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See this image largerThe old me is gone, this is me right now, with much more to achieve and be proud of. See this image largerthe old me, back in 2010. It's like I don't remember being that way. But yes, that was indeed me See this image larger(4 comments)See this image largerHard work pays offSee this image largerStrength training is my saviourSee this image largerHuge pile of turkey, wholegrain rice, asparagus and broccoli for lunch. I certainly won't go hungry on this new eating plan!See this image largerBreakfast on the go. Overnight oats made with water. Berries, flaked almonds and mixed seeds, fat free greek yoghurt and protein powder. My God it's delicious! And so full of goodness. Good quality protein, carbs and fat all in one go. Reduces cravings, gives your body what it needs, makes you feel great and fills you up. Perfect ??See this image largerSupper. Simple, low fat, but with a snack sized portion of protein, carbs and fat all in one, which are all vital. And as dull as it might look to the deluded junk food brigade, my goodness, it's delicious! Wholegrain ryvita, chicken, virtually fat free cottage cheese and cucumber. I could eat it all over again, and I will.....tomorrow :)See this image largerWow my workout kicked me into touch today!See this image largerOh my God, I'm a genius. My supper was fat free greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, and a casein protein shake. Well, I'm actually not keen on this particular shake, so thought Hey, why not mix the powder into the yoghurt, see how it tastes? It's like very rich, sweet pudding. Holy crap I'm in heaven right now. Actually struggling to finish it though, haha. Less powder, more yoghurt next time!See this image largerBest yet. Personal record of 3 sets of 8 squats at 70kg.See this image largerThis should keep me going for a little while! I also have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and pineapple in the fridge :) I love fruit. Ignore anyone who says there is "too much sugar" in fruit. What an absolute load of codswallop, lol. Just one of those dumb things that sadly get passed around.See this image largerYummy, healthy lunch. Rice cakes with low fat cottage cheese, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper and spring onion. Everything I need in there. Protein, fat and carbs.See this image largerSoon to be on the payroll, doing what I love for a living See this image largerOnly a short 6 miles on the bike today, but we have glorious sunshine and I had to do at least something. Plus I did an hours lower body workout at the gym earlier, and 75 minutes walking. Don't use the weekend as an excuse!See this image largerType one diabetic, middle aged, three kids, issues with disordered eating, one time overweight, unfit and smoking /heavy drinking. Yes it can be done.See this image largerDelicious, nutritious dinner. King prawns with a spicy herb coating, mixed leaf and cherry tomato salad, with a wholegrain wrap. Good quality protein, carbs and fat. Yum yum.See this image largerAnother good gym session today :) Working hard to build more shape and definition.See this image largerPic I posted yesterday, with one from just before this whole wonderful journey started for me. I was such a mess, and so unhappy with myself. Doesn't even seem that was really me. I was overweight and terribly unfit for almost 25 years, more than half my life, but the old me is gone forever.See this image largerEasiest sweet snack/dessert ever, lol. Chopped apple, good layer of cinnamon. In the microwave for a minute. Delicious. I'm no chef obviously, haha, but I do occasionally get the simplest flashes of inspiration to add variety.See this image largerLovely ten mile bike ride this morning. Leg and ab workout at the gym later.See this image largerThis is all anyone's getting out of me today, lol. Need a full day of rest. Yes I'm dressed for the gym, but then I thought nope, I have to listen to my body and brain, which are both telling me to have one day off.See this image largerSo very true. I know this to be absolute fact from my own life and my own experiences.See this image largerMy most recent fitness activity. Long distance walking with my darling man. Don't get to do it very often because of work/home responsibilities etc, but I hope to keep adding those miles.

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