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See this image largerLife is going on just like water flowing by, and suddenly all hell breaks loose. See this image largerA sparkling day where nothing is hidden and everything is out in the open and beautiful as it isSee this image largerThe silent drifting planets in the darkness - beautiful and in total balanceSee this image largerBefore the Dawn. Total silence, balance and a slight cooling breeze- Silence in every moonbeam See this image larger I will create an abundancy of moments for going somewhere special and just be MESee this image largerEven clouds cannot keep the sparks and rays confinedSee this image largerSome days anxiety is the predominant feeling - these days it is harder to maintain the balanceSee this image largerTourmoil and heat, the feeling of nearmisses going close by and just avoiding the hitsSee this image largerAnxiety is out there, but distant and controllable the feeling is still blue and controllableSee this image largerTurmoil is closing in high above me, but cannot reach me. And at a distance it is even beautifulSee this image largerMorning dew - a refreshing feeling that cools the red and gets the blue balance back inside meSee this image largerSome days all the emotions are present at the same timeSee this image largerJonathan Livingstone Seagull, one of the greatest mentorsSee this image largerPicture comes from Yoovie, the first time it clicked and I really felt like going strength trainingSee this image largerIs it the sun rising - or is it a fire coming my way?See this image largerA precious gift from VackamackgirlSee this image largerAngels - we need them to look out for usSee this image largerIt is all about believing that "I can do it" See this image largerColours of balance and controlSee this image largerCool icy rose reflection in waterSee this image largerA rose in the warming sunlightSee this image largerRain will nourish and create vitality. I decide what to take in, and what to leave on the outsideSee this image largerAfternoonSee this image largerAt the end of the day waiting for dusk to comeSee this image largerDawn over untamed watersSee this image largerA sparkling sun on a beautiful day, where anything can happen and everything will become a succes

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