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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerPeaceful Sunday...enjoy the SUNSHINE !See this image largerDetoxing from sugar this week. Have not weighed myself in a week. I am confident that I am on track to be as healthy as I can be and lose the last 20 pounds. Feeling fabulous and on track ! Katharine www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerHappy & thankful for tracking again today ! Thank you Spark People for helping me SPARKLE ! www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerNo gluten and no refined sugar today ! Abit of RAW UNPASTEURIZED HONEY ! My energy level is really quite good today ... I am soooo thankful ! Have a healthy day beautiful SPARKS ! Katharine www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerTracking and planning this morning at 4:00 in the morning aprox. Slept better last night ! Went to sleep 8:00 p m ! Feeling refreshed and on target this morning ! Have a day filled with SPARKLES AND HEALTH ! Katharine www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerTrackin and water intake good today ! Walked quickly for an hour grocery shopping ! Enjoy your SPARKLES today ! Sincerely, Katharine www.amethystdreamlo
See this image largerTracking and eating really healthy !See this image largerStill weighed the same this morning but my energy level is excellent and NO INFLAMATION in my joints. I can walk fast ! I CONSIDER THIS MAJOR PROGRESS ! I HOPE YOU ENJOY A HEALTHY DAY TOO ! Katharine www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerWell...I am 164 this morning. I do believe that my positive healthy focus is paying off...wahooSee this image largerOn track tracking today ! Coffee and a healthy smoothie this morning ! Have an amazing Monday ! Spark Cheers ! KatharineSee this image largerThank you for this peaceful sunny day. Tracking well & drinking lots of water !See this image largerFood tastes way to good today ! Smile it's McHappy Day !See this image largerSee this image largerRight on track. Exercizing ( Walking in nature this morning.) , working on my water and tracking. My goal is to get all my SPARKPOINTS EVERY DAY !See this image largerRelaxing. Working/commiting to the 10 min. exercise rule today. Will do more dancing if I can. Have a healthy day everyone !See this image largerWell I weighed myself this Sunday. My usual routine and I am at 163 Lbs. I can not find where to put it in here. Healthy day to you! KatharineSee this image largerOn track today, tracking,water, etc. Have a HEALTHY MONDAY ! SPARK CHEERS !See this image largerI woke up at 3:30 a m. Was tired at 10 so went to sleep ! I think my lack of sleep is an older women thing. I ate chicken and corn on the cob with no butter at 4:00 this morning ! Was yummy ! Have a great day everyone ! KatharineSee this image largerLoved my wheelchair bus kids this morning. They loved it and laughed when I was dancing to the music playing as I installed the wheelchairs ! They were so excited about going to school !See this image largerGood walking today...thank you for the sun.See this image largerGetting closer to MY VINTAGE PURPLE JEANS FITTING ! NOT FOR AWHILE BUT I AM ENJOYING THE HEALTHY JOURNEY ! HAVE A SPARKLY DAY !See this image largerCleaning day ! Have a lovely weekend ! KatharineSee this image larger1 pound down this week. I am on target ! Organized all book chapter files. Will be finished in 2016 ! KatharineSee this image largerGood morning...healthy smoothie, coffee & walking to my bus. Logging happening...Happy Monday...healthy day to all !See this image largerHappy spring...Walked to my bus today. Tracking, etc. On target I feel.See this image largerOn track today !See this image largerHAPPY THURSDAY ! LONG WEEKENDS COMING !See this image largerFRIDAY BEFORE A LONG WEEKEND...EVERYBODY'S EXCITED ABT OPENING THEIR COTTAGE ! LOOK OUT FOR THE OTHER GUY !See this image largerNeed to drink more water ! Lol !See this image larger2 Pounds Down ! Happy Sunday !See this image largerRelaxing but of course logging...Enjoy your holiday Monday !See this image largerRelaxing in nature at the Mill Pond, in between my school bus run today. Working on writing my book. Nature helps me think straight !See this image largerPeaceful day...meditated and listened and learned this morning. Enjoying todays clean slate to write on !See this image largerBeautiful spring day...walked, logged and drank lots of h20 !See this image largerSee this image largerWalked, logged and drank lots of H20 !See this image largerPEACEFUL AND HAPPY !See this image largerHappy today...drinking lots of water !See this image largerOn track. No weightloss but logging, exercising and drinking ! Blessings for a peaceful Sunday !See this image largerRelaxing...my pillow is calling me ! Lol !See this image largerPEACEFUL HEALTHY THANKFULSee this image largerPeaceful !See this image largerHungry time for lunch ! LolSee this image largerPA Day...working at home today...cleaned, wrote , laughed...LOVE MY OWN COMPANY...I AM SUCH FUN !See this image largerBusy day. Keeping within my allotted calories this week. Giving myself a cheat abit day & I have decided today's the day ! My birthday next week so I will alot a special day.See this image largerLove Sundays...relaxing and at home studying.See this image largerPeaceful and focused. Looking forward to the start of new work in July and the upbeat momentum of my business is really moving into alignment ! www.amethystdreamlove.comSee this image largerFEELING HEALTHY AND ON TRACK TODAY !See this image largerPeaceful and balanced !See this image largerPeaceful. Busy day but getting it done lovingly !See this image largerFEELING BLESSED , ESPECIALLY FOR MY HEALTH ON MY 58TH BIRTHDAY TODAY !(1 comments)See this image largerLost a pound this week...Considering it was my birthday week and I ate unplanned stuff...i did ok !See this image largerPeaceful and thank you ...I love logging !See this image largerPEACEFUL AND ENJOYING MY MORNING WALK SOON !See this image largerPeaceful, balanced and focused !See this image largerBusy, peaceful.See this image largerWeigh in day ! Lost a pound ! Yaay...better than gaining !See this image largerLost 1 pound ! Wahoo !See this image largerPEACEFUL IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY ! NAMASTESee this image largerOn track. I am below 160. Down to 159.5 ! Have not been there for ages/years !See this image largerOn track.See this image largerPussy Cat snowshoe ! Likes the meadow ! 158 Lbs today ! Down 48 lbs from 4 years ago !See this image larger9 1/2 pounds to my goal of 145 ! Slowly getting there! Katharine

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