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Carley & Maggie, October 2014 (1 comments) Got this smoothie recipe from the Marilyn Dennis show yesterday. It's very healthy & tasty. I didn't have a lemon on hand so I used an orange. I also added my daily dose of protein powder. This is a Potato Martini! They served them at the women's conference at church on Saturday! Very tasty! Some days I feel like a hamster running on a wheel... it's a lot of work & I'm going nowhere! But I won't give up! Inspiration for this morning. Keep pushing forward! It's OK to take a break...just don't stop for good. And don't over do it. (1 comments) Pumpkin Smoothie recipe! I make it all the time. VERY yummy! (1 comments) Started on the adult colouring trend recently. I'm finding it to be awesome. Very meditative & helps so much with some of the Bipolar symptoms. I highly recommend it. Here's one of the pieces I've done so far. This one took about 10 hours. Believe in yourself. I need to take that advance myself today. (1 comments) What's that thing you've been afraid to do? Take a step toward it today! You'll be glad you did. (1 comments) This is so true. Not sure what I'd do without my furbaby. Just a handy chart to keep around! This is my little Maggie dressed to go out in the snow in a suit that was mine as a baby. My Mom altered it so Maggie could wear it. Yep! Life doesn't feel complete without a dog. Focus on what's ahead! Don't forget to work out your brain as well as your body. It's just as important. Don't ever forget it! True health is 3 parts -- body, mind, & spirit. If one doesn't work, then they're all broken. Thinking positively is a vital part of the process. Don't ever quit. The best us yet to come. (1 comments) My little Maggie after her bath. She loves bath time because she loves to be wrapped in the towel & cuddled. Just a tad spoiled, but I think it's great. Everything will be clear in God's timing. Have faith and patience. Just a little dieting chuckle this morning... (1 comments) And don't ever forget it! Yes, I'm talking to you! Having trouble? Pray! Like snacking before bed? If you must, here's a pic showing what you should have. Here's some ab exercises. This is a good chart to print out and pin to your bulletin board. (1 comments) Saw this on Facebook & thought of my SP friends. I hope you all have a blessed Saturday. A prayer if you're feeling like every thing is closing in on you. A great chart to print out and pin to your bulletin board. It's all about faith & positive thinking! Don't give up. Have a blessed Good Friday (1 comments) Here's a close up of the results of the ice storm a couple days ago. As much as we hate being inconvenienced because of the ice you can't deny it's beauty. God is good. Happy Easter weekend everyone. He is risen! He is risen indeed! (1 comments) Here's a useful chart to hang in the kitchen. Be kind to everyone. Both other people and yourself. Keep faith. He doesn't forget about you. My little Maggie on our walk. #TongueOutTuesday (1 comments) My office space where I work in my bookkeeping business. What does your space look like? Loving the beautiful weather we're having these days. I spent some time outside doing my studying on the front porch. #LoveMyCity (2 comments) Me with my new glasses. First time having Transition Lenses. Love it. Have a great day peeps. (1 comments) My little Maggie loves being cuddled up in a towel after her bath. Here's the new exercise machine I bought. I can't do the power walking I used to do & love because I have bad feet now that hurt a lot. I also don't have space for a big piece of equipment. It's an exercise bike but you sit in a chair & peddle. Me and my bestie at a women's event at church on Saturday. We had our annual clothing exchange, pot luck, fashion show, & a great fellowship time. #ILoveMyChurch #ILoveMyCity Good advice I found. Pray. It solves problems. Check out this recipe I found. Great healthy snack. (1 comments) Don't beat yourself up for not being super productive every day. Never be a victim. That's letting the bad guy win! Flowers in my garden on this beautiful day. Go Spark Peeps! You can do it. When you are having a hard time look toward God & He will make your heart feel at peace. Let God challenge you. You will soar. Great breakfast pita recipe I found. Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood. God is good. (1 comments) Pumpkin smoothie. Yum! Check out my blog post today! I've linked to a wonderful treat that's very healthy! I made tgem yesterday. Very tasty. Made a pizza for dinner with a broccoli crust! YUMMY! Here's the link:
I made homemade mayo today! Check my blog for the deets! Carley - June 2012 (4 comments) After weight loss. Wanna see more of my pics? One of my SP blogs is called "My Journey in Photos". (1 comments) This is Maggie. She is a Shih-Tzu, and is 14 weeks old in this pic when I got her in July 2013. "...whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (2 comments)

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