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A monarch butterfly mandala I made in (1 comments) Another monarch butterly (more monarch-y) mandala I made in (1 comments) is on track this year, and the magic is happening! is sleepy/ing all day today for some reason Forces to marshall within one's self on the quest for success with any goal via Organization #icandothis #higherpower This is an inspiration photo I dl'd from somewhere forever ago, called "Higher Self" (1 comments) #Vegan Fajitas with #5freggies (refried beans, green chili salsa (YAY Hatch, #NM!), orange bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, well-caramelized onion) & the Quorn meatless, soyless, gluten free veg 'chi`ken' cutlets (which DOES taste like #chicken, which I wasn't necessarily looking for as a #flexitarian (was veg for quarter century but found out soy probs for severe #hashimoto #thyroid issue) Iris for Spring18 BL Challenge Iris Banner (1000x250) for Spring BL Challenge Iris Avatar for Spring 2018 BL Challenge Iris by Josephine Wall; Iris—Greek rainbow Goddess—messenger of transformation on butterfly wings by Josephine Wall This is a reminder of continual reTransForm.ation; just as winter goes to spring. by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall With a little help from my friends (Amethyst Butterflies team, OA network, f&fam) by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall by Josephine Wall is getting it together Blessed Be! A picture I made in photoshop a few years ago (1 comments) Happy SunCycle Kwan Yin -made this in Photoshop several years ago (2 comments) Made in treeleidoscope 10; uploaded in celebration of Sept 2014 supermoon activation (4 comments) Another treeleidoscope(11) I made: the 8 points in wheel of year-solstices, equinoxes, cross-qtrs (3 comments) A picture I made in photoshop, remembering my grandmother who recently passed at 101.6 (3 comments) Something to remember... :) Don't fall for it! (1 comments) My sweet cat, Sam :D Another photoshop creation, I won a top place in a contest about my dreams...obviously travel! (3 comments) (1 comments) COMPASSION...4 the self, is the most important Happy Winter...let Befana blow in the N wind of change, and help us burn calories shoveling snow! (2 comments) WE...have the re-make/re-image/re-build our lives! (4 comments) Me, a while ago, photoshopped (1 comments)

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