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(5 comments) Me posing on Pumpkin! (8 comments) Lost 10 lbs - Jan 2013 (5 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) I will survive!!! (1 comments) #backtobasics (2 comments) Snack time! #backtobasics (1 comments) Chocolate PB banana smoothie with spinach & cashew milk! (2 comments) Run strong! Green smoothie & green tea for breakfast. Fav things! (1 comments) Spring Fling 5K! Great fun with my buddy Jessica! (2 comments) Positive thinking! So true! (2 comments) Yummy snack: hummus, carrots, & kiwi. 100 calorie popcorn, grapefruit & water! Weird combo but I love it! (2 comments) Completed RussVegas 1/2 marathon! (6 comments) finished!! Yay me! (2 comments) Don't quit! Great day to run! T1D & I am a runner. (1 comments) is one proud mom! (4 comments) keep looking down for SAT! It's not going to appear! Move on already! got goals!! Great workout! (1 comments) Love fruit!!! (2 comments) Ready to cruise! Vacation has now started! (1 comments) Preparing for my marathon in October. (1 comments) Happy birthday to me!! (1 comments) This should be a law!!! LOL (3 comments) (3 comments) I earned my shower today!! (1 comments) Completed my 1st marathon yesterday! (3 comments) (1 comments) Once I get started, I'm unstoppable! (1 comments) #T1D #DiVabetic (2 comments) 4.27 miles today with my Honey Bun! (1 comments) 3.19 hot miles. I cut my run short due to the heat. Walked more than I wanted to but I couldn't breathe. #gotitdonethough (1 comments) White River 4 Mile Classic with a couple of friends! Great time even though my mouth was throbbing from root canal. (3 comments) Had a great birthday! Started it off with the Watermelon 5K, shopping, dinner & a Redbox movie with family. #priceless (1 comments) Ran the Hot Pepper Nights 10K. Had a great time. 8 1/2 miles today. Weather was great for running. 2 miles of power walking on treadmill before step aerobics. (1 comments) Love Wednesdays! 2 hot miles before step aerobics. (1 comments) 3 miles & ab crunches. The struggle is real!! 3.2 miles before work. Happy Friday! 13.1 miles this morning. Completed the virtual She Power Half Marathon. Ended up walking the last 4 miles due to everything below my neck was aching in some form or fashion. Tomorrow is a rest day! (1 comments) 4 miles done! #DiVabetic The bed held me hostage, but I escaped & ran 7 miles this morning! So tired, but completed 5 miles this evening. (1 comments) Trying to get more movement in my middle finger. Physical therapy was hard today. Ouchy ouch!! (4 comments) 3.25 miles this evening! Done!! (1 comments) Valentine's Day 5K! (1 comments) RussVegas Glo Run 5K completed with some great friends!Running the half marathon in the morning. RussVegas Glo Run 5K completed with some great friends! Running the half marathon in the morning. Getting ready for Women Run AR 5K 2017! (2 comments) So excited to push Cara to a PR at the Women Run AR 5K!! I didn't feel like working out. Knees hurt. But, I set out to power walk 1 mile & did 3.2 miles. #time4Aleve #icethemdown Had a blast stepping it up at step aerobics! 3.2 miles of power walking. I need to get my knees checked because they keep giving out on me! Slowing me down! (1 comments) Global Running Day! A little over 5 miles today and step aerobics! (1 comments) Arkansas Runner 2 Miles completed! Feeling pretty good! 3 hot miles for me. It's too hot in the evening to workout. I need to get up & get it done! (1 comments) Step aerobics & 4 miles on treadmill! (2 comments) Had a great time at the Go! Mile Race!! Had a great day doing what I love! Step aerobics & running. (1 comments) 12 miles on Sunday! 10.27 miles today! (3 comments) Had a ball with my nephews today at the Color Run! (1 comments) Today I completed race 20/20 of the 2017 AR Grand Prix. The race today, CASA Half Marathon is one of my favorites. I’m now one of the 2017 Ironman Runners!! #ProudOfMyself Completed RussVegas Glow Run 5K & Half Marathon and received a Double Down medal! Woohoo #LegsTired

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