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is getting into serious prep mode for this little guy! (12 comments) Any day now! (15 comments) Baby boy finally arrived on April 29. :) :) :) (25 comments) Can't believe my boy is already a month old (and one day!) (11 comments) My "why?" (11 comments) My handsome boy at two months. (14 comments) Can't believe my little man is already three months old! (13 comments) Starting to feel like myself again. :) (11 comments) Me and my boy (13 comments) Family selfie! (8 comments) (9 comments) is (7 comments) Can't believe my boy is over five months! Time is flying by! (12 comments) is looking forward to a great 2017! (2 comments) (4 comments) (5 comments) (5 comments) (9 comments) I'm still here and still maintaining, but my screen time has been extremely limited the past few months. I'll write an update as soon as I can! (10 comments) is (15 comments) is (8 comments) (27 comments) Anxiously awaiting our little boy! (8 comments) Three years of maintenance down! (7 comments) I've gone curly! (15 comments) January 2015 (5 comments) Starting 2015 on the right foot. (11 comments) These are the leather pants I swore I'd get into when I set out to lose weight five years ago! (7 comments) My very first niece! December 2014 (11 comments) Not sure I'll ever master the selfie, lol! December 2014 (5 comments) Love my new boots! October 2014 (8 comments) New Birthday Outfit, Including "The Boots" September 2014 (8 comments) Thirty-eight and feeling great! September 2014 (12 comments) Thirty-eight and feeling great! September 2014 (4 comments) I've come a long way, baby! Always wanted to dress kind of like a rock star, lol! September 2014 (9 comments) Woo hoo! I look normal next to my thin friend! (8 comments) Feeling my strongest and healthiest yet and enjoying the summer of 2014. (12 comments) Summer has arrived! (June 2014) (12 comments) January 2014 (6 comments) Boot Camp Day 28 July 2014 (6 comments) Boot Camp Day 1 June 2014. I've come a long way since I started doing these in 2011! (9 comments) Good Lord, how did I let myself (far right) get like that? At my heaviest ever (about 260). (13 comments) Recycled clothes from my "I went to an overpriced New England liberal arts college" collection. (12 comments) Boot Camp 2014 - Day 14 (7 comments) Celebrating two years of successful maintenance! March 2014 (8 comments) Two years of maintenance and still at goal! March 2014 (12 comments) Starting the new year off right! December 31, 2013 (15 comments) Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady. (20 comments) Lots to smile about these days. (6 comments) At Goal and Maintaining - December 2012 (146) (21 comments) Just before I got started and at my highest recent weight--about 240 pounds. February 2010 (4 comments) Easter Dress? March 2013 (148) (7 comments) Celebrating one year of successful maintenance! Look, Ma, no Spanx! March 2013 (148) (13 comments) My beauty ideal, my aptly named grandmother Helen (far left) in 1947. This is after 4/6 kids! (8 comments) Yes, I've intentionally jumped out of a moving airplane--twice! Couldn't have done that at 260! (8 comments) Enjoying some time around the fire with my oldest friend - August 2013 (2 comments) After the Yankees/Tigers Game with my sisters - August 2013 (5 comments) Glamour shot with my baby sister - August 2013 (7 comments) Spinning Brooklyn-style with my friend MANDELOVICH. August 2013 (5 comments) Post Bootcamp July 2012 (146) (8 comments) Me at Goal--March 2012 (158) (6 comments) Grocery Shopping with an Attitude (6 comments) Stocking up on my freggies at the market (6 comments) Boot Camp (Sept 2011) Day 1 (1 comments) Boot Camp (September 2011) Day 28 (2 comments) No, I'm not under arrest. This is my June 1, 2012 'before' shot! (2 comments) Bootcamp After Pic July 2012 (8 comments) 35th Birthday--September 24, 2011 (About 175) (6 comments) My sister's Wonder Women. I'm to the left of the bride in purple. October 2011 (About 175) (12 comments) My youngest sister and I at our other sister's wedding. October 2011 (5 comments) With the family at my sister's wedding. October 2011 (2 comments) Another one of my ideals--healthy feminine curves with a bit of meat on the bones! (4 comments) Now, THIS is the kind of role model we need to see more of in the media! (5 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments)

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