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May 14, 2015 (1 comments) Progress Pictures May 14, 2015 Weight: 194.6 lbs 40% Upper Body Fat (1 comments) is graduated! (6 comments) Sassy Hiker (2 comments) 1 mile walk through downtown Chicago (1 comments) Chicken with mushrooms and tomatoes. Homemade by my house mate! (1 comments) Parked far away and walked 1.3 miles to work #chicago Walked 1.3 miles with my buddy Max before dinner (1 comments) Hit the gym for the first time in over a month! (2 comments) I was super sore today so I was going to slip thy gym but decided I needed a nice stretch. Note I can sit down without bracing myself! Legs loved it. 8 days straight of tracking and 3 days straight at the gym! (2 comments) Homemade Tortellini Soup. Yum! (3 comments) Could not stay inside on such a beautiful day! Went for a short walk :-) (3 comments) Such a pretty lunch! (5 comments) day 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/17/2015 Went to the hubby's gym today for a strength and conditioning class. Kicked my butt! (1 comments) Dinner tonight: salmon, asparagus, tomatoes over pasta (1 comments) It's like he knows I wrote a blog about being productive today! Doing some healthy living research! (4 comments) Got out there for a run to help with the stress! Feeling so much better! C25K Week 4 Day 1 DONE! Got my new glasses! I'm almost excited to try wearing these out! I'll try around the house first though (5 comments) Walked around the park for about an hour. Beautiful day out! Biked 7 miles in the woods today! Pic of my new hair color! (1 comments) I just made myself a standing desk, ya'll! New salad combo: chicken, blueberries, almonds, and blue cheese over mixed greens. Choice of vinaigrette. So good! (2 comments) Beach day! Took a mental health day but still got 6000 steps at the boardwalk! Photos from this weekend! 5K on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday! There was lots of walking and struggle but I got it done! (4 comments) Official race photos are up online! Not my favorite but happy to have finished! (3 comments) Lunch! Giant salad - greens, chicken, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, dressing The hubby cooked dinner tonight! Tuna steak, asparagus, and carrots (1 comments) Ran the Hot Chocolate 15K this past weekend! It was a tough one for me due to minimal training (from being sick) but I got my pretty medal!! ?? Race was successful this weekend!! Hot Chocolate 15K Philly! Haven't been feeling well so I settled for an after dinner walk lady night and didn't beat myself up for not doing more. One step at a time! #walking #littlebylittle I've gone on 2 walks today already! It's just so nice out!! Ran the Atlantic City April Fool's 7K this weekend! Ran an 8K today! Having some food related issues and I've started seeing a specialist. Just bought this book on kindle and so far, it is very interesting and informative. Curious if anyone else has tried the elimination diet? #keto #glutenfree #digestion #lowcarb #whole30 #lowfodmap Ran my very first New York Road Runners race today, the Mini10K (all women, named after the mini skirt, started in the 70s). So fun! Tried a new crossfit gym and I had so much torturous fun! I got a new planner and it has this handy dandy sheet at the beginning of every month. Perfect spot for my fitness goals! Two weeks of crossfit 3x/week and I can already see the belly inflammation going down! #crossfit #losinginches Ran/walked last night for the first time in months. Thunderstorms even held out for me! Only 1 guy drove through a puddle next to me 😠 Ran/walked 2.2 miles of intervals last night! I have a 2.8 mile (5000 yards) race coming up in October! Gotta at least be comfortable with that mileage. Speed doesn't matter 😊 October goals! Daily movement is that biggest challenge this month. I need to do more for my health, even if it is just walking 😊 Joined a new gym with lots of classes. Looking forward to yoga and cycling the most! 6AM Crossfit this morning!! Barbell lunges, situps, cleans, and burpee Step ups Ran the Ugly Sweater Run this weekend with a friend! #running Went to crossfit Tuesday. Clean squats, thrusters, and burpees. My legs are protesting still! 😣😎 Ran the Philly Hot Chocolate 15K this weekend! #runner Finished the Atlantic City April Fool's 11K! Beat my goal time by 54 seconds 😎 #running (10 comments) Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon (6 comments) Christmas in July 5K July 17, 2011 (4 comments) AC Marathon - 10K in 2010 and 5K in 2009. Same outfit! (5 comments) AC Marathon - 10K in 2010 and 5K in 2009 (11 comments) (8 comments) Source : (14 comments) October 2nd, My FAVORITE dress (36 comments) (10 comments) (20 comments) 1 Year apart of running (16 comments) October 2009 vs. June 2010 (34 comments) New Hair Color! (15 comments) (12 comments) Just me, September 2008 to April 2010 (14 comments) (20 comments) Motivation: Jackie Warner. She's got a great tough-love personality and great abs too! Love her! (7 comments) Spooky obviously does not want any kissies. (10 comments) Rob told me I needed a new rain coat... I guess he was right! - February 2010 (9 comments) Tracker from another website. Can you tell when I finally joined Spark People? See the spark? :-) (16 comments) These were too tight when I started on SP :) (10 comments) Just playing (8 comments) Close up shot (10 comments) (5 comments) My official time was 35:28! (3 comments) Spooky being cute! (10 comments)

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