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New tattoo! (5 comments) A recent :) (1 comments) New tattoo for my brother. RIP... I love you. (2 comments) Recent Pretty recent one of me Most recent Cut my hair super short! This is where I'm starting from. Progress.. 232LBs from 250LBs in 5 weeks. 💪💪 #deliciousdailymoment I love fruit, and maybe I like to sneak in a little dark chocolate ;) Post work out sweat. Yup my hair is drenched! But I've went from 250 to 225 in under 3 months. 45 to go! Healthy alternative if you're craving A&W.. Their habenaro chicken burger lettuce wrapped. 💜👌 Posted a photo My full wedding dress :) After 36 pounds lost, I'm starting to feel like I have definition. I do still have a tummy but I feel like it'll disappear eventually! I'm extremely proud of how far I have come in the last 4 months of this Journey. BMI calculator now considers me out of obese.. however I'm not sure how reliable that is to determine anything. I definitely don't look or feel obese. Overweight? Yes. Severely Overweight? No. #weightlossjourney #success #loveyourself 4 years ago I was at my heaviest, 250 pounds. It showed in my face. I was 25 then and I am 29 now and down almost 40 pounds. What a difference it made in my face. Its one of my favourite changes. About to start my daily workout 💪💪 #goals #fitness #workout #commitment #loveyourself Feeling pretty good these days. Been doing this whole fitness/eating better thing for 5 months now and I can feel my body improve. If you ever need motivation to be a better you just think of all the positives associated with weight loss. Who doesn't want a nice Ass? Have a great Friday everyone! #staymotivated #encouragement #loveyourself (1 comments) Fiance and I went and viewed a wedding venue. I always pictured having an outdoor woodsy wedding. Well this is it, we've picked it. An evening spring wedding. Mind you the flowers are dead as I took this picture yesterday... I think it'll be even more beautiful on the day. 😍 #gettingmarried #outdoorceremony #forest #love With all this change happening with my body and mind, I've decided to change up the hair! The brighter the better I'd say 😂 Hit 40 pounds lost! Even with Thanksgiving weekend. Now 210 from 250. Halfway to my goal of 170. I got 7 and a half months to reach my goal (wedding and vegas honeymoon) I started this journey 5 months ago.. I know I can do this 💪 Now if only my stomach bump would go away. I almost look pregnant. Writing this while enjoying spinach salad and quarter chicken for lunch. #progress #success #lunch #weightloss #milestones #halfwaythere #feelgreat #selfpositivity #loveyourself Dreary day but my SO and I took a nice walk by the river. Was muggy and (don't get mad) but I can't wait for cooler weather! 20 pound difference, tummy shot - only visible spot I can tell is my hips are more defined. Just have to keep going. 7 pounds away from a 50 pound weight loss. Wish I took a frontal picture when I started. So not prepared for winter. #cold #snow #missingthewarmerweather #selfie (1 comments) Did not meet my second goal which was to go from 220 pounds to 199 (Sept 5 to Nov 27)... Weighed myself this morning was at 202. I wasn't discouraged but feel like I'll just have to work out harder to reach my 3rd goal of 185 by February 19th. 💪 #BeforeAndAfter 250 to 192 so far.. Since May 2017. Ready for the 180s! Hoping to be 170 by September. 💪 Acheiving my goals! Breakdown of me: 5'11" Went from size 16 to size 10 (Goal size 8) Went from 250 to 192 pounds (goal 170) Diet: Strictly calorie counting, 80% healthy, 20% whatever Exercise: 5 days a week/4-5 hours gym and hiking saturday or sundays Motivation: look good on my motorcycle, one day feel confident in a bikini, be healthy. #BeforeAndAfter #achievements #goals #weightloss #size10 Happy Monday Everyone. I honestly never thought I would lose 60+ pounds and have my own spotlight article. 2018 is going to be a good year, with only 25 pounds left to lose. ❤ Now to find a bikini and be completely confident in myself. Keep pushing yourselves because you can achieve almost anything. Sharing a photo of myself and my baby, I never felt so good in full gear! Recent, new hair, new glasses.. new look! (3 comments) Other little guy! 205! (2 comments) new do! (1 comments) 30 pound progress. (3 comments) Most recent Most recent picture of me Most recent! (1 comments) 218 pounds! 218 pounds, size 11s! 218! woo size 11s! 10 pounds lighter I guess. :D 205! (2 comments) 205! My face is getting so thin! New hair (2 comments) New piercing :) recent recent :) (1 comments) taken with my new canon rebel t2i last night after his walk @ the dog park (2 comments) my current weight (229). 64lbs to go! June 16, 2011 (1 comments) Yoshi my Workout buddy :D (6 comments) My little guy when he was a puppy (3 comments) This was Yoshi at 4 months, letting his feminine side show 6 months old =] This is my start weight. (233 pounds) will help motivate me to become thinner! (5 comments) my bunny and doggie hanging out. (2 comments)

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