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Smiling happily on a good hair day!! (6 comments) I love Elk Neck State Park!! (2 comments) Terri and Steve at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse North Wildwood NJ (2 comments) (2 comments) Terri and Steve in Maine Augutst 2009 (2 comments) First Dragonfly of 2010 (3 comments) Dana in Front of the house (7 comments) Cliffs at Elk Neck State Park Md (4 comments) Terri and Dana on the way to the vet on Sat Jan 30 (2 comments) Snowy morning Feb 6 2010 (3 comments) Zumba workshop at Wellness day at the high school (2 comments) More Zumba participants on Wellness day! (4 comments) After the salon... (3 comments) Elmo kitty (1 comments) Remy (4 comments) The sea speaks to the soul (4 comments) "I could never stay long enough on the shore; the tang of the untainted, fresh, and free sea air was (4 comments) Wolves 2010 (12 comments) Terri Father's Day (3 comments) FAther's Day 2010 (5 comments) Baby Wolf (7 comments) With Bandit (4 comments) Steve, Me, Bear, Fred, Pat at Angler's restaurant Monday August 23, 2010 (3 comments) (2 comments) In Maine 2011 (4 comments) Sunset Beach,Cape May Point, Christmas Eve 2011 (7 comments) Steve and me on Sunday Jan 13 at Sunset Beach Cape May NJ (3 comments) Zumba instructor on board, with Elmo kitty! (10 comments) New hair color (3 comments) Last Christmas with Steve in Mullica Hill (2 comments) (5 comments) A Terri dancing in the morning! (1 comments) Love dancing! (3 comments) My darling Thor.....forever in my heart (3 comments) A Terri and a Thor (2 comments) is ready for Friday!!! (1 comments) Choose wisely! is smiling! (1 comments) is wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!! (2 comments) is ready for bed...sweet dreams! (2 comments) is happy to have so many good memories of my dog Thor...will miss him to infinity! I am so grateful to be his mama! (3 comments) is going antiquing with dh...woo hoo!! (1 comments) is happy to be a little more rested. is sad about her vet leaving the practice, (2 comments) is feeling motivated and inspired...Love the women's gymnastics at the Olympics! (2 comments) is happy that the week is almost over! (2 comments) is missing NORASPAT! (4 comments) is feeling relieved that her Dana dog is doing better (1 comments) is grateful that she can dance when her body cooperates! is feeling a bit low but loved.... (3 comments) is hoping for some positive news at the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed and prayers said! (1 comments) is happy to be recovering... (2 comments) knows that everything takes time! is wishing all a lovely day and more smiles than anything else! (2 comments) is is almost ready for bed.. is sending wishes for pleasant dreams... is is wishing everyone a loving and blessed day! (1 comments) is is (1 comments) is is sending love and light to all who need it (3 comments) is (1 comments) is keeping positive about the latest back pain.. (3 comments) is tired..good night (1 comments) is feeling introspective (1 comments) is ready for bed! (1 comments) is is (1 comments) is is sure that life is short..live it now (2 comments) is feeling introspetcive (1 comments) know dancing is her awesome time.. is is is is wishing everyone A good night! is wishing everyone a happy mother's day (1 comments) is wishing everyone a good day! is hoping that you feel beautiful each day!! is happy to have her kitty at home after his surgery. Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts1 is saving photos!! (3 comments) is wishing you a night of sweet dreams..that are not about housework! (3 comments) is ready for bed!! hoping that you are enjoying yourself!!! is wishing all of you a lovely unique life!! (2 comments) is wishing everyone a great week! (1 comments) is so ready for bed.... is wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving! (1 comments) is is going to bed! (2 comments) is (1 comments) is is wishing everyone a good Friday! (1 comments) is (2 comments) It was a good hair day!! (4 comments) Everyone needs a before photo! (1 comments) Me in front of the door on St. Patty's Day!! Here I am in the hallway at VHS on St. Patty's Day! (1 comments) Jess in our twin St Patty's outfits!! Cadillac Mountain, summer 2008 (4 comments)

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