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See this image larger(4 comments)See this image largerSame dress, several years and pounds apart. It''s on it''s way to a new''s too big for me now(2 comments)See this image larger(5 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerMy motivation! In the left pic I was 227 (my starting weight on here) right pic was taken last month at around 189(2 comments)See this image largerWearing a size 16 misses in this dress...I''m the matron of honor in my sisters wedding this summer....used to be in plus sizes in 2015-2016See this image largerSuch a difference...currently up 10# from November 😰😰 but love seeing such a difference from my heavier daysSee this image largerToday's stats....had time to kill while baby sitting and went on a few walks today!!! Plan to hit close to this step count two more times this week...thanks to walking while the baby sleepsSee this image largerAnother productive day!!!See this image largerWoohoo!!! Another productive day!!! First time walking 13 mile!!! Eeek!!See this image largerWowza!!! Newest goal so far! Did nothing but walking today while caring for my nieces...never hit 4000 cals burned with FB before, nor 15mile walked in a day...took 296 activity minutes to get her, but .it feels amazing See this image largerAnother productive daySee this image largerPhoto taken earlier this year(1 comments)See this image largerAnother very productive day :)See this image largerWoohoo...nothing but walking done todaySee this image largerBoom! Nothing but walking today...all week actually since I’m still feeling off (thanks to inflammation in my chest) See this image largerYesterday’s stats....woohoo!See this image largerHappy Sunday Everyone! I may have gained weight, But Im feeling beautiful and thankful today..and we are headed to church ...have a great day sparkersSee this image largerFelt good to get back in the elliptical 😄See this image largerI’m pooped😛😛😛See this image largerToday’s exercise😄😄 it was chilly and windy out but I peddled thru it...woohooSee this image largerWhat a great workout!!! Wooh!See this image largerWhat a day!See this image largerMy starting point...probably 2-3# less thanks to it being period week but it’s what the scale said today....🤷🏻‍♀️See this image largerWow! Weigh in results for week one! 5# down! Thank u Jesus!See this image largerToday’s workout ❤️ 557 calories burned. Upper body strength and a 1.5mile treadmill session worked me hard 😄See this image larger7# gone for this month so far! Praise the Lord!See this image largerWoohoo! My hard work is paying off! .2# away from a nine pound loss! What a great way to start week 6!See this image largerMonth 2 results ❤️ not to shabby 🤗See this image larger❤️❤️❤️See this image largerMy elliptical broke today and repair isn’t possible as it’s a 2010 model. So I am saying goodbye dear friend, I’ll miss you 😘 but I had a good many years with u and got to my goal using u...thank uSee this image largerThis is delicious❤️ I got the sea salt caramel too and it’s unbelievable! The best part? I paid $0.99 each at ruler (a cheaper type of Kroger store)See this image largerPretty tasty♥️ $0.65 as Ruler (Kroger like store)See this image largerPlease excuse my ugly feet (and yes, that’s a bruise on my big toe) Heres my weigh in. Only a .6# loss this week but that’s ok (I’m pmsing a lot too) btw: I’m documenting my journey on Instagram if anyone wants to follow me❤️ you can find me @torriesjourneySee this image largerYay!See this image largerI’ve done it! 15# gone!See this image largerEnding March with a 3.4# loss❤️ it’s not great but at least it’s progress 🥰See this image largerWell, there’s that. I’ve been bloated so I assume it’s that and (I’ve over eaten a few days) Let’s hope next Tuesday’s weigh in gets rid of this and more❤️See this image largerOk, I just legit cried after seeing this🥰 you guys! I’m down 1.5# since last Tuesday and 4.3# from Saturday! Holy cow! I’m so freaking close to 199! U have no idea how excited I am🥰🥰🥰See this image largerAlmost there!! Goal of 199# is so close! It’s pre period week so, it’s not great but, it’s ok...I got this🎉See this image largerToday’s elliptical run ❤️❤️See this image largerI surpassed my April weight goal by .5#! 