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My sweet Lucy! (2 comments) My sweet Lucy! Me with my handsome hubby! (1 comments) With my oldest son on his wedding day. (1 comments) Me graduating from college on Mother's Day 2014 At my son's wedding last year... Last year at my annual Witches Tea My beautiful family! Well, my eating has been pretty far off track today, but I can say I got a decent arm workout in. I took my granddaughter to the park today. We go down by the dam and we throw rocks into the water. She brought me rocks that were easily half the size of her head. My arms are tired! Sooo... here's my soup. But I have still overdone it on food already today... Starting to wonder how many times I'm going to have to get back up. :( Back down out of the 300 club. This represents a 15 lb. loss. I'm on the right track!! Back down out of the 300 club. This represents a 15.4 lb. loss. I'm on the right track! Veggies, chicken, and cantaloupe... it's what's for supper! FINALLY! Out of the 290's! Yay! Finally broke through the 280 wall. 279.2 this morning! Yes! Finally made it into the 250's! Now I'm setting my sights on 249. I'm coming for you, baby! This is my non-scale victory for today! Got this in the mail today. I can do this. I am strong. Yesterday's non-scale victory. I know this seems like zero steps to some of you folks, but for me, this is major. A couple of years ago, I couldn't even manage a thousand steps some days. Also, I had more steps that were not counted by the Fitbit. I was pushing a grocery cart all over Wal-Mart. My total at the end of the day on my Fitbit was 7,550 steps for a total of 3.11 miles. So happy! (1 comments) I finally did it! Ladies and gentlemen, the plateau has left the building! Onward to the 230's! On the left, weighing in at 310 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, THE OOOOOLLLDD ME! And on the right weighing in after a sixty 63 pound loss.... THE NEW LISA! Ding! Ding! Ding! Time for the next round! day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/8/2018 Good morning, friends! Would you like something fun to do this morning? I have discovered a website that compares your weight to animals. Okay... not much fun for overweight people, right? But what if you turned it around? What if you put in the amount of weight you've lost???? How fun is that? I've lost the weight of nearly 4 spider monkeys! Ha! It's all about perspective, my friends! Have fun! BOOM! Another ten bites the dust! #TenPoundsAtATime Dancing with my husband at our son's wedding. (1 comments) Mother-Son Dance 9/21/13 (1 comments) My son and his fiancee expecting a baby any day! (1 comments) My husband and I on our wedding day, May 3, 2003. (1 comments) Me with some classmates I had not seen in a while, & some that I had. We had breakfast at my house. (1 comments) Me, September 2010 On a grown up sized hippity hop at our family reunion. (1 comments) This was taken just before Thanksgiving. I am on the left. My best friend is with me. This is my son Matt (black singlet). High school wrestling is the highlight of my whole winter! Me with my dad on New Year's Eve (1 comments) (1 comments) Me with my mom at a wrestling meet in January. Taken 9/22/12 with my cousin/daughter, Summer on her wedding day. I love her more than I can say.... Me, May 2010 Me with my husband Al, June 2010 On vacation early June 2010 Me in a nutshell..... (1 comments) Hilarious! Gonna post it on my fridge to remind me to tighten and tone!!! (4 comments)

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