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is on a dreaded plateau. Here's a portrait of a plateau. (1 comments) knows that, by definition, plateaus like this can go on forever! (2 comments) is seeing some slow results. (2 comments) seems to hit a plateau at each pound now. (2 comments) is doing much better this time! 's plateau has returned. This, too, shall pass. (2 comments) has seen this before. This plateau is hovering just above goal. (1 comments) On the West End cliffs at Negril (5 comments) (3 comments) Sue drinking civet cat coffee in Bali (3 comments) At the Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand (1 comments) Sue profile Posterization experiment Valentine's Day 2016 (1 comments) (1 comments) Mother and child reunion November 2013 (4 comments) May 2013 July 2013, Key West (3 comments) (4 comments) The girls, Doxie and Rolly, December 8th (5 comments) The girls at rest (4 comments) The girls on Auntie Gilda's couch (4 comments) Naptime at Rosie's house (from top) Rosie Rose, Doxie Wade, Rolly Wade (1 comments) Happily married! (7 comments) Bill and me cruisin' (6 comments) Cheers from Cozumel! (4 comments) Bill and Sue in Charlotte Harbor (6 comments) (1 comments) Merry Christmas from Key West! (3 comments) (6 comments) Before photo (2005, 165 lbs) (2 comments) Before photo (2006, 160 lbs) (3 comments) Sue and friend at Downtown Disney (5 comments) Mad Tea Party (2 comments) Jimmy and me, with Suzymobile in background--all his now! (4 comments) Jimmy and me (2 comments) Me and my son, Jimmy (yep, he's a big boy) (3 comments) My look for the summer and (I hope) the rest of my life in Florida (2 comments) Bill & Sue in Port Charlotte (4 comments) Sue and new friend (4 comments) Our arrogant cat, Coolio, pointing out a SparkRecipe of interest to him (3 comments) Me now, and I want to stay that way! (5 comments) A reflective mood (2 comments) Me and Bill at Christmastime (2 comments) Temporary tattoo in Memphis (1 comments) Me and Bill a couple years ago in Memphis I did the 100 pushups challenge--but blew out my rotator cuff in the process (2 comments) Dingo th' Dog, my exercise machine (8 comments) Dingo and Gringo saying hello. Jim (left) is a jokester who named him to be Dingo's twin! (1 comments) Fall Walk with Dingo. (Thanks, PAMZIA, for inspiring me to figure out my camera!) (3 comments) Handsome dogs! (1 comments) Dingo looking for a groundhog

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