😳 my April loss stands @ 4.5#!See this image largerHere it is: my May weigh in: whomp whomp 😞 I’m going to push thru and get this and more off for June ❤️See this image largerI just had to share this.....holy moly u guys! I’m so close to 199! Praise the Lord! My hard work is paying off!See this image largerToday’s workout! its in the high 80s here but I got out anyway ❤️See this image largerJune results! Not great but not bad either. Aiming to see 194# by the end of JulySee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWell, this sucks 😩 but, I’m pmsing, started a new medication beginning of July (possibly the cause?) I’m hoping August is better to me🤞 please tell me Its ok to have bumps in this journey, I’m feeling pretty discouraged atm. I’m 22# down for 2019, which isn’t great but, IT IS an accomplishment ❤️See this image largerToday’s exercise 😍 12.2mileSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThe scale is finally moving again...25# gone!See this image largerHad a great but very sweaty workout this afternoon😉 I did 35min of a HIIT Strength & Abs workout followed by a 20min HIIT Cardio routine! I was soaked to say the least ❤️ on another note: it’s weigh in day tomorrow 🙄 last weigh in was 9/18 and I was 196.4....FX I’m not 198-200 tomorrowSee this image largerNot a good start to the week 🙄😓 I’m hoping after next week my new Dr can help get my hormones under control because it’s been playing havoc on my journey! But, also I’m trying to get better about mindless snacking...hopefully next year things go betterSee this image largerTodays workout! I rarely do 50-60min strength sessions but today, I did! I pushed thru even though I wanted to quit...and it’s an amazing feeling :)See this image largerOctober Weigh In....not great but as u can see the scale hasn’t been cooperating lol...anyway, happy November everyoneSee this image largerNovember weigh in....slowly making progress🥰See this image largerWell, there’s my December results....time to restart❤️ I got this! 2020 will be my year! Who’s with me?See this image largerBack in the game after Surgery last month❤️ not a long workout but it was enough to start🥰See this image largerFirst Ellipticle run since before surgery...felt good to finally get back in it. I’m planning to do 30min 4 days a weekSee this image largerGetting back into a routine❤️See this image largerFirst ride of 2020!See this image largerOutdoor bike ride #2 for 2020❤️ it was extremely windy so I worked extra hard, lolSee this image largerOutdoor 🚲 #3! Woot woot!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerOutdoor 🚲 ride #5❤️ its goons be a scorcher today (96!) so I went out early 😉See this image largerOutdoor 🚲 ride #7!See this image largerOutdoor ride #7!See this image largerRide #13 for 2020 ❤️See this image largerBike ride #14 complete! So far this summer I’ve gone over 150mile! Woot woot!See this image largerRide #15! Was more tired than I thought I’d be from yesterday’s ride but I pushed thru❤️ I’ve gone over 170 mile for 2020 so far ❤️See this image largerBike ride #17! I’ve traveled over 208mile since May ❤️ I’m aiming for 2-3 days a week but managed 4 last week (total miles were 42) I’ve restarted strength training too, in hopes of seeing some success in the futureSee this image largerFinally! After 9 weeks of hard work and a healthier lifestyle, I’m back in the 190s!See this image largerWeekend workout ❤️ 15.8mileSee this image largerWoohoo! My First goal of 185 is soooo close!See this image largerI was finally able to take comparison photos wearing the same outfit :) Look at the difference :) :)(2 comments)See this image largerThis is how the dog bite looks!!! Ick!(1 comments)See this image largerGirls shell stitch beanie with flowe(1 comments)See this image largerInterested in ordering a set? NB -12months $25, 1-5yrs $30-$35 - shipping is extra(1 comments)See this image largerBy far my favorite creation. Just finished it a few days ago. Hoping to sell it soon... Size 3mos(1 comments)See this image largerCrochet dress I made. Hoping to sell it soon. Sizes available NB to 4T. Can be custom made to order(1 comments)See this image largerTaken at beauty school weight around 245-250(2 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerTaken on January 13th 2014 ( weight around 219 )(1 comments)

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