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Lucky 6's tonight...have lost 10lbs since joining WW 5 weeks ago...not too shabby! day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/3/2015 Dinner on my new grill... Along with a small glass of wine because I've been so good this week I deserve it!!! Yummy and healthy dinner tonight of grilled pork chop, and grilled brussels sprouts, yellow carrots, and corn. Delicious! My visual reminder... But I'm already headed in the right direction so woohoo!!! These are the days that test my willpower. Long day at work with small lunch and now stuck on the train for an hour because an idiot driver stopped on the tracks and we hit him :-(. By the time I get home all I'll want is comfort food and fast! (1 comments) Current photo...yikes! Starting the week off right! Healthy and delicious 300 cal breakfast...oats, pecans, dates, peaches, cinnamon, and almond milk! This is how to start a day...delicious and healthy veggies and eggs! #deliciousdailymoment Dinner...pork chop and zucchini noodles with arugula pesto. Not quite as good as I'd hoped but healthy for sure! Peanut and I wish you a happy Sunday! Woohoo one full week back above my 10k steps per day! #fitbit What I wanted to eat was one of the Paleo lemon bars I made yesterday...which are 225 cal each! What I ate instead was carrots, tomatoes from my garden, and arugula pesto. 120 cal for a save of 100 cal and way healthier! (Peanut agrees!) And if I added the photo you'd know what I ate LOL. Chicken Caesar pasta salad...yum!!!! Tonight's dinner... Buffalo chicken zucchini boat! Yum!!!! Clearly I wasn't paying attention on Friday...could've walked around the bed once and got my 10k!!!! First day back tracking in a while, stayed in range and pretty much dead on my percentages! Woo hoo! Not the healthiest day by any means but I was in range on calories...despite having an awesome burger and some onion rings and bacon cheddar fries at Bobby's Burger Palace! Sometimes you just need some bad food... Peanut and I doing agility (2 comments) Peanut and I doing agility (4 comments) Me with Peanut and Quin (3 comments) Me with Quin (1 comments) Congress Street Bat Bridge Crazy picture of flying bats at Congress St Bridge 2010 Cruise - didn't realize I was so FAT!!! 2010 Cruise 2010 Cruise w/Mom and Granny Viv My sweet old baby. Gone but not forgotten. (1 comments) Peanut at the Austin Kite Festival March 2012 (1 comments) My friend's breakfast that I did NOT eat but was envious of! (Vegas, Feb 2012) 4 months - before and after (2 comments) Murry, aka "the toothless wonder" Now passed on to a better world... (3 comments) My youngest baby Peanut, aka "the troublemaker" (3 comments) My middle baby Quin, aka "the old and arthritic one" (5 comments) (1 comments) Peanut and Quin (2 comments) (1 comments) Samoa Me Labor Day 2011 (1 comments) me Labor Day 2011 (1 comments) (1 comments) Me in Spain 2007 (1 comments) Me on a beach in 2007 (1 comments) Mom and I on the cruise 2007 (1 comments) Me in Bahamas 2007 (1 comments) Motivation picture (1 comments) Motivation

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