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Maggie the Cat. Still taking a nap! (1 comments) I Bleed Blue!!! (1 comments) Down 136 Pounds! (2 comments) 3 Months Post WLS. 346 Pounds...142 pounds down (64 post). Update first week in September. (4 comments) Maggie the Cat. Helping me do the dishes. (2 comments) LA is Dodgertown! (1 comments) 6 months post WLS. 316 lbs, 172 pounds down (94 since the surgery). Next update early December. (4 comments) Maggie the Cat seeing what's going on. (2 comments) ¡Viva Los Doyers! Where I Started. 488 pounds - literally sick & tired. (6 comments) My Nephew Also a Native LA'er (1 comments) 9 months post WLS. 294 lbs, 194 pounds down (116 since the surgery). Next update early March. (3 comments) Maggie the Cat checking out the front yard with me. (1 comments) We'll get 'em this season!!! (2 comments) 12 months post WLS. 282 lbs, 206 pounds down (128 since the surgery). Next update early September. (2 comments) Maggie the Cat insisting that she needs 8 servings of water, too - even some of mine. (2 comments) 18 months post WLS. 267 lbs, 221 pounds down (143 since the surgery). (5 comments) Maggie the Cat ending a visit with a friend. (1 comments) My Nephew taking in the Dodger Game! Maybe his first words will be "GO DODGERS" (1 comments) 298 Pounds and NEW GOAL of loosing 10% of my weight (30 pounds) by July 2014. (3 comments) Proud Auntie of My Super Nephews. (3 comments) My favorite (and only) brother and I, Christmas 2016. Around 320 & planning on some positive change. My brother's lovely changos. I'm one happy bat auntie! Washed the dog. Now we can dance cheek to cheek once again. Non fat calabacitas are still pretty tasty. Had a good time with good friends this weekend. Third Friday of Lent Supper.Citrus & dill grilled mahi maji and cheddar broccoli and potatoes. is washing the stinky dog...could smell her from across the room. Save a life, like I did, and make some friends. GO BRUINS! My niece celebrating springtime. Lenten Friday Supper: Tuna, black bean & corn tostadas. My baby girl took her last breath today. I am happy that she had a chance to get out of a shelter and share her funny, sweet and brave self with me. Maggie the Cat was truly a gift to my family. Lunching at home. Three of these off my body today!!! Walked the dog back 2.5 miles from the vaccination clinic at a city park. And I will walk 400 more... The morning of my gastric bypass. 410 pounds...78 down. Can you tell I'm NOT a morning person? (1 comments) The last time I lost some weight. (5 comments) My before headshot...con sombrero. (1 comments) GO DODGERS!!! My biggest supporter suggesting to just take a nap...LOL (2 comments)

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