see that face again on the right (before 11-2012 and after 5-2013) Hubby and I Thanksgiving 2011 (1 comments) Finally got a new car and I affectionately call her Ms. Red Tails (thank you Lord) 2/2012 Darrell and I (4/2012)! (2 comments) I affirm this day (2/28/11) that CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!! (4 comments) My son's prom night 5/2011 (1 comments) My eldest son 22 years ago! He'd kill me if he knew I put this on here! My 1st grand daughter--Damaya Grace 4 months old 2/11 (2 comments) This is my fav color! I'm Still sparkin! 7/2011 (5 comments) Can't believe it's been 32 years. Bless God! 9/5/81 (3 comments) My daddy! Pic taken in the 60's (1 comments) Hubby and I steppin out on the town! Summer 2011 (2 comments) Hubby and I June 2010 (5 comments) Thanksgiving at the Rays 11/2010 (2 comments) This is too big to celebrate one day so we're celebrating all month our 30th anniversary! 9/5/81!! (4 comments) Happy 29th anniversary 9/5/10---Praise God! (2 comments) My eldest and youngest! (4 comments) Having fun @ Universal Studios in LA 2010 Damaya Grace Ray 2.5 days old--our 1st grand daughter Diamond & Marge Simpson (what a duo) Chilling in LA with the family 6/2010 My boys now.....2010 (4 comments) My boys then.... (1 comments)

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